Close to You
Close To You Chapter 47

Ren Yu put the notebook on Yu Han’s desk. The first period was a Chinese class just now, and Yu Han slept leaning on his desk for the whole class again.

Usually, he would hand over the key notes of this lesson to Yu Han after class, so that Yu Han wouldn’t fall behind the class.

Yu Han’s grades are usually stable, and his occasional sleep in the first period is known by all teachers.

At first, they will take care of him, but later, they found out that he was sleeping but his grades didn’t affect him, so they left him alone.

Moreover, Yu Han doesn’t come to self-study early in the morning, he usually comes late at the beginning of the first period. Fortunately, he has a good relationship with people in the class that no one in the lead teacher turns a blind eye to indulging Yu Han’s behavior to say something sour.

Ren Yu knew why Yu Han came so late. This person had to work after school, go to the bar at night, and go home late at night. He had to get up early the next morning to cook congee and soup for his grandmother in the hospital. First, go to the hospital to take care of her, then rush from the hospital to the school.

Occasionally, Ren Yu will help take care of his grandmother because he and Yu Han have known each other since junior high school and have been friends for many years; although they are both a bit awkward now.

It was all because of his misunderstanding during that time that the two people are uncomfortable now.

He knew Yu Han had been working part-time but didn’t know exactly where.

At that time, because Ren Yu wasn’t sure about his sexuality and was in a period of confusion, he downloaded a social networking software, even met a man on it, and made an appointment to meet with him as if possessed.

The place where he met with the man happened to be the bar where Yu Han was working. God knows how shocked he was to learn that Yu Han actually worked in a gay bar. Yu Han was equally shocked when he saw him and saw him being held by a man.

The next day, they were on the rooftop, avoiding the crowd to talk.

Although Yu Han was shocked, he tried to ask him in a calm tone what was going on. Yu Han would work in a gay bar, so naturally, he won’t discriminate against these. It’s just that he didn’t expect Ren Yu, his good friend for so many years, to be the same and that Ren Yu concealed it from him.

Ren Yu’s heart was in a mess and stammered again, “I don’t know if I am myself, but… I really, I just thought, I wanted to prove it…”

Yu Han listened to Ren Yu somewhat speak in panic and agitation, understanding the tangle in the other’s heart. But in fact, there is doubt and explore, which in itself has a certain tendency.

He could see that Ren Yu was very scared, afraid of his sexuality, and afraid of what would happen in the future.

Yu Han reached out and took the person in his arms. They were best friends, brothers, and he didn’t think it would change because of these.

Ren Yu has helped him so much in life and they’ve known each other for many years. Yu Han put his arms around Ren Yu’s shoulders, “It’s okay, we can’t control who we like. No matter if you like men or women, I will support you.”

Ren Yu’s originally frightened mind was gradually calmed by Yu Han’s words of comfort. He also had the pleasure of finally being able to talk about it, no longer carrying such a heavy secret on his own.

Perhaps it was because of his emotions were too up and down, perhaps it was also because of the hidden thoughts in his heart, and plus he thought Yu Han was also a kindred spirit.

If not, then he wouldn’t have met Yu Han in that kind of place, right?

So he wrapped his arms around Yu Han and kissed him in the other party’s astonished eyes.

The kiss came suddenly, he held Yu Han’s waist tightly, very tight, doing everything he could.

He felt the force of Yu Han pushing him away. He backed off a little and said in a low voice, “Didn’t you say you support me? Actually, you still feel disgusted, right?”

Yu Han’s face sank because of his words, and his lips were pursed into a straight line. He felt the body under his palm tightened, full of resistance, as if in the next second he would violently push him away and give him another punch.

Ren Yu, however, refused to let go, and even had the guts to abandon himself and step on the edge of Yu Han’s bottom line to test.

Until he let go of Yu Han, Yu Han was still expressionless, like the kiss just now, this person didn’t give him any response.

Yu Han only said one thing to him that day, “We’re just brothers, and I don’t like men either.”

Since then, Yu Han has been a friend to him like before, but he has paid more attention to his sense of proportion and tried to avoid physical contact, not wanting to give him any chance of misconception.

Yu Han has done this, how could Ren Yu still entangle.

Deep in his heart, he also really likes Yu Han. Who cannot like Yu Han? He is just like those girls and is infatuated with this person, but he’s not a woman. But if he’s a woman, he may not be able to be friends with Yu Han for so long, so close that he can’t even kiss this person.

After coming back from the morning exercises, there is still twenty minutes of rest time.

Ren Yu took out a bag of bread and milk from the drawer and prepared to eat with Yu Han. They occasionally eat breakfast together. He knew that Yu Han had almost no time to buy breakfast or eat it in the morning because of time constraints.

As soon as he took out the plastic bag from the drawer, he heard a girl next to him whisper, “Why is Luo Lin Yuan here, to look for Xia Fu? Haven’t they broken up a long time ago?”

Ren Yu’s fingers trembled, and an unexplained sense of foreboding rose. He looked at the class’s door. Luo Lin Yuan was wearing a long-sleeved jacket and holding a takeaway paper bag in his hands. He seemed to be a little sleepy and walked in one direction with drooping eyelids.

He came with a clear goal, walked precisely to Yu Han’s side and put the paper bag on Yu Han’s desk.

Luo Lin Yuan’s jacket was worn loosely, and half of it fell off his shoulders, revealing the snow-white short-sleeved school uniform inside.

Such careless attire but it didn’t affect his temperament. Ren Yu knows this person, Luo Lin Yuan.

With an outstanding appearance and a superior family background, they are considered a celebrity in their grade, even in this high school.

There are always confession posts on the forum, anonymously saying they like Luo Lin Yuan in the third grade.

Yu Han was still sleeping just now when he was woken up by a paper bag. Ren Yu was a little unhappy in his heart, thinking that when Luo Lin Yuan came to look for someone, he should know better and move lightly when he saw Yu Han sleeping. How could he wake someone up directly?

He stared at these two people tightly. Like the others in the class, they were all watching, but the two people in the center of the line of sight didn’t care at all or they were used to such gazing.

Yu Han looked at the paper bag, his drowsy face hasn’t dissipated, and opened his mouth to say something.

Luo Lin Yuan bent down, pressed his hand on the table, pointed to the paper bag, said a few words, then rubbed his eyes and yawned, and his mouth slightly pouted as if he was acting like a spoiled child.

Then Yu Han naturally stretched out his hand, pulled his clothes, pulled up the slipped jacket, and also fastened the zipper, pulling the zipper to his chest.

Nevertheless, it was Luo Lin Yuan who stepped back first, and said something unhappily, just like with Yu Han, he pulled the zipper open, then he spoke with a smile.

But Yu Han didn’t pay attention to him, returned the paper bag to Luo Lin Yuan, and shook his head.

Luo Lin Yuan’s face turned from sunny to cloudy in an instant. He lifted the paper bag and left, not even looking at the other people in the class.

Ren Yu’s grip on the plastic bag loosened a little, his heart slightly relieved. But he also didn’t go to Yu Han to have breakfast together. His heart had a little knot, because in the end, he didn’t know what happened to Yu Han and Luo Lin Yuan.

When did these two become so close?

The day passed quickly. Ren Yu originally wanted to call Yu Han. His mother brought some specialties from his hometown and asked him to give them to Yu Han. Unexpectedly, Yu Han packed his school bag and left as soon as school was over. He almost didn’t catch up.

He followed Yu Han and called out several times, but Yu Han didn’t hear him.

Finally, he found that Yu Han didn’t go to the school gate, but went to the third class to wait for someone.

After a while, Luo Lin Yuan came out of the door of his class, said a few words to his friends around him, then said goodbye to them and walked to Yu Han’s side.

He saw Luo Lin Yuan take off his schoolbag and throw it at Yu Han. He didn’t see anger on Yu Han, but obediently carried Luo Lin Yuan’s schoolbag in his hand, and walked together with Luo Lin Yuan.

Ren Yu watched from behind, his heart was empty and his fists were clenched.

He saw Luo Lin Yuan take a few steps away and turned his head awkwardly, trying to get his schoolbag from Yu Han, but Yu Han didn’t give it to him.

Instead, he took the two schoolbags by himself, and even easily sorted out Luo Lin Yuan’s clothes, zipping the person up.

This time, Luo Lin Yuan didn’t pull it open, but obediently slowed down his steps and walked shoulder to shoulder with Yu Han.

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