Close to You
Close To You Chapter 38

Luo Lin Yuan held a cup of iced water, the cool temperature cooled his hot palms, and together with his heart, beating steadily.

He took another sip contentedly, feeling that the fatigue of waiting outside for a long time had disappeared without a trace. He was really easy to coax.

Luo Lin Yuan saw the person squatting on the ground, wringing the short sleeve in his hands, and there was no movement for a long time. After taking a look at the situation, he found that there was a tag on the clothes, and there was a fish that escaped the net.

With a thump in his heart, he put down the cup of water. He had only drank the water, but his mouth was very dry. He wanted to explain a few words, but he didn’t know what to say, say that he asked people to buy it casually, and he didn’t know the price?

Or the short sleeves with the price was bought for him, and the others without the tags are for Yu Han?

Luo Lin Yuan’s heartbeat, which had just slowed down, accelerated again. He stared at Yu Han’s face, only waiting for the other party to raise his head, and noticed the exhaustion on this person’s face. Yu Han said softly, “It’s too expensive, I can’t accept it.”

Yu Han folded the clothes and put them back. “Actually, although these clothes are a bit bigger, it’s not like you can’t wear them.”

Luo Lin Yuan said with difficulty, “Don’t think too much, I just bought it casually.”

Yu Han pushed the paper bag back to Luo Lin Yuan, “I know you mean well, but I really can’t accept it.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Yu Han’s expression carefully. Although his eyes were light, he didn’t look angry. After realizing that he was afraid of Yu Han’s anger, Luo Lin Yuan simply felt baffled.

Now he is giving the person gifts, and it’s not like him to be trembling about what to do.

What’s more, when the whole school donated money before, Yu Han also didn’t accept it. When he was a waiter on his birthday, Yu Han didn’t think there was anything wrong, so why didn’t he want to receive the gifts?

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the paper bag, and they were only clothes and shoes. Would it be better to discount these to Yu Han?

But Yu Han’s attitude, maybe because… he regards him as a friend, so he’s reluctant?

Thinking about it this way, it felt a lot better. Regardless if Yu Han thinks so or not, he will take it as it is.

Luo Lin Yuan pulled the bag of clothes over and sighed, “I really bought it according to your size, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t want it.”

Yu Han was taken aback. He thought he would have to talk to Luo Lin Yuan for a while before he could refuse the gift. He didn’t expect Luo Lin Yuan to stop pestering and instead lifted the paper bag. “Then, I’m leaving.” His gaze fell on the water cup, and he added, “Thank you for your hospitality.”

This really made people blush; not knowing how long Luo Lin Yuan had been waiting outside. After he brought the person in, he refused the gift and only have a cup of water. It really doesn’t count as hospitable.

Yu Han felt that he should be relaxed today. After all, he’s quite tired now. It wouldn’t be better for Luo Lin Yuan to be like this. He can send the person away to take a bath, then sleep for a while, and go to the bar to work in the evening.

He watched Luo Lin Yuan lift the bag and walk to the door step by step. He didn’t know what was going on. He could see the disappointment and frustration on Luo Lin Yuan’s back, and he could even see the drooping tail and ears.

Before he regretted it, he shouted out, “Luo Lin Yuan!”

Luo Lin Yuan stopped and turned his head. He saw Yu Han rubbing his brows as if he had a headache. It took a long time before he said, “You… If you really want to return those clothes, then just accompany me to the supermarket bah.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Huh?”

How did things end up like this? Yu Han looked at Luo Lin Yuan like a happy puppy as soon as he entered the supermarket. He happily took off, not knowing where to go, and disappeared for a while. When he reappeared, he held a pile of junk snacks and stuffed them into the shopping cart.

Luo Lin Yuan rarely comes to the supermarket, and occasionally goes out to shop like Fang Xiao and the others, but most of the young boys go straight to the drinks and snacks area.

He thought that he hadn’t seen snacks at Yu Han’s house, so he bought a lot of them. Yu Han saw him put down the snacks and turned around to go again. He quickly grabbed the back collar of the person. “Where are you going?”

Luo Lin Yuan struggled, “I’m going to buy some cola to fill your refrigerator, how can you not drink cola in the summer!”

Yu Han said ruthlessly, “No if you buy any more, the shopping cart won’t be enough. And the cola is heavy, you’ll be sweating all over when you bring it back.”

Luo Lin Yuan thought of sweating, but finally compromised, and reluctantly glanced at the drinks area, “Okay.”

Yu Han took the person to the fresh vegetable area. Luo Lin Yuan curiously watched Yu Han pick and choose, and from time to time, he would say that he didn’t like to eat cucumbers, onions, and tomatoes.

Yu Han had to put down everything he picked up. “Most people don’t like to eat carrots, so why do you hate the popular vegetables that are more acceptable.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s lips twitched, “Tomatoes are so sour, I don’t like them. Onions taste strange, and the cucumbers smell bad.”

People who are picky eaters always have thousands of reasons. Luo Lin Yuan also added, “Many people hate onions, and they’re not considered a popular vegetable.”

While reporting the name of the dish, Yu Han asked Luo Lin Yuan if he wanted to eat it, “Potato stewed pork ribs, Sichuan boiled fish, shrimp with broccoli, and another tofu soup?”

Luo Lin Yuan nodded vigorously, “Okay, no problem.”

When he was about to stroll into the fresh food area, Yu Han stopped Luo Lin Yuan. He cleared up a large portion of the snacks in the shopping cart and asked Luo Lin Yuan to put them back.

Luo Lin Yuan was instantly unhappy and looked at Yu Han with some pity, “Buy it back, it’s delicious, believe me.”

Yu Han wasn’t moved, “Only three things can be kept.”

Luo Lin Yuan had to pick and choose. Finally, he put down the chocolate, potato chips, and Oreos. He squeezed a pack of toffee and reluctantly said, “This candy is delicious, it’s juice when you bite it!”

Yu Han coldly said, “You can choose to change one of them, and keep the toffee.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t give up and said, “No, those three are the standard must-have, really. Add another pack of toffee bah. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it, you can keep it at your house. I’ll come over to eat it next time!”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t even know what he had said, but the unconscious closeness in his words really made it difficult to say a cold rejection.

Yu Han looked at him four times, and finally compromised, “Fine, buy.”

Luo Lin Yuan was happy. God knows he would be so happy one day because he bought toffee.

Perhaps because the more things that aren’t allowed to be done, the more satisfied you feel after you succeed.

Looking at Luo Lin Yuan’s happy departure, Yu Han let out a long sigh and looked at the time. It wouldn’t be long before going to the bar in the evening. Why did he choose to come out to buy food and cook for Luo Lin Yuan?

It was clear that he was in a bad mood today and his body was tired, so he should’ve let someone to go back earlier.

He looked at the snacks in the shopping cart as well as the potatoes that Luo Lin Yuan had personally selected which he thought looked good and round. Luo Lin Yuan said solemnly that good-looking people will look better if they eat good-looking vegetables.

What nonsense, Yu Han thought and laughed unconsciously.

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