Close to You
Close To You Chapter 40

When Luo Lin Yuan took a shower, he took off his suit in the bathroom and changed into Yu Han’s clothes.

Yu Han’s short sleeves were so wide that they almost covered his legs, covering half of the sweatpants Yu Han had worn for him. It looks like he hadn’t worn them.

The pants Yu Han found for him were worn by Yu Han when he participated in a track and field competition in junior high school. Except for being a little shorter, they were very suitable in all aspects.

When Luo Lin Yuan put the fish on the table, he voluntarily carried the clothes out of the bathroom and went to the balcony to turn on the washing machine.

Yu Han looked from the kitchen, “Can you use it?”

Luo Lin Yuan stared at the Chinese characters on the button, “Who are you underestimating, I can use it!”

He stuffed the clothes into the washing machine and turned and ran to the paper bags, took out the new clothes, and stuffed them all into the washing machine.

Yu Han brought the rest of the dishes, and saw Luo Lin Yuan bending over, leaning his elbows on the washing machine to look into it.

The hem of his clothes was dragged up to the waist because of the movement, revealing two big white legs, one straightened and the other bent, and a slipper was kicked off. The bare toe of the right foot was on the slipper, and the heel was very pink.

Yu Han’s gaze turned around on his feet and legs, wiped the water from his hands with a paper towel, and walked over.

Luo Lin Yuan was still thinking hard, looking for which entrance to stuff the laundry detergent, when he felt that his waist was pushed. Suddenly, his waist and eyes were sore, and he almost jumped up.

He haha-ed twice and hid to the side, “What are you doing!”

Seeing that Luo Lin Yuan was wobbling, Yu Han couldn’t put on the other slipper right away. He could only stand on one foot, afraid that he would fall, so he stretched out his hand and grabbed his elbow, “When you figure out how to use the washing machine, the dishes will be cold.”

Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly stepped on the slippers and pulled his arm out of Yu Han’s hand, “I know, you come bah.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s voice was a little weak, in a very small voice, and even said with a little awkwardness, “Let’s wash these new clothes, too bah. You see, I’ve taken several baths on your house. I have to wear your clothes every time. In case there is a next time, just put these clothes on for me.”

He was afraid that Yu Han would see him washing the clothes, thinking that he wouldn’t give up and would force it to be sent.

Yu Han didn’t say yes or no, just cooperated and closed the washing machine door, then poured the laundry detergent, set the time, and turned on the switch.

Luo Lin Yuan felt that the house was too small and too narrow, especially this balcony. After Yu Han followed in, he felt that the surrounding space was a lot narrower, and his body was all attached to a piece. Just after Yu Han finished cooking, his body exuded high temperature, which was very hot.

Especially when he had just taken a bath, the wind-blown in his skin was cold, and it was even more scorching when it was cold and hot.

So, after Yu Han set the washing machine, he turned his head and looked at Luo Lin Yuan’s cheeks, earlobes, and even his nape was flushed red. He didn’t think much, thinking that the person had been outside for a long time and was getting hot.

He got out of the way, “Come on in bah.”

Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly nodded, walked past him and went inside. Their bodies inevitably bumped into one another, chest to chest, shoulders rubbing against shoulders. The slightly shorter Luo Lin Yuan, the tip of his wet hair inadvertently brushed against Yu Han’s chin, leaving a cool trace of watermarks.

There is also that somewhat sweet shampoo smell, mixed with his own youthful sunny odor, which becomes a completely different smell, along Yu Han’s nose to his chest, causing an inexplicable throbbing.

Luo Lin Yuan walked to the table, only to feel that his heart was beating violently that it hurt. Stirring more than one person. He smelled Yu Han’s sweat which should be nasty but it’s not. That’s the problem.

Luo Lin Yuan sat on the chair, picked up two washed bowls, and added rice to them.

Yu Han didn’t immediately go to the dining table, but took out an electric fan from the cabinet in the living room. The electric fan was even covered with a dust cover. He rarely used this in the living room to save electricity. He had to turn it on for a while before going to the bedroom, and he wasn’t often at home.

He plugged the electric fan and turned it on. In addition to the sound of cicadas and neighbor’s TV in the living room, there is also the sound of the electric fan puffing.

Luo Lin Yuan folded his legs, smelling the scent of food, and listened to these plain movements that he wouldn’t even notice normally, but felt in a good mood.

Even if the child next door started crying, the woman held the child and gently coaxed, and hummed a song, the sound came to the side and can be heard clearly. Luo Lin Yuan also found it interesting.

He likes these sounds of life, which can’t be heard in the Luo residence. The villa is always very tranquil. The residents of each villa are wealthy and respectable people. They pay great attention to privacy and are far apart. Naturally, there will be no such opportunity to hear the neighbors.

Yu Han poured two glasses of iced-water, put one glass beside Luo Lin Yuan, then sat down and said, “Let’s eat bah.”

Luo Lin Yuan smiled and his eyes bent, “I like this.”

Yu Han took a bite of food, “What?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Let’s eat bah, I like this phrase. Say it in the future, okay?”

Yu Han didn’t respond, neither refuting the unlikely future nor wanting to admit the unlikely.

The Luo family focuses on eating without saying anything. Luo Lin Yuan doesn’t talk much when he eats. In fact, he’s also nervous. If he accidentally spew out the rice grains while talking, how embarrassing it would be ah.

Yu Han ate quickly, and soon he added a second bowl. He was really hungry.

The spicy pepper fish was a bit spicy. Luo Lin Yuan isn’t very good at spicy food, and yet he particularly like to eat fish. After a while, his lips became spicy and swollen, and he drank all the iced-water. He only opened a pair of misty eyes that were stung with spice, “Yu Han, it’s spicy.”

Yu Han looked at the person’s flushed appearance, eyes, lips, and nose and was startled, “Eat less.”

He got up and poured a glass of iced-water. Luo Lin Yuan took a mouthful, then stretched his chopsticks at the fish again.

Luo Lin Yuan: “No, I want to eat. They don’t even let me eat these when I’m at home.”

Since the conversation started, Luo Lin Yuan naturally took over, “They always give me some healthy meals and medicinal meals. I hate those to death.”

Yu Han: “They’re right not to let you eat.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Hmm?”

Yu Han: “Your eyes completely turned into spicy rabbit eyes, and your snot is about to come out.”

Luo Lin Yuan quickly covered his nose with a tissue and said sullenly, “I didn’t!”

He thought for a while, “Don’t look at me.”

Yu Han laughed, “I don’t want to look either.”

Luo Lin Yuan was not too happy again. He subconsciously kicked Yu Han’s leg with his foot. He took off his slipper, and stepped on the person’s leg with his bare feet. It was a childish retaliation, like a child.

It’s just that he didn’t expect Yu Han to reach out and grab his ankle when he kicked for the second time.

Luo Lin Yuan was stunned and Yu Han was also dumbfounded. The atmosphere was suddenly subtle and not quite right.

That palm encircled his ankle, a bit hard and tight. In the end, Luo Lin Yuan struggled. Yu Han let go and coughed lightly, “Don’t make trouble, be good and eat.”

Luo Lin Yuan took back his feet, and buried his face into the bowl again, took a few bites and raised his head to remind, “Go wash your hands before eating, you touched my foot.”

Yu Han: “……”

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