Close to You
Close To You Chapter 30

It was getting late, the lights lit up. People came and went into Luo’s residence, and many luxurious cars were parked outside.

Before the opening of the banquet, Luo Ting took him to give his speech, then cut his cake. After that, he didn’t eat a bite of food. As the protagonist, he kept following Luo Ting and met many uncles. Not only does he have to socialize, many uncles today have brought their own daughters or daughters of relatives, most of whom are about the same age as Luo Lin Yuan.

Luo Lin Yuan thought to himself that he was only eighteen years old, and it was too early to go on a blind date at this age. Besides, he had just broken up and he had no energy to deal with a girl.

Although he thought so in his heart, he was still very polite on the surface, but his attitude wasn’t enthusiastic.

One of the uncles who has quite a close business relationship with Luo Ting surnamed Chen, also smiled at Luo Ting, “What are you doing detaining the children for, let the youngsters play by themselves.”

Uncle Chen asked his daughter to step forward and said to Luo Lin Yuan, “Do you remember her? You were in the same school when you were kids.”

Luo Lin Yuan took a serious look at the little girl and had no impression.

Luo Ting patted Luo Lin Yuan’s shoulder, “Take your Uncle Chen’s daughter to get something to eat.”

Luo Lin Yuan had to say to the girl, “Let’s go.”

In fact, he couldn’t wait to escape from such a special occasion. The girl followed Luo Lin Yuan. He thought that girls should like to eat sweet things, he asked if the person would eat cakes. After the little girl agreed, he took the person to the table where the desserts were placed.

It turned out that Yu Han was just distributing the desserts, he was stunned. The girl behind him said to Yu Han, “I want a piece of chocolate mousse.”

Yu Han looked calm as if he hadn’t seen Luo Lin Yuan in front of him. After putting the cake on the plate, he used chocolate to hook a small flower between the cake and the plate. The movement was natural, and the pattern was also very exquisite.

The little girl wowed, then looked at Yu Han’s face, her expression became a little enthusiastic. Little girls of this age are the most easily moved, plus Yu Han is also really handsome.

But soon, she thought of Luo Lin Yuan, who was still standing next to her, and shyly thought that her infatuation just now wasn’t seen by Luo Lin Yuan, right?

She didn’t know that Luo Lin Yuan didn’t even pay attention to her at all, but he propped himself up on the table and said to Yu Han, “I want one, too.”

Yu Han glanced at him and gave him a strawberry cake filled with whipped cream. Luo Lin Yuan looked at the plate handed to him, “How come I don’t have flowers?”

Yu Han laughed when he heard this. He was a little helpless and like laughing at Luo Lin Yuan’s childishness, Yu Han took back the plate and hooked a pattern on it with strawberry juice.

Luo Lin Yuan took it and took a look. Yu Han didn’t hook a flower but instead hooked a crown, which was pink and a bit unmanly.

Luo Lin Yuan seemed to dislike it but he actually forked a mouthful of the cake into his mouth with satisfaction. The sweet cream with strawberries soothed Luo Lin Yuan’s stomach that was so hungry all night, and Luo Lin Yuan’s expression was much happier when he was satisfied.

He was oblivious to the girl on the side looking at Luo Lin Yuan and Yu Han with a weird look, holding a plate of cake not knowing whether to move or not.

The atmosphere between these two people… how strange, Chen Yuan thought to herself.

Yu Han looked at her again and smiled, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Chen Yuan’s cheeks flushed slightly at his smile, and she shook her head abruptly. She took small bites of the cake on her plate, her eyes drifted towards Luo Lin Yuan for a moment. Before she went out, her father specifically instructed that she should talk more with the young master[1]The word was actually gongzi which means son of nobility, I don’t know what the right term for this so I just used master instead. Let me know if you have an appropriate term for this. Thank you! of the Luo family.

Although the waiter in front of her was indeed very handsome, he was only a waiter. Chen Yuan put down the plate with some frustration.

Just like the cake, even though it’s very desired, it’s not necessary.

At this time, other people came to the dessert table. Yu Han turned and went to serve others. Chen Yuan obviously felt Luo Lin Yuan’s movement of eating the cake slowed down, the fork touched the porcelain plate, softly, with a sound.

She secretly peeked at Luo Lin Yuan, but unexpectedly caught the other party’s eyes chasing the waiter, which was an unspeakable secret.

Chen Yuan quickly retracted her gaze, feeling her heart beating fast, she also seemed to know an incredible secret.

But this was just her intuition, what if she was wrong.

Chen Yuan plucked up her courage and said, “Do you know him?”

Luo Lin Yuan finally looked at her, didn’t say anything and just nodded his head. Chen Yuan wasn’t frightened by this person’s coldness, she added, “Just now, my dad said we were in the same elementary school, I was in Class One and you were in Class Five. You may not remember me, my name is Chen which comprised of ear and east, and míngyuán for Yuan.”[2]CY is explaining which of the Chinese characters is her name so her name is 陈媛, the ‘er dong’ = 阝(Ěr) aka the 耳 (Ěr) for ears and 东 (dōng) for east, hence the 陈(Chén). Then … Continue reading

He also introduced himself, took advantage of the situation, and mentioned some other topics. Although his attitude hasn’t been warm, he wasn’t also cold.

Luo Lin Yuan took Chen Yuan around the venue and finally delivered the person to Uncle Chen. Uncle Chen nodded to him with satisfaction and praised him again.

He had been listening and showed humility at the right time, but in reality, his mind had already traveled a thousand miles away, and he even felt that the outdoor banquet was so stuffy that he couldn’t breathe.

Uncle Chen even asked him to accompany him for a few sips of wine. The red wine wasn’t intoxicating, but it made Luo Lin Yuan’s cheeks flush.

A birthday party was held until nearly ten o’clock before it gradually dispersed. Luo Lin Yuan was taken everywhere by Luo Ting to make acquaintances all night, and he was terribly tired.

Simply felt that this wasn’t like his birthday party, but more like a business meeting organized in his name.

Lin Shu also only showed up at the beginning, then she was nowhere to be found. She wasn’t used to seeing those Madam and she doesn’t even want to associate with them.

During this period, Luo Lin Yuan also heard Luo Ting ask Uncle Wu where his(LT) wife had gone, Uncle Wu also didn’t know. Luo Ting’s expression changed. Luo Lin Yuan knew that the two of them were afraid they were going to quarrel.

Sure enough, after ten o’clock, when the people below were cleaning up outside, Luo Ting and Lin Shu quarreled directly in the hall. Their tone was fierce, but their voices weren’t high. They both had to be decent, at least not to be heard by the people outside.

Luo Lin Yuan was holding the bow tie that he had been wearing all night, standing in the corridor, listening to the faint sound of arguments, only to feel annoyed that his heart was about to be torn apart.

He turned and ran outside, wanting to leave the Luo family. But he didn’t know where he should go, he might be discovered by Uncle Wu as soon as he ran to the gate.

When Luo Lin Yuan realized what he was doing, he had already rushed to Yu Han, and his cold hand clutched Yu Han’s arm. At this time, Yu Han was tidying up the table cloth, and the two of them attracted the attention of bystanders by their tugging.

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t take it anymore, he stared straight at Yu Han, “Take me away, anywhere is fine.”


1 The word was actually gongzi which means son of nobility, I don’t know what the right term for this so I just used master instead. Let me know if you have an appropriate term for this. Thank you!
2 CY is explaining which of the Chinese characters is her name so her name is 陈媛, the ‘er dong’ = 阝(Ěr) aka the 耳 (Ěr) for ears and 东 (dōng) for east, hence the 陈(Chén). Then míngyuán (名媛) = young lady of note, where 媛(yuán) was taken which means beautiful (woman). In short, she’s like spelling out her name. I hope that makes sense.

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