Close to You
Close To You Chapter 3

In the evening, a group of high school students met at a tong sui [1]lit. sugar water – a collective term for any sweet, warm soup or custard served as a dessertstore outside the school. Fang Xiao exclaimed as soon as he saw what Luo Lin Yuan was wearing, “Ancestor, why are you still dressed like a student ah!”

Luo Lin Yuan dressed simply in white short sleeves, jeans, sneakers, and a cap pressed on his head to hide his beautiful eyes in the dark.

He glanced at Fang Xiao, who was dressed flamboyantly for fear that people would think he was immature. He deliberately found a tight, v-shaped black short sleeve, he also hung a thick necklace around his neck, and his fingers also jingled, wearing a lot, making him look rowdy. 

Luo Lin Yuan stared at the other with an indescribable expression, looking at him made people annoyed that he loudly ordered at the owner two bowls of tong sui, purple taro balls, a bowl of red beans and coconut milk.

Fang Xiao muttered, “I want sweet potato tong sui ah! Why did you take the initiative to order it for me.”

Luo Lin Yuan said impolitely, “Order it yourself. This is what Xia Fu wants to drink.”

Fang Xiao ground his teeth, vigorously patted Luo Lin Yuan’s vest, and jumped out of the chair before he got angry. After ordering a tong sui with the boss, he said he’d go and buy cigarettes.

Luo Lin Yuan waved his hand without looking up and continued to play mobile games. It didn’t take long for someone to sit next to him, pushing the purple taro in front of him, and halfway through, his arm was wrapped around a soft body, “How did you know I was here?”

Luo Lin Yuan turned off the game and put back the phone in his pocket, “Fragrant.”

Xia Fu wrinkled her nose, pinched a strand of hair to the tip of her nose, and smelled it, “Does it? Is it very fragrant?”

Luo Lin Yuan nodded honestly, “Very fragrant.”

It’s a little too fragrant, sweet, and greasy. He spooned a mouthful of red beans and coconut milk. Girls like to eat sweets and have a sweet taste. Compared to clean girls, Yu Han’s body smells like a mess. When he came to the door of the classroom, he didn’t only smell sweaty, but he also has a very strong smell that he couldn’t tell.

The smell is very special. If you have to describe it, it’s like a large animal agitated under the scorching sun, instantly encroaches on human senses, and is full of wildness.

Xia Fu handed a spoonful of coconut milk to his mouth and Luo Lin Yuan shook his head. He doesn’t use utensils used by others. Xia Fu didn’t insist either; she knew her boyfriend has an obsession with cleanliness. Although she wanted to be an exception, she knew when to stop.

It didn’t take long for Li Yujie and Xu Chang to arrive. These two, one with a rock n’ roll style and the other with a bad model style, tried to dress their selves up in the direction of being mature.

When they both saw Luo Lin Yuan’s outfit, Li Yujie’s reaction was similar to Fang Xiao’s but it was Xu Chang who let out a cry, “What a miscalculation! I should have known I also dressed like this!”

Fang Xiao ran back with a plastic bag and gave everyone a Coke.

Li Yujie disgustedly pushed away the Coke, “People are mainly going to drink, why would they still drink Coke ah!” His tone was quite rebellious as if he could go to the bar and down ten bottles of Western liquor in minutes.

A group of five people took two taxis. The driver drove to the bar street with familiarity and even specifically told them not to enter the innermost part of the street that has a blue note[2]a music note in front of the door.

Fang Xiao asked, “Why ah, master?”

The master glanced at the three of them through the rearview mirror, “You’re still students.”

Fang Xiao panicked and couldn’t speak.

The master continued, “Once, I took a guest there, oh boy, the bar was full of two men hugging each other and making out. I see that the little brother in the middle is bringing his girlfriend, I’m afraid you guys are going to the wrong place I tell you.”

Fang Xiao breathed a sigh of relief. Xia Fu kept holding Luo Lin Yuan’s hand without letting go but her boyfriend’s mind had already run away.

After getting out of the car, Luo Lin Yuan still kept thinking about it. A bar full of men? I feel that it’s quite a suitable place for Yu Han to go but good students won’t certainly come to this kind of place. As soon as the thought occurred, he saw a familiar side profile flashing by the street.

It turned out to be Yu Han!

Yu Han was wearing a cap like him with simple short-sleeved denim, whose footsteps were so fast that he disappeared. Luo Lin Yuan subconsciously wanted to go that way but was caught by Xia Fu.

With this delay, you can’t find anyone at all.

Luo Lin Yuan pursed his lips, his heart beating a little faster. Why would Yu Han come to this kind of place, it’s not……it’s not enough to find a man at school, so you also came to the bar to find one!

This person! Why is this person so insatiable!!

Luo Lin Yuan spaced out, so he followed the others. The five of them successfully mixed into the bar. Fang Xiao secretly cheered, pretending to be a frequent visitor, and took out Alipay to buy liquor with the little brother who took them in.

They didn’t buy any Western liquor, it was all beer. Halfway through the drink, Fang Xiao and Li Yujie have begun to play a drinking game. Xu Chang is not a good drinker and had already gotten down with a few glasses of liquor.

Luo Lin Yuan hardly drank. He suspected that the bar’s cups were dirty and the air stinks. Xia Fu felt bored and wanted to leave. She keenly sensed that since their group came in, many women were peeking at her Luo Lin Yuan, she was jealous to death.

She took Luo Lin Yuan’s hand and shook it, “Let’s go, okay? I have to go home at 11 pm or my parents will scold me.”

Luo Lin Yuan got up and said to Fang Xiao who was already high, “I’ll take Xia Fu home.”

Fang Xiao nodded his head without much concern and continued to play with Li Yujie exuberantly.

After Luo Lin Yuan took a taxi to take Xia Fu home, he went back to the bar. But this time, he didn’t go to where Fang Xiao and the others were, he walked towards the end of the street, looking for a bar with the blue note.

The bar wasn’t hidden and it was quite easy to find. Luo Lin Yuan stood at the door and frowned with difficulty, not knowing whether he should go in or not.

But Yu Han dared to come, what didn’t he (LLY) dare to do. He just wanted to go in and find Yu Han, maybe he could even see a rather wonderful expression on his face.

The prince in distress that everyone at school pitied, the filial child who thought was absent from school at night to take care of his grandmother, actually came to the bar instead of going to the hospital.

It seems that Yu Han is not only a homosexual but also a liar.

Although the plan was good, the moment Luo Lin Yuan pushed the door in, even a sluggish person like him, could feel the gazes coming from all directions.

Those gazes were extremely straightforward and explicit, looking at him from top to bottom, and several people smiled at him and their expressions were too bestial.

Luo Lin Yuan has nothing else but a lot of guts. He didn’t look at anyone with his chin slightly raised, scanning the bar with disgust, but didn’t find Yu Han.

He felt slightly relieved that even he didn’t notice.

Yet just like a punch in the face, Yu Han appeared in the next second. He was not in the pile of customers but at the bar (counter). He turned the shaker in his hand, his movements were flexible, and his expression was cold. He didn’t know if it was the effect of the bar light, but he looked a lot more mature than in school.

Luo Lin Yuan stared at Yu Han and clicked his tongue. At school, he was still a little restrained but at the bar, Yu Han was like a peacock spreading its tail.

The Peacock Yu Han tossed the shaker high, and after making a beautiful finishing move, he unscrewed the bottle, ready to pour it into the cup.

At this moment, he just heard his guest say, “Here comes a newcomer ah, looks good.”

Yu Han followed the guest’s line of sight and his movements stopped.

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t avoid it, and directly met Yu Han’s eyes. He walked over with a hand in his pocket and sat down on the high stool.

He felt someone leaning over next to him, “Little brother, is this your first time here? Brother will buy you a drink, okay?”

Luo Lin Yuan ignored the person, still staring at Yu Han, and raised his lips. “This classmate, give me a drink.”

Tong sui:

purple taro balls:

red beans & coconut milk:

sweet potato tong sui

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1 lit. sugar water – a collective term for any sweet, warm soup or custard served as a dessert
2 a music note

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