Close to You
Close To You Chapter 46

Two hours passed quickly, and the progress of their tutoring wasn’t going fast because of Luo Lin Yuan’s basic problems.

After the alarm clock set by Yu Han rang, he finished the last question, stopped, and began to pack his books. “You can discuss it with your father once more, and make sure you tutor later bah. I used to teach all the kids in middle school before. You’re at the same level as me, which is not quite suitable.”

Luo Lin Yuan pressed his book, “Why is it not suitable, we’re all in our third year. Don’t we just review the knowledge points of first year and second year. You have such good grades, of course, you can teach me.”

Yu Han zipped his school bag, “Aren’t you unwilling to be tutored?”

Luo Lin Yuan stretched out his hand to pull his school bag strap, afraid that the person would just leave, “How can I not want to ah…”

Yu Han looked at his hand holding the strap of his school bag, “You had plans for today, didn’t you. Because of me, you can’t go out to play.”

Luo Lin Yuan was anxious, and he didn’t know what he was anxious about. There was always this kind of mood that didn’t want Yu Han to think like this. “No, no, it’s nothing fun at all, very boring, it’s better to study hard.”

Yu Han smiled, his eyes curved into a beautiful arc, looking at him softly, “Really?”

Luo Lin Yuan looked into his eyes and smiled, “Of course, it’s true. I like studying the most.”

Yu Han pulled his school bag, and Luo Lin Yuan grasped it tighter, not letting the person go. At the same time, he looked at Yu Han with a pitiful look, “Didn’t you say you’d accompany me to dinner. There’s no one at home who eats with me.”

Seeing that Yu Han had no intention of putting down his school bag, Luo Lin Yuan said somewhat aggrieved, “You promised, you said yes ah.”

Yu Han had to remove the school bag strap from his shoulders. “That’s why I’m going to take the school bag downstairs to eat, and after eating, I don’t have to come up again.”

Luo Lin Yuan immediately let go of his hand and quickly stood up, “Really, then hurry up eat eat!”

The dining table is very large and long. The tableware was placed at both ends of the table, far apart.

Generally speaking, when guests come to the house, the host entertains the guest, and there’s nothing wrong with the tableware being placed like this. This was the rule of the Luo Family.

But Luo Lin Yuan didn’t like it and didn’t plan to follow the rules. He kept his position unchanged and placed Yu Han’s tableware next to him.

The cook came up with old duck soup and froze when she saw Luo Lin Yuan’s action. “Young Master!”

Luo Lin Yuan raised his hand and beckoned her over, “Put the dishes closer, how can you get[1]The word here was like to ‘clip’, something being sandwiched in between, like when you get food, you take them with your chopsticks or something, but I just used ‘get’. them from a distance?”

After that, he even reached out to help spoon the soup, and the cook hurriedly blocked him, “Young Master, I’ll do it!”

When Luo Lin Yuan saw that Yu Han had come, he turned sideways to give way, motioned for the person to sit down next to him, and said to the cook, “That’s good oh, you can put a few more pieces of meat for him.”

The cook smiled when she heard this order. In the end, Yu Han’s soup bowl was full of duck meat, all of which were good parts of the duck.

Yu Han looked at the bowl of steaming soup, and a certain part of his heart became warm.

Luo Lin Yuan drank in small sips, his eyes burned out of a hazy layer of mist. Halfway through drinking, thinking that it was too hot to eat, he picked up the bowl to serve it. Halfway through the action, remembering his little partner, he turned his head to ask, “Do you want rice?”

Yu Han said naturally, “You’re not allowed to ask for food at the table.” This was taught by Yu Han’s grandmother, and he subconsciously said it. It was only after he said that he felt it was wrong, the venue and the people were wrong, and he seemed to have gone too far in teaching people this.

However, Luo Lin didn’t mind, instead, he was curious, “Why ah?”

Yu Han: “The old woman at home taught me.”

Luo Lin Yuan found it interesting, handed the bowl of rice to Yu Han, and then used the serving chopsticks to quickly put fish in Yu Han’s bowl, “What else did grandmother teach you ah?” He was very interested.

The Luo Family is particular about eating and sleeping without talking. Now there is no one else at the table except him and Yu Han. He can talk as much as he wants. He likes to stay with Yu Han.

Yu Han: “There’s also no knocking the dishes with chopsticks at the table, no turning over the dishes on the plate.”

Luo Lin Yuan took a bite of fish and was spiced up to the point of taking small mouthfuls of air, “Hoo hoo, what else.”

Yu Han glanced at him and swallowed what was in his mouth, then said, “Don’t also talk when you have something in your mouth.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “……”

Luo Lin Yuan shut up, swallowed what was in his mouth with a ‘gulp’, and a feeling of embarrassment surged up, feeling that Yu Han seemed to bully him like this on purpose.

Luo Lin Yuan sullenly dug the rice in the bowl with his chopsticks, took another bite of fish, and chewed the fish in his mouth fiercely, just like chewing Yu Han’s meat.

At this time, a piece of pork ribs was sandwiched in the bowl. He raised his eyes, Yu Han put down the serving chopsticks without looking at him. “And not picky. Don’t just eat fish, eat something else.”

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t stand such concerns the most. For a long time, he was the only one at the table, so he prefers to go out to eat with Fang Xiao and the others before going home no matter how much he dislikes the restaurants outside.

Because it’s too lonely to eat alone, even if there are many people in the Luo residence, in the end, it seems like he’s the only one living here alone.

Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes glowed, “Give[2]Same as previous note, ‘clip’ but I used ‘give’ more.”

Yu Han was taken aback. Seeing that Luo Lin Yuan was like a child who lacked love, he gave him a few more servings. As a result, forgetting that the little princess doesn’t eat cucumbers, a piece of cucumber fell into Luo Lin Yuan’s bowl with sauce. By the time he remembered, Luo Lin Yuan had already eaten the cucumber into his mouth.

Yu Han’s heart tightened. When he just wanted to say that it was a cucumber, he saw that Luo Lin Yuan’s brows were knitted, and the expression on his face wasn’t very good. After twisting for a long time, he swallowed something before drinking a mouthful of water.

After Luo Lin Yuan ate the cucumber he hated, he didn’t react much. He didn’t even say why Yu Han would give him a piece of cucumber for him. As if nothing had happened, he continued to eat and talk.

When he had almost eaten, Lin Shu came downstairs, still wearing an apron for painting, with a thin cigarette in her hand, her hair pulled up and a few strands hanging down. She looked very similar to Luo Lin Yuan and was also very young.

When Luo Lin Yuan saw Lin Shu, he became reserved visibly to the naked eye, and the hand holding the chopsticks turned slightly white.

Lin Shu came down to get wine. She didn’t expect that there were outsiders at home. After a closer look, it turned out to be the waiter she reprimanded last time.

Lin Shu took a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet, frowned at the two of them, and saw Yu Han and Luo Lin Yuan eating near each other. When she came down, she seemed to hear the sound of banter.

Luo Lin Yuan put down his chopsticks and smiled with difficulty, “Mom, do you want to eat together?”

Lin Shu had no appetite, and swept her eyes at the dishes on the table, “You’re doing this on purpose.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Huh?”

Lin Shu: “Knowing that you’re poor in health, not avoid eating certain foods, and want to put yourself in the hospital, and then let the Luo Family say that I’m irresponsible as a mother?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s face paled, “I’m sorry, Mom.”

At this time, Yu Han beside him stood up, “I’m sorry, Aunt,[3]Idk what term to use, but this is a polite form to address a woman who is about the same age as one’s mother these dishes are made because I wanted to eat them, so Xiao Yuan had them made.”

His face was apologetic and his tone was humble and courteous, and no fault could be picked.

Lin Shu had embarrassed her son, and she didn’t intend to let outsiders see too many jokes. She didn’t answer and went directly upstairs.

Luo Lin Yuan hung his head, his eyes looked at the peppers in the bowl. The rice was all red. Lin Shu must’ve seen him just now, so she said that.

In fact, Lin Shu is also concerned about him, but the way she expressed it made him a little sad.

At this time, he felt his arm being gently held. Yu Han’s hand was large, his palm was warm, and his fingers circled his arm, pinching it with a soothing force, and quickly retracted it.

Luo Lin Yuan turned his head, Yu Han lowered his eyes to look at him, “Eat quickly, it’s to satisfy cravings this time. Next time, I’ll make you fish that’s not spicy.”


1 The word here was like to ‘clip’, something being sandwiched in between, like when you get food, you take them with your chopsticks or something, but I just used ‘get’.
2 Same as previous note, ‘clip’ but I used ‘give’
3 Idk what term to use, but this is a polite form to address a woman who is about the same age as one’s mother

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