Close to You
Close To You Chapter 45

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Yu Han’s thoroughly red face and felt that the other party was really hot. He di di[1]sfx pressed the remote control a few times to make the air conditioner let out a lot of cool air. Then he ran to the door, shouting loudly at Uncle Wu to ask someone to bring cola and juice with ice.

Luo Lin Yuan was completely restless. He was too lively, like a primary school student who had just brought his good friend home to play. He was uncharacteristic and felt fidgety while sitting, twisting his butt around the chair, wiping away Yu Han’s embarrassment.

Yu Han raised his hand and pressed Luo Lin Yuan’s shoulder, and said to the primary school student, “Sit properly. Take out the papers for this week’s quiz, and show me the questions you got wrong.”

Luo Lin Yuan said innocently, “I didn’t bring any papers back ah.”

Yu Han had no choice but to ask him, “Which subject are you the weakest in?”

Luo Lin Yuan pointed to the mathematics book. Yu Han opened the book and asked Luo Lin Yuan to tick out all the chapters he didn’t understand in the table of contents, and will give him a lecture one by one.

Luo Lin Yuan took the book and buried his head to look seriously. Yu Han had planned to do his homework in passing during this interval. From time to time, he looked sideways at Luo Lin Yuan’s progress. Inexplicably, he saw his face from the other party’s hand holding the book.

He found that when Luo Lin Yuan was serious, his mouth would pout unconsciously, his lower lip was a little thicker than his upper lip. From Yu Han’s point of view, his cheek was meaty and the curve was rounded. When Luo Lin Yuan encountered hesitant choices, he would poke the pen cap on his cheek, poke and poke, and it didn’t take long for a red mark to be left on it.

This person has too many small movements, is he still a child ma. Yu Han thought to himself.

After being in contact with Luo Lin Yuan for a long time, you’ll feel that this person still has an obvious childishness. Probably because his family is well-off, surrounded by people, being pampered, and not easily matured, even if he’s 18 years old, he is still like a child.

But the childishness is not annoying, people who have a good impression look at him and find it a bit cute. It’s different from the first impression again. Originally, his facial features and temperament were all pure, but once he become childish, it wasn’t lofty. On the contrary, he felt that this was what he should be.

Luo Lin Yuan almost finished ticking the table of contents, and they were several. He was a little embarrassed. Although he know that his grades were poor, it didn’t seem to be too exaggerated at all.

He turned his head to look at Yu Han. He originally wanted to say that he had circled them all but he crashed into Yu Han’s line of sight, and his dark eyes were deep like the abyss. Luo Lin Yuan’s pupils were light in color, and could clearly see the pupils inside.

But Yu Han was different, his eyes were so dark that he couldn’t see his pupils. Luo Lin Yuan stared at Yu Han, lost in thought; neither of them moved away from the line of sight.

They said that when you meet someone you like, their pupils will dilate; you can’t hide your feelings. From your heartbeat, scent, words, expression, and dilated pupils, if you’re not careful, you’ll let the person you like see your secret.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t know, but Yu Han clearly saw that Luo Lin Yuan’s pupils first shrank as if frightened, and then slowly enlarged. Those changes were like a naïve and cheerful fresh fish, swinging on its tail, there was an air of dragging down everyone standing by the lake.

And in fact, Luo Lin Yuan now simply thinks that Yu Han, this person, is really good-looking. It’s not an exquisitely sculpted look. If you have to describe it, it’s like when he first met this person. He was obviously wild and powerful but his temperament was mild. His contradictory nature was mixed together, full of different charms.

He was looked at by these eyes, like a rabbit held by the back of his furry neck, he didn’t dare to move.

From the eyes to the nose, and then to the lips. Last time in the hotel, he also looked at Yu Han the same way. Yu Han said what he wanted to do at that time. In fact, Luo Lin Yuan really didn’t know what he wanted to do, there was only a faint impulse in his heart, so he had done it before he knew it.

At this time, he had such an impulse. With the gradual acceleration of his heartbeat, he felt that the air around him wanted to be drained, and there was a tight feeling. No matter how cold the air conditioning is, it can’t stop the rising body heat.

Until the door was knocked, and Uncle Wu came up with coke and orange juice, Luo Lin Yuan was awakened as if he had just accidentally fallen into a pink dream.

He retreated quickly and his back hit the chair. The movement was too big that the chair rocked and fell down.

Yu Han quickly grabbed his arms, and the chair fell to the ground with a thud. When Uncle Wu heard the sound, he immediately pushed the door in. What greeted his eye was his family’s little young master sitting on the lap of his tutor, Classmate Yu, holding each other’s neck because of shock.

Uncle Wu’s beard trembled, and for a moment, he didn’t know what to say to this scene. He tried to be as calm as possible, “Young Master, are you okay.”

He put the drink on the side of the low cabinet, went over, and helped the chair up. After at least tens of seconds passed, his little young master remembered that he was sitting on someone else’s lap, and immediately jumped up as if he had been caught in a fire. He somewhat stammered and wanted to explain, but didn’t know what to say.

It was Yu Han, the calmest person in the room, who quickly summarized the situation just now. Because Luo Lin Yuan shook his chair and almost fell, he pulled the person too much, causing it to become the last scene.

Yu Han glanced at Luo Lin Yuan faintly, “We’re all boys, it’s nothing.”

When Luo Lin Yuan heard the words, he also calmed down and felt that he just panicked, only calling it suspicious. It was nothing at all, and it was as if there was some kind of adulterous affair that needed to be explained.

After hearing this, Uncle Wu said, “I’ll change it to a more stable chair for the Young Master, this one is shaking.”

Luo Lin Yuan had already sat down on his seat, asked Uncle Wu for a coke, and said that there was no need to change the chair, this one was quite good.

Luo Lin Yuan handed the ticked table of contents to Yu Han, “I basically don’t know these.”

Yu Han took a quick glance and he had a general preconception of Luo Lin Yuan’s foundation in his heart, and directly told Luo Lin Yuan from the beginning.

Seeing that the two high school students were buried in their homework, Uncle Wu couldn’t continue to stay in the room. He put away the snacks in a small sound. After the two could easily get in place, he picked up the clothes that Luo Lin Yuan had changed on the ground and retreated with very light movements.

In the corridor, Uncle Wu was holding the little young master’s clothes in a complicated mood, always feeling a little strange.

In fact, it’s nothing for boys to fight. It’s just his young master is used to not wanting to have physical contact with other people because of his cleanliness.

The relationship with this Classmate Yu seems to be very good ah, and he can sit on his lap.

Thinking of this, Uncle Wu shook his head, feeling that the more he thought about it, the stranger it became.

In the door, the two people who were tutoring solemnly, their minds were actually still in the accident just now and it wasn’t over.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the formulas of the math problems, and none of those formulas could enter his mind. His mind is now full of… Yu Han’s thighs… so strong ah…

And Yu Han, Yu Han thought of nothing and didn’t dare to think about it.


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