Close to You
Close To You Chapter 39

The fresh fish that Yu Han specially bought, the dark bag was filled with water, and the fresh fish jumped around, shaking the bag around.

Luo Lin Yuan was like staring at a monster, guarding against the bag, carrying snack bags and lighter vegetables, avoiding it far away.

Luo Lin Yuan asked him, “Why didn’t you kill it at the supermarket and brought it back.”

Yu Han said, “That wouldn’t be fresh.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “You even know how to kill fish, you’re so awesome, really!”

It was the first time for Luo Lin Yuan to admire a person so much. If he were to do it, let alone kill the fish, he might not even be able to hold down the fresh fish, and he would be slapped several times by the struggling fish, just like the green rabbit in the prison rabbit.[1]Title of the show is actually “Usavich.” The green rabbit LLY referring to is Putin. Tho, I’m not familiar with the show soo QAQ. Just check the link if you want to know more.

Hearing his description of being slapped by the fish, Yu Han was directly amused, “What’s in your head all day long ah.”

Luo Lin Yuan somewhat blushed at the smile on Yu Han’s lips. “Just an analogy, the prison rabbit is quite good-looking.”

Yu Han stretched out his hand and pulled Luo Lin Yuan. Luo Lin Yuan walked away and walked out of the sidewalk. As soon as he pulled the person over, several cars and bikes sped past.

Yu Han frowned and changed position with the person; Luo Lin Yuan was completely unaware. He said a few more dongman[2]Combination of animation and manhua/comics. Idk what English term for this so I just went with pinyin. If anyone knows the term, let me know. Thanks! <3 and asked Yu Han if he had seen them.

Yu Han naturally hadn’t seen them, he said, “No time.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Oh, it’s just to pass the time anyway. The content is relaxed, very suitable for you to watch.”

Yu Han looked at him strangely, “Do you think I’m suitable for watching animated films?[3]Just anime/cartoons

Luo Lin Yuan corrected, “It’s dongman, the funny kind.”

Yu Han cooperated, “Do you think I’m suitable for watching funny dongman?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Yeah, it might make you smile, if only it can make you smile more.”

Yu Han didn’t expect to get such an answer. He stopped in his tracks. Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t aware of his strangeness and continued, “It would be nice to make you feel more relaxed, you’re too tired.”

As he talked, Luo Lin Yuan realized that the person around him didn’t follow. He looked back in confusion and saw Yu Han standing not far away, his expression unclear.

The sky gradually darkened, and there was a lot of traffic with different scents and lights, walking slowly on the street. Yu Han was a few steps away from him, staring at him with a complicated expression.

Luo Lin Yuan stopped and waited for Yu Han to come over. Although he didn’t know what Yu Han was doing to look at him like this, which made him a little uneasy.

It took Yu Han a while to follow, and thoughtfully said, “You…” Before he finished speaking, he took it back again.

Luo Lin Yuan was curious by his unfinished words, “What’s wrong with me?”

Yu Han quickened his pace, “You’re really a strange person.”

Luo Lin Yuan was blocked by these words, and said indignantly, “Where am I strange!”

Yu Han thought to himself, really strange. Sometimes he feels like an ignorant little boy, and sometimes he sees better than anyone else. Sometimes it feels capricious, and sometimes it feels too warm.

How can there be such a contrasting person, it’s too strange.

Luo Lin Yuan was still beside him and said, “You’re the one who is strange. You’re clearly very nice to other people, but you’re fierce towards me.”

Yu Han was smashed back to his senses by this pot, “Where am I fierce to you?”

He thought he had given enough patience to Luo Lin Yuan and was simply taking special care of him.

Luo Lin Yuan grunted in dissatisfaction, jerked the plastic bag to his wrist, stretched out two index fingers against the corner of his mouth, pushed upwards, and squeezed out an ugly smiling face, “You at least give them a fake smile at school. To me, you frown and dislike me every day.”

Yu Han didn’t know whether to refute the fake smile or refute the dislike, “I’m going to cook for you tonight. Are you sure you want to continue?”

Luo Lin Yuan spread his hands, “Look, you’re very polite to them; when it comes to me…” He raised his fingers and counted them one by one, “On the first meeting, you pushed me against the wall, threatened me not to say anything, and told me to pretend not to be familiar with you at school. You don’t answer my calls, don’t accept my gifts, not even willing to be in the same room with me, and said you didn’t want to know about me…”

At the end of the count, even Luo Lin Yuan felt that he was so wronged ah, and Yu Han actually treated him like this.

If you don’t count, you won’t know, it’s all a crime.

Yu Han was dumbfounded for half a day, “Not right.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “What’s not right! You dare to say you haven’t done these things?”

Yu Han: “I later took you to take a bath. It’s not called a threat bah, it’s a warning at most.”

Luo Lin Yuan raised his chin and glanced at Yu Han, seeming to forgive and forget[4]Lit. a greater man does not make not of a lesser man’s fault, “Forget it, if you make a delicious meal tonight, I’ll forgive you.”

Yu Han really couldn’t refute Luo Lin Yuan’s words. He thought that was he really so bad to Luo Lin Yuan? It seems to be. Although he always felt that he was pretty good to Luo Lin Yuan.

Seeing Luo Lin Yuan speeding up his pace, but also turned back to urge him, “Let’s go quickly la, it’s getting dark, don’t you still have to go to the bar tonight!”

Yu Han: “How do you know?”

Luo Lin Yuan said angrily, “How many times have you looked at the time when you were shopping, you also don’t have time to go on a date. Of course, you have to go to work.”

Yu Han was amused. He knew everything about feelings but didn’t propose to leave by himself. He really came to the supermarket to buy groceries with him.

Sure enough, he’s still a willful little princess.

Yu Han couldn’t help but raise his hand and rubbed Luo Lin Yuan’s hair, “What the hell is in your head?”

Luo Lin Yuan almost shrieked and ran away, “You touched the fish! How dare you touch my head!”

Yu Han withdrew his hand, “I didn’t touch it!”

Luo Lin Yuan: “You’re carrying this fish bag!”

Yu Han stared at this little heartless man, “It was you who said who wanted to eat fish!”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I told you what happened! Not good! We have to go faster! I have to wash my hair!”

The two of them argued and went back to Yu Han’s house noisily. Luo Lin Yuan was washing his hair in the bathroom while Yu Han was cooking outside.

The sound of water, the sound of a chopping board, the scent of shower gel, and the smell of smoke mixed together, which is the most basic smell of home.

Yu Han inexplicably didn’t feel too tired anymore. He thought of the scene when the door was just opened, the fish in the bag jumped up and hit Luo Lin Yuan’s leg through the bag, causing Luo Lin Yuan to scream in fright, like a little girl.

Not good… He wanted to laugh again. Why didn’t he find out before that Luo Lin Yuan was so funny?

Luo Lin Yuan finished washing his head, he stepped on Yu Han’s slippers and came out. He was far away from the kitchen. He wanted to see but didn’t dare to look and asked loudly, “Is the fish ready? Did you finish killing it?”

Yu Han: “Why, do you still want to say goodbye to it?”

Luo Lin Yuan said angrily, “Who wants to say goodbye to it ah! We’re not familiar with each other! At most, it’s a relationship of eating and being eaten.”

Yu Han was happy again, “Don’t stand there, come and serve the food.”

Luo Lin Yuan reluctantly went over. Fortunately, he didn’t see anything too bloody in the kitchen, only the savory, and cooked spicy pepper fish, which seemed to be reluctant to listen before it died, with its mouth open.

Luo Lin Yuan stared at the rows of small sharp teeth of the fish. Yu Han patted him on the waist. With a little dampness, the warm hand pressed on his waist and patted him all over, like being electrified, making his waist soft and limp.

Yu Han said, “What are you standing there for, take it to the dining room.”

Seeing Luo Lin Yuan staring at the fish’s mouth with a red face, he joked again, “Don’t worry, it can’t touch your legs and can’t take advantage of you.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the fish, turned around, and left, muttering in his heart: This fish didn’t take advantage of me, and the other one is hard to say.


1 Title of the show is actually “Usavich.” The green rabbit LLY referring to is Putin. Tho, I’m not familiar with the show soo QAQ. Just check the link if you want to know more.
2 Combination of animation and manhua/comics. Idk what English term for this so I just went with pinyin. If anyone knows the term, let me know. Thanks! <3
3 Just anime/cartoons
4 Lit. a greater man does not make not of a lesser man’s fault

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