Close to You
Close To You Chapter 5

It’s probably because Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes were wet that even with the manner of baring his fangs and brandishing his claws, he still looked a little pitiful.

Yu Han relaxed his hand and said impolitely, “What’s the matter with Ren Yu?” He wasn’t sure how much Luo Lin Yuan knew.

But at this moment, Luo Lin Yuan isn’t in the mood to answer his question. He only feels that his entire back was numb. He didn’t know how many dirty things crawled on his skin through his clothes, and whether his back will rot ah!

Thinking about it this way, Luo Lin Yuan’s eyelids became redder, and his whole body trembled even more. He didn’t dare to move for fear that if he move, the dirt would spread even more.

Seeing that the person didn’t answer, Yu Han said, “You better not go around talking nonsense, Ren Yu has nothing to do with these things.”

Luo Lin Yuan glared at Yu Han fiercely and ground his teeth, “Yes, you two really have nothing to do with it.”

These words made Yu Han’s face unnatural and he stared at Luo Lin Yuan closely, “What exactly are you trying to say?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s breathing became more and more ragged, “Give me the clothes!”

Yu Han: “What?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Take off your clothes for me!” He was about to collapse.

Yu Han subconsciously took a few steps back, “That……I don’t feel very much about you……”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Don’t f***ing bull****t!!! My back is so dirty ah!! Quickly change my clothes or I won’t say anything!”

Yu Han understood and only hesitated for a moment, and finally, he raised his hand to take off the buttons, twisted them one by one, and the fairly quick movement exposed a large area of skin on his chest.

Luo Lin Yuan felt so filthy that his consciousness was blurred and he didn’t have the energy to appreciate Yu Han’s body.

He now has the heart to kill Yu Han.

Yu Han took off his shirt and handed it to him. Who knew that Luo Lin Yuan raised his hands and ordered like a handicapped person, “Help me take it off. I don’t want to touch this shirt.”

Yu Han stared at him and Luo Lin Yuan stared back unceremoniously. The two sides stood in a deadlock for thirty seconds. Yu Han sighed and fell into formation.

He grabbed the hem of Luo Lin Yuan’s shirt, took off the person’s hat, took off his clothes somewhat roughly, and finally said sarcastically, “Do you need me to help put on your shirt, Little Princess?”

Luo Lin Yuan coldly seized Yu Han’s shirt and put it on. Yu Han was taller than him and his shoulders were wider than him. The clothes were a size bigger than him, and the sleeves covered the back of his hand.

Even so, Yu Han’s smell mixed with the smell of alcohol wrapped around his body, filling his lungs, making him more clearly aware of Yu Han’s smell…….Sure enough, it’s a mess!

His face was strangely somewhat hot but he still said harshly,[1]lit. show strength while weak inside [idiom] “Who told you to call me that?” He was referring to the Little Princess.

Yu Han put on his white short-sleeved shirt, “I overheard them say that about you.”

With that, he suddenly smiled unconsciously, “It’s quite suitable.”

Luo Lin Yuan saw the person put on his own clothes, “Who told you to wear it?”

Yu Han pulled the somewhat tight-fit short sleeves on him. “Be reasonable, I can’t go home naked bah.

Luo Lin Yuan rolled his eyes, “Forget it! If you want to wear it, wear it bah!” He turned to leave only to have his collar grabbed by someone and was caught back.

Luo Lin Yuan was quite dissatisfied with Yu Han’s way of lifting a child. He raised his elbow and tried to elbow him but was grabbed by the arm.

Seeing him quite misbehaving, Yu Han’s eyes were somewhat dangerous as he grabbed his collar again and pressed him towards the wall. When he was about to press him, he stopped. “You haven’t answered my question.”

Luo Lin Yuan was threatened like this and could only give in, “Don’t be impulsive, I’ll say it!”

Yu Han grabbed his face with his other hand, “Why did you mention Ren Yu, answer my question, otherwise you won’t only suffer from your back.”

Luo Lin Yuan was almost half-covered with his hand. Yu Han was clearly threatening him, but the force wasn’t too great. He was even distracted by the unexpected refreshing smell of his palm, with a bit of a mint flavor.

Luo Yuan’s voice was muffled, “I’ll tell you if you take me to your house to take a bath.”

Yu Han’s face became strange again, “You want to go home with me?”

Luo Lin Yuan grabbed the person’s hand and pulled it out. “Don’t think about it. I just don’t want to wear your clothes. I’m too dirty. You let me take a bath before talking!”

Yu Han: “……”

Twenty minutes later, Luo Lin Yuan stood in front of Yu Han’s house, which is an old-fashioned community with no elevator, but fortunately, the floor isn’t high.

The room in front of him is very small and old; the walls are a bit yellowed. But it looks very clean, everything is organized, and the walls are warmly painted with many flowers and plants.

There are also carefully woven small cushions on the wooden sofa with a gentle color scheme. There are many awards behind the old-fashioned TV, and a picture frame is also placed on it.

In the picture frame is a very beautiful and bright-looking woman, holding a child. The child’s meaty face still doesn’t show his facial features and he couldn’t tell that he could grow into Yu Han’s current appearance in the future.

Yu Han looks quite like his mother, so he’s good-looking.

Yu Han took a piece of clothing, “There’s nothing new, this has been washed. Can you wear it?”

Before Luo Lin Yuan put down the picture frame and say anything, he saw Yu Han quickly step forward and clasp the picture frame face-down on the TV cabinet, “Don’t rummage through my things!”

Luo Lin Yuan was a bit embarrassed. He pulled the clothes in Yu Han’s hand and sniffed them; there was only the fragrance of the softener and the sun on it.

Yu Han couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed when he saw his sniffing action.

Luo Lin Yuan noticed his expression and said impolitely, “Don’t think too much, I’m a straight man.”

Yu Han: “Who says you’re not?

Luo Lin Yuan was blocked that he couldn’t speak. He snorted, turned around, and went to the bathroom.

There is no bathtub inside, only a short showerhead. Visually, Yu Han’s height has long exceeded this showerhead.

Imagining Yu Han, a tall man, crammed in this bathroom to take a shower, there was a little sadness in his amusement. Since you’re so tall, just move the fixed position of the showerhead.

Is it because there’s no money? Also, if there was money, Yu Han wouldn’t have to ask for leave to work in that kind of bar and he couldn’t even take care of his grandmother.

It’s quite pitiful when you think about it.

Luo Lin Yuan took off his clothes, identified the bottles of shower gel and shampoo one by one, and opened them to smell them. Strangely enough, these smells aren’t the kind on Yu Han’s body.

Also……how could artificial fragrances have such a wild smell.

He turned on the showerhead while thinking about things, and then he was poured with cold water directly on his face.

Yu Han was a little helpless when he heard the shouting of the person. Why are there so many things so troublesome?

He walked to the bathroom door and knocked, “What’s wrong?”

Luo Lin Yuan gently opened a crack in the door, a wet little face poked out; the aggravation in his eyes was almost overflowing, “How come there’s no even hot water in your house ah, it’s freezing me to death.”

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1 lit. show strength while weak inside [idiom]

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