Close to You
Close to You Chapter 31

Luo Lin Yuan was impulsive only for a moment. After he saw Yu Han, who looks stunned because of his words, he regretted it again.

He shrugged off Yu Han’s hand abruptly, lowered his head, and his whole body sank.

In fact, Yu Han was only frightened by his expression just now. It is clear that the person in front of him is the protagonist of the evening, and anyone who looks at him sees a much-loved noble son.

He(YH) didn’t know what he went through to appear in front of him in a sorry figure, and there was even a plea in his eyes that shouldn’t belong to this person.

As if he was the only one who could help Luo Lin Yuan at that moment. This person held his fingers against his palm, which was extremely icy.

The icy touch was fleeting, and Luo Lin Yuan pulled his hand out of his palm as if he was awakened. Yu Han subconsciously gripped it. When he reacted to his actions, his brows twitched slightly.

Luo Lin Yuan stood up straight and exhale a long, soft breath. He straightened the hem of his clothes, and when he wanted to understate that he was just joking, he heard Yu Han say yes.

Luo Lin Yuan was slightly startled, he raised his eyelids in surprise and met Yu Han’s side face. He turned his head towards a middle-aged man of about thirty years old not far away and shouted, “Brother Lin, I’ll go back first.”

Brother Lin didn’t give him a hard time either. Perhaps because he saw the young master of the family was still standing next to Yu Han, the two of them looked like they have a good relationship at first glance. He was also happy to sell a favor, waved his hand, and said, “Go back quickly.”

Yu Han took off his coat, rolled up his sleeves while hooking the corners of his mouth, and said with a smirk, “Let’s go, I’ll take you away.”

His tone was a bit flirtatious, his words of leaving were not like leaving, but rather like eloping.

Luo Lin Yuan was so embarrassed that his ears itched, and he felt that he thought too much. It’s just that he had never seen this look on Yu Han before. The previous Yu Han had always been calm and reliable, now he looks much more youthful and lively.

Luo Lin Yuan said worriedly again, “Can’t go through the main gate!”

They couldn’t go through the main entrance or they would be caught. Luo Lin Yuan sneakily led the person to a high wall. Yu Han glanced at the height and estimated that he could barely go over, and asked Luo Lin Yuan, who was standing on the side, “There’s nothing like an electrical fence?”

Luo Lin Yuan stared at the wall and nodded worriedly.

Looking at his appearance, Yu Han joked, “You won’t be able to climb over, right?”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at him silently and blinked.

Yu Han: “… can’t, right?”

Luo Lin Yuan blinked again, with an innocent face. Yu Han’s head ached and pressed his forehead, “No, you should still tell your family that you want to go out. You’re an adult, they will never stop you.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked awkward and said, “I don’t want to.”

Yu Han: “……” He ground his teeth and looked at Luo Lin Yuan, who looked like a middle school teenager who has a bad relationship with his family, and he had already begun to regret it.

In fact, Luo Lin Yuan is not to blame. He has been in poor health since he was little, and his athletic talent is almost zero. When other brats go up and down the mountains and go into the water to play crazily everywhere, he honestly stayed in the hospital for injections. How could he go over the wall for this kind of technical work.

In the end, with no other choice, Yu Han put his hands together, letting the person step on his palms, steppedd up, and used his strength to get on the wall.

Luo Lin Yuan succeeded in climbing on the wall at once, and excitedly said to Yu Han, “I’m up!”

Yu Han patted the dust in his hand and complimented nonchalantly, “En, amazing.”

He nimbly jumped against the wall and went over, then easily landed outside the wall along the top of the wall.

At this time, both men found a problem. Yu Han stood under the wall and looked up. Luo Lin Yuan stared down in silence.

Yu Han said with difficulty, “You wouldn’t dare to jump, do you?”

Luo Lin Yuan gritted his teeth and thought, Now that I’m up, can I still lose to the next step! He didn’t wait for Yu Han to laugh at him, and directly jumped down; his landing posture was completely wrong. Before Yu Han could even stop him, he saw the little princess jump down and roll to the ground, rolled covered in dirt.[1]head and face filthy with grime[idiom]

Yu Han rushed up to help the person, but Luo Lin Yuan was completely stunned by the fall. When he realized that he was covered in dirt, he nearly fainted.

Dirty! It’s dirty everywhere! Germs, disgusting! Luo Lin Yuan even felt that every inch of his skin was itchy, and he subconsciously scratched it. But when he thought about it, he might have more germs on his hands now, so he wanted to cry even more.

Yu Han saw Luo Lin Yuan’s few light and heavy scratches, almost all of which scratched his neck. His already fair neck was now red, swollen, and skinned, which looked shocking.

He said hurriedly, “You hurry back to your home to take a shower, aren’t you afraid of getting dirty!”

Who would’ve thought that Luo Lin Yuan, who has always been a neat freak all his life, gritted his teeth and said, “Not going home, go somewhere else.”

Yu Han’s house was too far away, and Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t make it through at that time. Yu Han thought Luo Lin Yuan was going to a nearby friend’s home, but he didn’t expect this person to take him directly to the hotel.

Yu Han couldn’t go either. Luo Lin Yuan not only got dirty from the fall just now but also fell injured. He carried him on his back when he left the community and was also seen by the community security guard who knew Luo Lin Yuan, and said a few words of concern.

Luo Lin Yuan became an adult, and confidently took out his wallet and used his ID card to the front desk, with a little childish smugness on his appearance, “Open a luxury suite, the one where we can cook.”

The wallet was given to him by Uncle Wu this morning, saying that it was his birthday gift from Lin Shu. Luo Lin Yuan then put all his cards inside the wallet and carried them well. Of course, he would’ve been happier if this gift was given to him by Lin Shu herself.

But Luo Lin Yuan has long since passed the serious age. When he was ten years old, when he found out that the gifts were actually selected by Uncle Wu to give him as gifts from Lin Shu, he cried at that time but didn’t dare to ask. Year after year, he got used to it.

Fortunately, I have my wallet with me or else I really can’t open a room.

The receptionist lady looked at the tall and handsome Yu Han carrying the fair and handsome Luo Lin Yuan. After registering the person, she politely handed over the room card, and politely watched the strange pair leave.

The two people took the elevator and entered the room. Yu Han wanted to say that he would leave first when he sent the person in the room. But he didn’t know that Luo Lin Yuan started to take off his clothes as soon as his feet hit the ground, and Yu Han didn’t even have time to close the door.

His heartbeat accelerated a bit, and he was a little angry. He quickly slammed the door with the back of his hand, “What are you taking your clothes off for, the door hasn’t closed yet!”

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t hear him at all. He took off his shirt and vest, then bent over and directly rolled his trousers down to his ankles in one breath, kicked off a pair of shoes, followed by underwear and a pair of socks limping into the bathroom.[2]means he was only left with underwear and socks as he went to the bathroom XD hopefully it wasn’t too misleading

Yu Han wiped his face and shook his head to get rid of the image he had just accidentally seen.

He thought about it again, he still had to buy medicine for the ancestor inside.

At this moment, Luo Lin Yuan poked out a wet face, his fingers grasped the frosted glass door of the bathroom, and the water droplets slid down. Yu Han found that the frosted glass door was actually washed into a transparent one. The design was too sinister and deliberate!

Yu Han stared at the glass door that had become transparent, but Luo Lin Yuan simply reminded him, “Don’t go. I purposely opened such a room so you can boil noodles for me to eat.”

What he meant was that the suite with the kitchen was purposely opened to take a bath and also to make Yu Han keep his promise.

It’s just at this moment, the words this person is making made Yu Han feel extremely uneasy.

Jie Jie: Apologies for the late update. Got caught up with school works and my internship that I wasn’t able to translate a chapter here QAQ.


1 head and face filthy with grime[idiom]
2 means he was only left with underwear and socks as he went to the bathroom XD hopefully it wasn’t too misleading

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