Close to You
Close To You Chapter 32

Luo Lin Yuan was about to rub himself off a layer of skin. His whole person was almost steaming, so he turned off the water contentedly.

After he finished washing, he remembered what to do after that? The bath towels in the hotel aren’t disposable, nor are the bathrobes. He took off his clothes on the floor and didn’t have underwear. There was a Yu Han outside the door, it was almost impossible to run naked.

Luo Lin Yuan froze and settled in the bathroom. The water on his body fell on the ground drop by drop, and the heat of the room slowly faded. From nowhere, the wind came in and blew his body full of water, a little colder.

Luo Lin Yuan slightly pushed open the bathroom door and poked his head out, trying to see where Yu Han was outside the door. There was no one, so Luo Lin Yuan quietly closed the bathroom door again, intending to wipe all the water on his body with a tissue first.

As a result, there weren’t enough tissues in the bathroom. Luo Lin Yuan spat in his heart that this high-class hotel didn’t even have the necessary items ready. While relying on the fact that there was no one in the room, he generously pushed the door out and used the tissues outside.

He thought Yu Han left, but when Yu Han first entered the room, he could see that someone wanted to leave, so he rushed into the bathroom in a hurry and deceived himself.

Unexpectedly, Yu Han left while he was in the shower, leaving him without even a chance to stop him.

Luo Lin Yuan wiped the water on his body and saw the clock hanging on the hotel wall. There was only an hour left before his birthday completely passed. He wasn’t at home. At the hotel, there was no one around him, still no clothes to wear, and he didn’t have noodles to eat.

Lin Shu and Luo Ting didn’t even want to put on a show and coexist peacefully on his birthday.

Luo Lin Yuan felt sour in his throat and nose. Tears rolled in his eyes, and grievances rushed up. There was no one in the room anyway. Luo Lin Yuan didn’t think about controlling his emotions, so he cried in a low voice, sniffing and wiping his body.

Suddenly, there was a di sound of a card from the door, Yu Han pushed in with a few plastic bags. The two looked at each other, one naked and the other stunned.

In the end, Luo Lin Yuan screamed and hid on the bed while covering his crotch. At this time, he couldn’t care whether the sheets were dry or clean. He lifted the decorative outer thin layer of the quilt and wrapped his lower half body, like an ashamed snail lumped in bed. He lay there, burying his face to death.

Luo Lin Yuan felt ashamed and crazy, and couldn’t wait to jump from the hotel window.

The sound of Yu Han closing the door came, and the footsteps were ringing in his ears getting closer and closer. Yu Han walked to the bedside and said in a steady voice, “I sent your clothes to the hotel for them to dry-clean. I bought you disposable underwear and a bath towel. You can use them first.”

Luo Lin Yuan still buried his head and refused to lift it up. Yu Han put the bag down and intended to go into the kitchen to give him a buffer time.

Before leaving, Yu Han looked at Luo Lin Yuan on the bed. This person was so shy that his ears were so red and even his shoulders are pink.

As if he was infected, Yu Han also felt that his face was extremely hot.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t pull his face out until he felt Yu Han enter the kitchen, and covered his face to open the bag.

There are indeed disposable underwear and a bath towel in the bag, and strawberries are even printed on the underwear. God knows where Yu Han actually found it. Are you sure it’s a male’s underwear?

Luo Lin Yuan endured the shame and put on his underwear. It was better than nothing. He couldn’t be vacuumed[1]to not wear underwear [partially or fully] in front of Yu Han.

Although it’s okay for boys to look at their bodies, showing the bird[2]Heheh, you know what it is was still too much.

The texture of the underwear was average but the size was appropriate, unlike those worn by girls. Except for the strawberries on the buttocks, Luo Lin Yuan was quite satisfied.

Just wear the underwear for a while, there is nothing to be particular about.

Luo Lin Yuan took out the disposable bath towel again, wrapped it around his waist, and went to the kitchen to find Yu Han.

Yu Han had already tied on his apron and was cutting vegetables. The water in the pot was hot, and the exhaust fan was rumbling, forming a corner full of smoke.

Luo Lin Yuan uncomfortably hugged his arms in an attempt to block a bit of his upper body. He always felt a little strange. In fact, there was nothing strange about it, it was normal for boys to be shirtless ah.

But obviously, he wasn’t the only one who felt strange. Yu Han turned back and his eyes almost didn’t stay on him, “The kitchen is full of fumes. You can’t come over after you just took a shower. Go out and wait.”

After that, Yu Han put down the work in his hands and walked straight to the kitchen door.

Luo Lin Yuan subconsciously leaned back. This was an evasive posture, but his feet stood firmly, not allowing himself to step back.

His face stiffened, struggle was written in his eyes, and stubbornness was on his face. It was too obvious. The closer Yu Han got, the tighter his teeth gritted and held himself firmly in place.

Who knew that Yu Han did step forward but only to close the kitchen door nimbly, without giving him a word or even a look, shutting him out of the door.

As soon as the door closed, Luo Lin Yuan’s backbone[3]unyielding character/courageous spirit deflated. He left the kitchen door with weak legs, returned to the room, opened a bottle of coke for himself, and took a sip to calm down.

Holding the coke, Luo Lin Yuan inexplicably thought of coke killing sperms. He put down the coke and shook his head. It was crazy, what was he thinking in his head!

Luo Lin Yuan stopped drinking coke and changed to drinking water instead. As a result, when he took the water, he accidentally swept down the small basket where the water was placed.

There was a loud clatter, and the gadgets in the basket were scattered all over the floor.

Luo Lin Yuan squatted down to pick them up, but found that those were all colorful small plastic squares, condoms…

Boys are still more or less curious. Luo Lin Yuan pinched a piece to read the words on it, 52mm, ultra-thin and lubricated, long-lasting gold, the amalgamation of ice and fire[4]accepting two situations of great contrast in a short period of time. Ice and fire are two completely different feelings, but at the same time lets you experience reaching an extreme peak.What is this all about ah!

Luo Lin Yuan sighed somewhat embarrassedly, intending to put everything on the ground back in the basket. At this time, the kitchen door was opened, Yu Han leaned out and asked, “Can you eat scallions? And…” His words paused, looking at Luo Lin Yuan who was squatting on the ground, holding a condom, his face still red. His expression was suddenly a little difficult to describe.

Luo Lin Yuan threw the condom on the ground at once, “I’m not, I don’t have it!”

Yu Han held the door, his forehead throbbing, “Don’t eat scallions?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Eat…”

Yu Han: “What about garlic?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “It’s okay, too.”

Yu Han: “What about vinegar?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Eat vinegar.”

Yu Han nodded, his eyes faintly swept at the colorful packaging bags on the floor, “Don’t rummage through this, you’re still young.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “……” You’re not much older either ah.


1 to not wear underwear [partially or fully]
2 Heheh, you know what it is
3 unyielding character/courageous spirit
4 accepting two situations of great contrast in a short period of time. Ice and fire are two completely different feelings, but at the same time lets you experience reaching an extreme peak.

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