Close to You
Close To You Chapter 37

It was a dreamless night. The next day, when Luo Lin Yuan woke up, there was no one on the other bed. The quilt was neatly spread out as if no one had slept there.

Luo Lin Yuan took out his phone. He fled home for one night. Except for Uncle Wu’s messages and missed calls, neither Luo Ting nor Lin Shu seemed to notice that wasn’t home.

Luo Lin Yuan threw his phone on the bed. He knew he was childish and still ran away from home at this age just to make his parents care about him. It’s a pity that even after this, his parents didn’t know that he has been away from home all night.

He went into the bathroom and brushed his teeth. When he came out, he saw the congee and small dishes on the table that Yu Han had brought to him, but they were only slightly warm and not hot anymore.

After Luo Lin Yuan finished eating the congee, which he disliked the taste by the way, the noodles Yu Han cooked for him were still delicious. According to him, Yu Han should open a small restaurant and the business will certainly explode.

After breakfast, Luo Lin Yuan pulled open the curtains of the hotel and welcomed the bright sun, and felt to be in a good mood. He dialed Fang Xiao’s number and asked the person to come out to accompany him shopping.

Fang Xiao was still in his sleep, his voice was dazed and he flatly refused, “No way!”

Luo Lin Yuan moved his own birthday and Fang Xiao turned and became hostile.[1]To do an about-face and become hostile or cold to someone With a few words, Fang Xiao, who was awakened, lost his temper and agreed to meet him at twelve o’clock.

They met at Starbucks in a shopping mall. Fang Xiao arrived on time, freshly dressed. When he saw Luo Lin Yuan’s vest and suit, he instantly laughed out loud, “What are you doing, dressed like this, are you going to a meeting? Your Dad doesn’t intend to let you finish high school and directly asked you to inherit the family business?”

Luo Lin Yuan rolled his eyes angrily, “Don’t make trouble, I slept in the hotel yesterday, so I didn’t have any clothes to change.”

The amount of information was too large. Fang Xiao sat down in shock and gossiped, picked up the coffee Luo Lin Yuan had ordered for him, and took a sip, sighing heartily, “Hotel? Who did you go with, okay ah, you, Luo Lin Yuan, opened a room once you turned 18!”

Luo Lin Yuan stirred the ice in his cup. “No, I just didn’t want to stay at home. Fang Xiao, why don’t I live at your house for a while.”

Fang Xiao almost choked on his coffee. “Don’t, you also know the environment at my home. You can play for a while, but you can’t certainly stand it for a long time.”

Fang Xiao’s family situation is also not bad. His family hired an aunt to clean once a week. Every time Luo Lin Yuan went to Fang Xiao’s house to play games, Fang Xiao asked the aunt to come over a day in advance to do a full cleaning.

If Luo Lin Yuan was really allowed to live for a long time, wouldn’t the aunt have to come over every day? Besides, Fang Xiao himself isn’t very particular about it. Wouldn’t it mean that he would be disliked by Luo Lin Yuan to the point of losing his face if they lived together?

Thinking about that day is terrible. Fang Xiao firmly refused, “You’d better hurry home and live. It’s not as comfortable as being at home anywhere.”

Fang Xiao refused to take him in, and Luo Lin Yuan also guessed it. He sighed and held his cheeks with some hesitation. In fact, it didn’t really count as a quarrel with his parents, but he was just emotional and didn’t want to go back.

At this time, Luo Lin Yuan received a call from Luo Ting.

Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes lit up when he saw the call alert and hurriedly connected the call. Luo Ting asked him in a deep voice where he want last night, why he wasn’t at home and said that although he is an adult, he still has to tell his family where he is out and about, otherwise, his parents will have to worry more.

Word by word, the awkwardness in Luo Lin Yuan’s heart was straightened out. Fang Xiao sat on the opposite side, watching Luo Lin Yuan’s expression go from cold winter months to warm spring flowers, and finally obediently said, “Okay, Dad. I’ll be home tonight.”

Fang Xiao snorted, he knew it. This Father control[2]similar to face-cons in this context XD was really easy to coax.

Luo Lin Yuan hung up the phone. Fang Xiao sitting across from him, yawned. “It’s fine now bah. Are you still shopping? Since you don’t need to buy clothes, then go to my house to play games?”

Luo Lin Yuan shook his head, “I still have to buy something.”

Fang Xiao: “Buy what?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Thank you gift.”

The two took another break in the air-conditioned Starbucks and went straight from the door leading to the mall’s men’s clothing store on the third floor. Seeing that he wasn’t buying his own size, Fang Xiao asked curiously, “Who are you buying for?”

Luo Lin Yuan refused to say and wandered all the way; liked this and liked that. Finally, he bought a hat, clothes, jacket, and jeans. The card was swiped and the bill was signed happily without a blink.

Although his ankle was much better after last night’s medicated oil, it still ached faintly. In the end, he only paid a small fee of 10,000 yuan, and he stopped because of his physical strength and pain.

Fang Xiao was carrying a bag of clothes next to him and said sourly, “I’ve been with you for so long, and I haven’t seen you so attentive to me.”

Luo Lin Yuan rolled his eyes at him, “Who you? Who’s been with you?”

Fang Xiao pretentiously groaned, sour as hell, but in fact, he was also joking. If Luo Lin Yuan really bought him so much, he wouldn’t dare accept it.

Therefore, he was even more curious about who Luo Lin Yuan bought it for.

Luo Lin Yuan was very tight-lipped this time, not a word to him. Men were quite efficient when buying things, and it only took half an hour to buy them all. Fang Xiao carried a paper bag and asked him, “Go to the Game City to play for a while? I want to try the new VR.”[3]Bolded text written in English in the raw.

Luo Lin Yuan took his phone to call a taxi, with a ruthless face that was thrown away after using, “No, I have to go somewhere, so go home.”

Fang Xiao was so angry that he stomped his feet. In the end, he had to hopelessly watch Luo Lin Yuan get in the car with a large bag, and sprayed him mercilessly with the car’s exhaust gas.

When Yu Han received a call from Luo Lin Yuan, he took out his phone and looked at it, and directly hung up. He was tutoring a third year junior high school when his phone vibrated.

Because he himself is still a senior high school, the fees are cheap. This junior high school boy was introduced by a relative, and he is in the same junior high school as him. He has good grades in junior high school and has won many awards. His photos are still hanging on the honor roll, so his parents can rest assured that he can teach him. It is also cheap, charging 50 yuan an hour.

After Yu Han turned his phone to mute, he taught the boy the last big math question for the second time.

The weather is very hot, and the fan is turned on and loud. The iced water sent in by the parents was long gone, the drops of water along the cup are falling one by one, the noisy cicadas, there are children’s laughter under the community, and the boy’s loose expression and inability to concentrate.

After more than one mistake in the problem-solving process, the tutoring made his mouth dry and the effect was useless. Yu Han rubbed his sore temples, and finally checked a few practice questions and handed them to the boy, “You will do these questions again tonight. If you don’t know how to do them, take photos of them on your phone and send them to me.”

The boy looked at the time and showed a relieved expression, and finally smiled, “Okay, Brother Yu.”

He suddenly smiled mysteriously and opened the drawer, revealing cigarettes and a lighter, “Brother Yu, do you want one.”

Yu Han took out a tissue and wiped the sweat from his forehead, “No, just a few years old and learned how to smoke.”

After drinking his iced water, he walked out of the stuffy room. The boy’s mother was still chopping vegetables. She heard the movement and walked out, wiping her hands on her apron, and said with an overly enthusiastic smile, “Just leaving ah, stay for dinner.”

Yu Han nodded politely, “No need, I should go back.”

Auntie glanced at the door of the room embarrassedly and said with a lowered voice, “Xiao You ah, it’s like this, my A’Bao[4]The Ā is a prefix used to show familiarity has made a lot of progress in the midterm exam this time. I don’t think he needs to take extra lessons anymore, you see…”

Yu Han listened with downcast eyes, and finally accepted the 200 yuan handed to him by the parents, “But Xiao Bao’s progress…”

Before Yu Han could finish speaking, he noticed a flash of impatience on the aunt’s face in front of him, and finally swallowed the words in his mouth, “I understand, then the tutoring will end today.”

He put the 200 yuan in his pocket and walked out of the stuffy rental house. On his way home, he was thinking about where to make up for the gap without the 400 yuan for the weekend tutoring?

He earned 600 yuan yesterday, and the salary was relatively high. Find a part-time job after school? Although the salary at the convenience store is low, the time is stable and the co-workers are friendly, so it’s easy to change shifts.

He took his phone to keep track of his accounts, and record school, living expenses, and medical expenses, all of which became numbers, constantly circling in his head.

Until he climbed the stairs and saw Luo Lin Yuan in front of his home, Yu Han was still a bit unresponsive.

Luo Lin Yuan squatted there and saw him smile subconsciously, then instantly pursed his lips, put away his smile, and said, “Why did you hang up on me?!”

Yu Han felt beads of sweat continue sliding down his back, his head was also a little dizzy, and he was hot, “Why are you here?”

Luo Lin Yuan stood up, picked up the bag beside him, and waved it in front of Yu Han, “I came to give you clothes. Didn’t I wear some of your clothes?”

After speaking, he turned to his side and let Yu Han open the door.

Yu Han took out the key, it was sweaty. Yu Han had been running around outside all day and sweated a lot. He looked at Luo Lin Yuan, and his eyes fell on the other party’s clean neck, no sweat, and delicate skin, looking refreshed.

He lowered his eyelids and inserted the key into the keyhole, “I said no need.”

Luo Lin Yuan was unhappy, “I took the tags off and didn’t buy my own size. I can’t wear them if you don’t want them.”

The door opened. Yu Han took the lead and entered. He went into the kitchen to open the refrigerator first, took out the iced water that had long been frozen inside, then took out a disposable cup. “Then you can donate it.”

Luo Lin Yuan was furious, “You…! I bought it after shopping all day! You’re saying to donate them?!”

Yu Han drank a full glass of iced water, and his muddled head finally woke up. He turned his head and saw Luo Lin Yuan’s red face, he sighed and said, “I’m just kidding, thank you, do you want to drink iced water?”

Luo Lin Yuan was still a little angry. In the end, he sat down on the sofa and said in low spirits, “Okay.”

Yu Han poured a cup and gave it to him. Looking at Luo Lin Yuan’s bleak face, he had to cooperate by opening the paper bag and pulling out the white short-sleeved shirt.

He originally wanted to try it in front of Luo Lin Yuan to ask, but who would’ve thought that Luo Lin Yuan had just forgotten to lower the tag for this shirt, and the price on the tag fell into Yu Han’s eyes at a glance.

An ordinary short-sleeved shirt has a price tag of 2,908 yuan.

Yu Han looked at the four numbers, thinking of the 200 yuan in his sweaty pocket, he suddenly somewhat wanted to laugh.

Jie Jie: Sorry for the late update! I got busy with things at school. Thank you for understanding! <3


1 To do an about-face and become hostile or cold to someone
2 similar to face-cons in this context XD
3 Bolded text written in English in the raw.
4 The Ā is a prefix used to show familiarity

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