Close to You
Close To You Chapter 36

After Luo Lin Yuan finished his frustrated words, he felt that his eyes were a little hot. With such a spineless appearance, fortunately, the bedside lamp wasn’t bright enough, so he hid in the quilt again. Yu Han shouldn’t be able to see it.

The end of his words just now was a little trembling. Because his emotions came up, he didn’t know if Yu Han heard it.

It shouldn’t be, he spoke quickly and also ended quickly. What’s more, it’s impossible for Yu Han to think he would be made to cry by his words. He’s not a child anymore. What’s there to be so aggrieved, he’s not that fragile.

It’s just that he felt uncomfortable, stuffy, panicked, and sour. He touched his eyelids with his fingers; the temperature was a little high and the corners of his eyes were a little wet, but he didn’t cry out.

Fortunately, I didn’t cry, otherwise, it would be embarrassing.

Not knowing when the noise next to him stopped, the surrounding area finally quieted down, and he could hear the central air of the hotel buzzing with coolness.

There was finally movements from the neighboring bed. It was the human body changing its posture on it, and the mattress shook lightly.

Luo Lin Yuan blinked in the quilt. He heard Yu Han call his name in a soft tone. On such a quiet night, he called his name in a lingering tone, which sounded gentle and affectionate.

It was clear that he had just used such cold eyes and said hurtful words, and now he called his name as if to coax him, becoming a warm winter sun.

Such a changeable person must also be very good at deceiving people.

Luo Lin Yuan responded with a sound but didn’t ignore it. He was already very good at being coaxed, just like Lin Shu. Every time she hurt him, as long as Lin Shu is willing to talk to him, he always couldn’t bear to ignore it.

But Lin Shu is his mother, so what is Yu Han?

He had long passed the age of lacking friends. He didn’t know why he value this person so much, but he didn’t dare to delve into the answer. Luo Lin Yuan instinctively let his thoughts stop there and no longer continued.

Yu Han seemed to reach out and turn up the brightness of the bedside lamp. The warm yellow light brightened everything, including a section of Luo Lin Yuan’s head exposed outside, which was softly next to the pillow, looking soft and fluffy, just like this person.

He didn’t know if he had heard it wrong just now that Luo Lin Yuan actually cried a bit. Perhaps he should’ve realized that Luo Lin Yuan peeled off the delicate outer skin, and it was just a soft and fragile core inside.

He couldn’t stand half of it at all, but the tone was slightly heavier, just like being severely beaten and visibly injured.

Yu Han sighed and spoke out to explain, “I just don’t want to talk about that.” In fact, he knew that when boys are together, there are more topics than this.

Boys, most of the late-night topics are inevitably linked to their girlfriends, curious about the intimate contact between friends and the opposite sex. It’s just that Luo Lin Yuan turned his girlfriend into a same-sex person or Ren Yu, and he(YH) just didn’t want to mention Ren Yu.

But there are some things that should be made clear earlier, otherwise, it would be dangerous for him to watch Luo Lin Yuan go father and father off.

Especially just now, he thought he had absolutely no misunderstanding. Luo Lin Yuan wanted to kiss him, and his eyes couldn’t leave his(YH) lips. He knew the look of others when they wanted to kiss him.

Just like Luo Lin Yuan, but Luo Lin Yuan was so dumb that he didn’t even know what he wanted.

Obviously, his eyes were staring straight at his lips and he couldn’t leave. Luo Lin Yuan didn’t know that his lips were also open, his breath was hot, and his eyes blurred with longing. And in those desires, there is more ignorance, innocence, and unawareness.

The body instinctively approached him, but his reason was unclear. There was only a thin layer of paper left on the window, hovering dangerously at the edge of being punctured. Yu Han didn’t want to be the one to help Luo Lin Yuan pierce the paper away.

He is very tired, he has too many things to do, and he really doesn’t have the energy to accept a bent without knowing that he’s still the young master type of Luo Lin Yuan.

Yu Han looked at the ceiling of the hotel and saw his shadow projected on it, pitch-black, just like his current life.

He closed his eyes wearily, and when he opened them again, he said, “Luo Lin Yuan, I think you may have gotten one thing wrong.”

Luo Lin Yuan pulled the quilt down a bit, revealing a pair of eyes, “What?”

Yu Han didn’t look at him either. “Believe it or not, I don’t like men.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s grievances and discomfort were all shaken away. He stared wide in surprise and subconsciously said, “How is that possible!”

Yu Han: “How is it impossible?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Y-you, on the rooftop…”

Yu Han: “It’s just a misunderstanding.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “You work at a gay[1]Bolded text written in English in the raw. bar?”

Yu Han: “There is more money there.”

Luo Lin Yuan was stunned for half a day and suddenly reacted, “So you were angry just now because I thought you were gay, so…”

Yu Han said helplessly, “No.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Then why are you angry?”

Yu Han: “I’m not angry, as I said, I just don’t want you to talk about this.”

Luo Lin Yuan fell silent. He didn’t know what Yu Han meant, but Yu Han was willing to explain that those were just misunderstandings and that he didn’t like men. Then he and Ren Yu…

is not in that kind of relationship!

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t know what he was happy about. Anyway, he was just happy. The whole person was like floating in mid-air. The air that had just been leaked was filled back again, and it inflated into a pink balloon.

Yu Han looked at him sideways, just in time to see his face full of uncontrollable smile, “What are you smiling at?”

Luo Lin Yuan pressed down the corner of his curled-up lips hard, trying to cover up, and said, “You misinterpret it, how can I smile.”

Yu Han called his name again, Luo Lin Yuan looked at Yu Han just in time to meet those eyes.

Those eyes were somewhat cold, tired, and serious. Yu Han looked at him and emphasized  word by word,  “I am straight, I do not like men.”

Luo Lin Yuan was somewhat inexplicably panicked. He didn’t know what he was panicking about. He just moved away from the line of sight in embarrassment, “Got it, got it, I misunderstood you. Just saying I’m sorry, bah. If you don’t like men, you don’t like them.”

But Yu Han’s voice chased after his ears, emphasizing, “I will not like men, do you understand?”

Luo Lin Yuan frowned in annoyance, “Got it! How many times do you have to say it.”

Yu Han:  “I’m afraid you won’t remember.”

Luo Lin Yuan sullenly hummed, “Remember, will always remember.”

Yu Han dimmed the overly bright bedside lamp a bit, hesitated for a while, and in the end did not make his words too clear.

He wouldn’t like men, and naturally, he wouldn’t like Luo Lin Yuan.

He thought that Luo Lin Yuan should’ve understood the meaning of his words.

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1 Bolded text written in English in the raw.

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