Close to You
Close To You Chapter 34

Yu Han covered Luo Lin Yuan’s mouth, and the two of them were in a stalemate for half a day, but Luo Lin Yuan moved first. He leaned back and sat on Yu Han’s knees, “What’s with your reaction, I didn’t plan to do anything ah.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s expression was serious and his eyes were natural. He felt that he was telling the truth. It was Yu Han who first moved to cover his face with his hand, then asked him assuming[1]to imagine one’s love is reciprocated. Idk how to term it in English properly QAQ what he was going to do.

Yu Han was almost laughing angrily, “So you suddenly leaned forward and didn’t want to do anything?”

Luo Lin Yuan asked him back, “What do you think I want to do?”

Yu Han: “……”

Luo Lin Yuan seemed to grab the person’s handle[2]fig. information that can be used against somebody, “What do you want me to do to you?”

Yu Han didn’t want to talk anymore. He grabbed Luo Lin Yuan’s waist, wanting to tell the person to get up and stop pressing on his legs. Because he was agitated, his movements were also a bit rough. Luo Lin Yuan was pinched and pushed by this, making the sprain on his foot even more painful. “Be gentle!”

Luo Lin Yuan’s ankle hurt badly, and the fall just now was a secondary injury. He was wondering if he was close to a bone fracture.

Yu Han saw that his eyes turned red and couldn’t help but say, “You’re too delicate.”

Luo Lin Yuan was furious when heard these words, he gritted his teeth and slapped away Yu Han’s hand supporting him, and jumped towards the chair with one foot. “Aren’t you going to leave, go quickly bah!”

Yu Han looked at his feet. The originally slender ankle was now swollen like a steamed bun, and it looked twisted badly. It was no wonder the little princess’ eyes were red in pain.

He went forward to help the person. Luo Lin Yuan struggled awkwardly, not wanting the person to support him. Yu Han said solemnly, “Don’t make trouble! If you fall again, your foot will really be useless!”

Luo Lin Yuan was frightened. He didn’t want to be crippled, so he quieted down and obediently let Yu Han help himself to the chair. He also saw Yu Han take out ointment and medicine patch from the shopping bag. “I originally wanted you to handle it yourself.”

Luo Lin Yuan really couldn’t see Yu Han’s appearance of being forced to stay helplessly. He said with a cold face, “I can do it myself, go bah. Weren’t you just rushing to go back.”

Yu Han took some things, “I’m not in a hurry to leave.”

Luo Lin Yuan said firmly, “Then I don’t need your help with the medicine, I can do it myself!” After that, he grabbed what Yu Han had in his hand, unscrewed the bottle of medicine liquid, clumsily poured out a little, and carefully wiped it on his ankle.

The force method was just like dipping in cotton, it’s withdrawn with a light touch. It was so barely enough that he didn’t dare to use force at all. Just casually sprinkled some medicinal oil with the intention of tearing the ointment and sticking it on.

Yu Han couldn’t stand idly by and watch. He squatted down, grabbed Luo Lin Yuan’s injured leg, and forcibly pulled it in front of himself, letting the person step on his knees. “You call this applying medicine?”

Luo Lin Yuan refused to let him touch it and tried to move. Yu Han pressed his fingers on his swollen ankle and said in a not really good tone, “Try moving again?”

Luo Lin Yuan saw Yu Han’s gloomy face, and his eyes were extremely dangerous. He immediately became terrified. He muttered in a pout, “What are you being fierce for… Won’t move, won’t move.”

In the next second, Luo Lin Yuan simply wailed. He felt that Yu Han must be retaliating against him. Otherwise, how could he use such a terrible force to rub his injured foot.

Luo Lin Yuan was in so much pain that tears came out. He struggled constantly, almost slipping under the chair. “Ruined, ruined!! I want to go to the hospital! You quack, don’t touch me!!”

It wasn’t easy for Yu Han to hold Luo Lin Yuan down. In order to control Luo Lin Yuan, who is constantly struggling, he couldn’t wait to tie the person and prevent him from moving. “Calm down! You’re already an adult! You’re not young anymore and still making a scene like this!”

Luo Lin Yuan had two bubbles of tears in his eyes, and he felt wronged to death. “You said before that I’m still young! How is it that I’m not young anymore!”

Yu Han was sweating all over by him. “Behave yourself, it’s almost done!”

Luo Lin Yuan only felt that his ankle was getting more and more painful as he rubbed. After Yu Han stopped, his ankle was painfully hot. When it was wrapped by the strong medical patch, it was like burning. His nose was red, he felt wronged and pitiful, “You treated me like this just after my birthday.”

Yu Han straightened up and went to the bathroom to wash his hands with the smell of medicine. When he came out after washing, he saw Luo Lin Yuan sorting out his clothes aggrievedly, pulling down the shirt that had just been lifted to his belly because of the struggle, and carefully drilling into the bed. He put on a warm quilt for himself, wrapped himself up, and only showed a bit of hair.

Luo Lin Yuan was planning to sleep, and the bed even looks a little comfortable.

Yu Han wasn’t made of iron either. After a busy day today, he went over the wall, carried people on his back, cooked, and also gave medicine to Luo Lin Yuan, who didn’t cooperate. Now he is very tired and sweaty.

Yu Han glanced at the other empty bedroom again. It was wide and soft, it was very suitable to go up and lie down. He wavered.

Luo Lin Yuan was so aggrieved that he wiped his phone with a tissue, then put it into the quilt to reply to the message.

Fang Xiao and the others sent him a message to wish him a happy birthday. He was slowly replying when he heard the sound of the wardrobe being pulled open.

Luo Lin Yuan poked his head out of the quilt and saw Yu Han take out the bathrobe from the hotel wardrobe, his eyes widened.

At this time, Yu Han looked towards the bed, Luo Lin Yuan shrunk his head back and this time, even his hair didn’t show.

Yu Han took the bathrobe and said with some embarrassment, “I’ll stay tonight.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s muffled voice came from under the covers, “Whatever you want.”

After Yu Han entered the bathroom, Luo Lin Yuan suddenly lifted the quilt, sat up from the bed, and fanned with his hand, breathing rapidly as he waved it on his cheeks. He inexplicably felt that his face was burning severely. Although he asked the person to stay…

He secretly moved his gaze to the bathroom, and this time his eyes almost stared off the frame.

He didn’t know when he was washing by himself, but now it was Yu Han’s turn. He can clearly see the outline of the person inside. Although he can’t fully understand the details, his body curves and movements are too distinct. He can even see which part Yu Han is cleaning now.

When Yu Han was outside just now, did he also see his every move clearly?

Crazy! Crazy!

No, Yu Han seemed to be cooking noodles while he was taking a bath, so he didn’t see it bah!

Luo Lin Yuan lay back down on the bed, pulling the covers over his head. He didn’t have to peek at a man taking a shower, my eyes![3]Lit. ‘Spicy eyes’ which describes something that we’d better not see. I don’t know a better term for this, let me know if you have one! Thanks~

After a few more seconds, he secretly pulled the quilt down and his eyes drifted towards the bathroom.

He’ll just take a look, just for a second…


1 to imagine one’s love is reciprocated. Idk how to term it in English properly QAQ
2 fig. information that can be used against somebody
3 Lit. ‘Spicy eyes’ which describes something that we’d better not see. I don’t know a better term for this, let me know if you have one! Thanks~

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