Close to You
Close To You Chapter 4

Luo Lin Yuan’s smile was gloating and complacent, he wanted to see how flustered Yu Han would be.

Unexpectedly, Yu Han was still calm, without a hint of panic, “Please show me your ID card.”

Luo Lin Yuan was caught off guard and stared in dismay. He couldn’t believe that Yu Han, who was also a high school student, was going to tear him down like this. Isn’t he a minor like him?!

The person who was talking to Luo Lin Yuan but was ignored laughed on the side, “Little brother, you can’t drink if you’re underage, oh.”

Luo Lin Yuan coldly looked at the person. In fact, that person isn’t ugly; a middle-aged man wearing glasses, looking like a civilized office worker.

The office worker wasn’t angry being greeted with Luo Lin Yuan’s cold eyes. Instead, he looked at Luo Lin Yuan with a fervent look. He leaned over and made a sniff, “Ah~ this is the smell of young people.”

Luo Lin Yuan was instantly covered with goosebumps. He originally came in to find and make trouble to Yu Han but who knew that he was the first to get into trouble.

But he already came this far, how can he run away. He tried hard to calm himself down, but the office worker directly raised his hand and took off his hat, “Why are you wearing a hat for this big night.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes widened, his hair was disheveled after the hat was raised, and then slowly fell to his forehead.

The best feature about him is his pair of eyes which have now come out, reflecting the colorful light of the bar which were beautifully stunning. The office worker had amazement in his eyes and he couldn’t help but lean his body closer.

As a result, just as he moved, he was pressed on the shoulder. The bartender, who had been staying on the sidelines, pressed his hand on his shoulder, seemingly without much effort but he pushed him directly back to his seat.

Yu Han looked at the office worker, “He’s underage so I suggest you find someone else.”

The office worker who felt the strength coming from his shoulder knew that Yu Han wasn’t to be trifled with, and noticed Yu Han’s face. He turned his hand and touched Yu Han’s hand, “Actually, I like yours better.”

As soon as the words fell, the hand on his shoulder was released. It wasn’t Yu Han who removed it, but Luo Lin Yuan raised his hand and pushed it.

Luo Lin Yuan snatched back his hat in disgust and put it back on.

The office worker looked at this and looked at that and suddenly smiled knowingly. He picked up his glass and took a sip, “It turned out to be like this. I say that you two are a couple, so I won’t come in to join in the fun.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s fists were clenched tightly. He wanted to raise his hand to beat someone, but Yu Han asked him aloud, “What do you want to drink?”

Luo Lin Yuan was taken aback and became angrier. Why is Yu Han, this guy, being so indifferent after being taken advantage of by others?! And still have the heart to ask him what to drink, and what kind of bar is this, with so many people sexually harassing him?!

Why does Yu Han still want to work here? Don’t burn your hands with this money!

Luo Lin Yuan replied, “How much do you get a month here?”

Yu Han wiped his glass, seeing that he had no intention of ordering a drink, he turned and went to the liquor cabinet and continued to mix drinks, with no intention of paying attention to him.

The office worker tactfully finished his drink and left the bar, leaving only Luo Lin Yuan at the bar counter.

In fact, the environment in this bar isn’t noisy. Everyone is quietly drinking and flirting,[1]can also mean making out/screwing around which is much quieter than the one Fang Xiao just stayed in just now.

At this time, a manager-looking person came over, “Xiao Yu.”

Yu Han put down the liquor. “What’s the matter?”

The manager said, “Someone in the band can’t come, go up and take over for him.”

Yu Han nodded, biting the glove to pull it down. The movement was nimble, showing a different kind of handsomeness.

But Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t stand it. He thought it was quite unsanitary. How many things have to be touched by this glove, especially the shoulder of that office worker just now? Don’t you know that touching your mouth can be considered an indirect kiss?

Yu Han washed a glass before leaving, poured a glass of milk, and pushed it to him, “Finish drinking and leave bah.”

Luo Lin Yuan stared at the glass of milk and almost laughed angrily. Who are you humiliating with this?

Yu Han quickly ran under the stage and turned on the stage with one hand. His bartender uniform is a black shirt with the hem tucked into his Western trousers, which was tightly held by his broad shoulders, and he could even vaguely see muscle lines on his back.

He sat in front of an electric keyboard, interlaced his fingers, and loosened his bones, and finally gently pressed his fingers on the keys.

The prelude was the sound of the zither. When the music just came out, Luo Lin Yuan seems to understand why the school called him the Prince in distress.

At that moment, it seems that all the light belonged to him. To say the least, Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t take his eyes off him.

The silhouette was gentle and calm and the fingers played euphonious music effortlessly.

The song is good, the face is also good-looking, and the eyelashes are even long enough to draw a long shadow on the cheeks.

Luo Lin Yuan watched for half a day and wondered when Ren Yu and Yu Han kissed, would their faces itch? Would they be scratched by their eyelashes?

He unconsciously drank the milk in the wine glass, which was warm and boiled very sweetly. It tasted better than liquor and it also made him unconsciously drink a lot. Once he drank half a glass, Luo Lin Yuan came back to his senses and realized that he actually used the public glass outside. 

Luo Lin Yuan’s scalp felt numb for a while. He took a tissue to wipe his mouth fiercely, got up, and left. He wanted to buy a bottle of mineral water to rinse his mouth.

When he got out of the bar, the night breeze woke up his befuddled brain and reminded him of his purpose after entering the bar. He originally wanted to find Yu Han, the person was found, but Yu Han did not panic at all.

Seeing him was like seeing an unfamiliar classmate……

As soon as this idea flashed, Luo Lin Yuan was stunned for a moment and realized that Yu Han and he were indeed just unfamiliar classmates.

He was the one who noticed this person unilaterally.

Although he had seen Yu Han’s most intimate appearance as he kissed others;

He also knew the secret that Yu Han didn’t want others to know, he works in a bar.

But in fact, Yu Han isn’t familiar with him at all……

Little Princess Luo finally realized the problem; there is no relationship between him and Yu Han at all.

So what’s the point of him coming to this person to find trouble so vigorously now, Yu Han simply doesn’t take him seriously.

This won’t work ah. How can you not take him seriously?

After Luo Lin Yuan rinsed his mouth and went back to the bar, he sat there until 12:30. Yu Han changed shifts and finished work.

He got up and called out to the person, “Where are you going?!”

Yu Han ignored him. Luo Lin Yuan gritted his teeth, “Does Ren Yu knows you’re here?!”

This time, he succeeded in stopping Yu Han, who slowly turned back and made a gesture to follow.

Luo Lin Yuan jumped off the high stool and followed the person out of the bar. Behind the bar is an alley with garbage piled up, and even infested by rats, and you can even smell urine.

Just as Luo Lin Yuan’s nose wrinkled, his collar was lifted and thrown again. His entire back and the back of his head hit the hard wall and Luo Lin Yuan let out a miserable shriek: “AH!!” 

Yu Han was stunned by his shout and loosened up a bit, “Does it hurt so much?!”

Luo Lin Yuan almost burst into tears, “Dirty ah! It’s so d*mn dirty!!!”

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1 can also mean making out/screwing around

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