Close to You
Close To You Chapter 35

When Yu Han came out of the bathroom, Luo Lin Yuan was still buried in the bed without moving, his whole head hidden in the quilt.

He put the towel for wiping his hair on the back of the chair, sat on the bed, and used his phone to look at the time. It was almost a little late, it was time to sleep.

When he heard the sound of turning off the lights, Luo Lin Yuan secretly opened a seam on the quilt. The lights went dark one by one, while Yu Han’s footsteps in disposable slippers gradually came around the bedside lamp.

The bedside lamp was in the middle of the two beds. The first thing Luo Lin Yuan saw was a section of the hem of the bathrobe. The snow-shite color, slightly dark skin, and the smell of shower gel spreading in the air, as if it still carried the temperature after the bath, burning and faint.

Yu Han pressed his finger on the light switch and was about to turn it off when unexpectedly, a hand was stretched out from the quilt on the side and pressed on his wrist, “Keep it and don’t turn it off.”

Yu Han was taken aback and withdrew his hand with some force, shaking away Luo Lin Yuan’s hand. Because the force was too strong, Luo Lin Yuan’s hand knocked on the edge of the table, emitting an aching, bone-slamming on the side of the cabinet, which sounded very painful.

Sure enough, Luo Lin Yuan hissed, painfully took his hand back into the quilt, and held it lightly with his other hand, feeling that he was simply going to finish the year’s injuries today.

Yu Han repeatedly said sorry, then squatted in front of his bed, stretched out his hand, and gently uncovered Luo Lin Yuan’s quilt. “Let me see.”

The quilt was lifted. Luo Lin Yuan’s messy hair was exposed, his cheeks were a little pink from the heat, and his eyes were wet. The small bedside lamp by the bed made his already delicate facial features a layer of gold and softer. Even Yu Han couldn’t help but be lost in thought for a moment.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t notice, he stretched out his hand for the person to see. “It’s fine, it just hurts a little.”

Yu Han squeezed the person’s hand very lightly and turned it around. He saw a red mark on the back of his hand. It would turn into blue-green for a while, it was hit a little hard.

While he was thinking about whether to give someone a rub with medicinal oil, a drop of water dripped down the arch of his eyebrow to the back of Luo Lin Yuan’s hand. The cold water made Luo Lin Yuan tremble. He looked up at Yu Han’s hair, “There’s water!”

After saying that, he pulled his hand back as if he was scalded by boiling water, pulling it out with a force. “You’d better blow-dry your hair bah.

Yu Han casually ruffled his half-dried hair, “This is not the point now.”

At Yu Han’s insistence, Luo Lin Yuan was eventually dug out of the quilt. He reluctantly stretched out his wrist and experienced pain again.

Later, actually seeing him screaming so badly, Yu Han squeezed his wrist and couldn’t help but say, “Does it hurt that much?” His eyes were full of suspicion. Luo Lin Yuan hadn’t forgotten that this person just now also said that he was delicate.

When Luo Lin Yuan wanted to say angrily that you can give it a try, a female voice pierced through the wall and reached the ears of the two.

No matter what hotel it is, whether it is luxurious or simple, the soundproofing isn’t very good.

The man and woman staying next door were exercising in the wee hours. The female voice screamed unceasingly, the moans were smashed into pieces. In the dead of the night, such movements were very ambiguous.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the other side of the wall, amazed, even ignoring the pain in his wrist.

The tone of the female voice was getting higher and higher, obviously so comfortable that her voice was almost hoarse. Luo Lin Yuan pulled his hand out of Yu Han’s palm and moved it to the wall a few times. He wanted to stick to the wall and listen carefully, but also felt that it was shameless to do so. Ultimately, he sat modestly at the head of the bed, but his ears stood up high.

Yu Han got up to wash his hands. When he came out, he saw Luo Lin Yuan’s curious appearance, and couldn’t help but say in a deep voice, “Still not sleeping?”

Luo Lin Yuan pointed to the wall, “Didn’t you hear?”

Yu Han lifted the quilt and lay down. The reason for the change in posture was that his bathrobe spread out, revealing a large waist and abdomen. He put his left hand on the back of his head and said somewhat indifferently, “What’s so nice about it.”

Luo Lin Yuan saw Yu Han’s indifferent face, making it seem like he was the only one who cared about this, he curled his lips, “That’s also true, you prefer to listen to men screaming than women bah.”

Yu Han glanced at him in surprise and finally frowned and said, “What nonsense are you talking about.”

Luo Lin Yuan was unwilling to concede, “I know all about it, aren’t you dating Ren Yu? Otherwise, what are you guys doing kissing on the rooftop.”

Yu Han was still frowning but didn’t want to talk to him about this. He pulled his hand out from behind his head and turned his back to Luo Lin Yuan, “It’s late, go to sleep.”

Luo Lin Yuan slowly lay on the bed. The situation next door became more and more intense, and the woman’s voice became higher and higher. Luo Lin Yuan’s breathing became somewhat urgent, and he was also a little moved. But next to him was Yu Han, how could he have the nerve to do something.

As if curious, he asked Yu Han in a low voice, “How far have you reached with Ren Yu?”

Yu Han’s back was silent, unmoving, ignoring him.

Luo Lin Yuan folded his hands and propped his chin, “Why do you like men ah, when did you find out?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “What’s the difference between kissing a guy and kissing a girl?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Ren Yu is also average-looking ah, why do you like him?”

Yu Han couldn’t stand his chatter and turned around, his eyes fierce and cold, “Shut up, why are you asking so many questions?”

Luo Lin Yuan thought Yu Han wasn’t used to hearing him say that Ren Yu was average-looking, and the question he asked was too offensive. He shrank his neck, “I’m just curious… Aren’t we friends? It’s normal to chat bah.”

Yu Han’s lips moved, and finally narrowed his eyes, “Then should I also ask you, what step did you get to with Xia Fu, what do you like about her, and what is the difference between kissing between a woman and a man?”

Luo Lin Yuan instantly propped up his body, and said with an excited face, “I can tell you ah, I’ve only kissed her. Girls’ kisses are very fragrant and soft. If they’re men, I don’t like men, how would I know.”

After saying that, he said again, “I’ve said it all, don’t you have to say it, too?”

Yu Han was quiet for a while, then turned over again, facing Luo Lin Yuan with his back, clearly not planning to answer at all.

Luo Lin Yuan said unhappily, “Why are you like this ah… I’ve answered you.”

Yu Han became a little impatient, “I don’t want to know about you at all, it’s you who wanted to say it.”

Luo Lin Yuan was stabbed by that sentence, didn’t want to know about him at all. The pain was very hidden, but it made him like a leaking balloon, and the short-lived happiness given by that bowl of noodles leaked out of that pierced cut.

His heart was completely empty and somewhat despondent. He pressed his face on the pillow and softly said, “I know.”

Yu Han’s body moved, and suddenly asked him, “What do you know?”

Luo Lin Yuan closed his eyes, “In your heart, we’re not friends at all. You’ve always treated me as troublesome, I know that.”

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