Close to You
Close To You Chapter 52

Soon after, Luo Lin Yuan stood in the sun, he was covered with dark spots in front of his eyes by the blinding sunlight. He raised his hand to block the arch of his brow and looked at Yu Han in the shadow.

Yu Han was smiling. He never smiled lightly in front of Luo Lin Yuan, but the joy he got from playing was so pure.

Bright, handsome, as handsome as the unattainable sun.

Luo Lin Yuan quietly licked the corner of his mouth; he felt a little thirsty. The kiosk wasn’t far away, maybe he can buy water for Yu Han?

But only for Yu Han. Then he is no different from those girls who like Yu Han; it’s too obvious.

And it’s not like something he would do. Fang Xiao is also on the basketball court, and he happens to be an opponent in Yu Han’s class. If Fang Xiao sees it, he could nag the whole day.

Luo Lin Yuan dragged his feet, torn between buying water and not buying water; and finally went to the kiosk to buy a popsicle.

If Uncle Wu saw it again, he would have to tell him that he wasn’t in good health, had diarrhea, and caught a cold. But Luo Lin Yuan is now extremely feeling hot, his outer body is exposed to the sun, and his body is burned by Yu Han.

When Yu Han lifted his clothes, many people’s hearts were sprinkled with fire. He estimated that he was not the only one who felt very thirsty after looking at the scene.

Luo Lin Yuan peeled the popsicle wrapper, licked the sweet liquid, and walked back. The popsicle melted too quickly and he doesn’t like the feeling of the juice getting on his hands, it was too sticky.

As soon as he arrived at the basketball, he saw them at halftime. A group of big boys crowded in the place where the water was put and a few girls guarding the water handed them paper towels and water.

When Fang Xiao saw Luo Lin Yuan, he ran over and asked Luo Lin Yuan cheekily if he had seen his heroic stance he scored just now.

Luo Lin Yuan mercilessly demolished the stage, “You scored a goal?”

Fang Xiao raised his hands, “Be careful, my hands are sweaty now, I can stain you in minutes!”

Luo Lin Yuan had no choice but to give in and said in a flat tone, “Wow, Fang Xiao is so handsome.”

The soulless praise made Fang Xiao dull for a while. “What are you doing here? Don’t you usually go back to the classroom to play with your phone in physical education class?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “The classroom is too stuffy, so I came out to relax.”

As he said, his line of sight was fixed, completely forgotten to eat popsicles, and raised his eyebrow there, “Who is she?”

Fang Xiao followed and saw that several players in Class Ten were huddled together to drink water, and Yu Han was alone outside, with a girl standing in front of him.

Her hair was draped over her shoulders and looked very white. She wiped the sweat on Yu Han’s face with a tissue. Yu Han obviously avoided it, took the girl’s tissue and wiped it by himself, and smiled at the other party.

Luo Lin Yuan bit off the popsicle with a click, chewing loudly.

Fang Xiao wiped his sweat and looked closely, and was also staggered by the sourness, “Oh, Teacher Yu’s peach blossom luck is too prosperous ba, isn’t this the new school flower?”

Luo Lin Yuan stared at the girl’s face for half a day, staring until his eyes were dry, and finally reluctantly said, “The last school flower was prettier.”

Fang Xiao tsk-ed, “Ai, don’t say that, girls like Teacher Yu like that.”

Luo Lin Yuan faintly said, “What about me?”

Fang Xiao thought he was asking if girls like him like that, but what Luo Lin Yuan asked was that he also like Teacher Yu like that, what to do.

It’s a pity that Fang Xiao wasn’t gay enough and didn’t understand it at all. He only regarded this sentence as after Luo Lin Yuan broke up, he finally had a spring. He remembered that he was going to fall in love and became interested in an instant, “Why, you want to chase girls ah.”

Luo Lin Yuan smiled insincerely, “No.”

Fang Xia looked at Luo Lin Yuan’s bingtuo-like[1]block of ice-like face and sighed for iron not turning into steel, “You can’t do it, Little Yuanyuan. Cold and icy, the only one who dares to speak to you is a warrior like Xia Fu.”

Luo Lin Yuan sullenly ate a mouthful of popsicle, “What if I’m not cold?”

Fang Xiao carefully looked at Luo Lin Yuan’s appearance, “Then there should also be many girls chasing you ba; in fact, you look good.” And rich.

There are actually many who like Luo Lin Yuan, but there are really few confessions. Girls are shy, plus Luo Lin Yuan’s image outside is still quite reserved.

Luo Lin seriously thought about his usual appearance in front of Yu Han. It wasn’t cold ba, isn’t he quite kind to Yu Han?

He also wants to be nice to the person, but many times Yu Han doesn’t accept it at all.

Thinking about it this way, he felt that the road ahead was uncertain and very disheartening. His road to love was too bumpy. There’s a sexual orientation hurdle in front, and the school flower blocked the road in the back.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Yu Han and the school flower began to talk. She covered her mouth and chuckled. He was suddenly brain-dead and walked towards there, Fang Xiao didn’t stop calling.

When Luo Lin Yuan came back to his senses, he was already standing in front of Yu Han and the school flower.

Yu Han and the school flower looked at him with some surprise. Luo Lin Yuan faced the gaze of the two, a little confused for a while. The popsicle was exposed to the sun for too long, the sugar water stained Luo Lin Yuan’s finger. He was refreshed by the ice[2]Like he came back to his senses because of the cold water dripping, staring at his sticky finger ah, and frowning unhappily.

Fang Xiao leaned over from behind and saw Luo Lin Yuan crash into the pink atmosphere of Yu Han and the school flower like a fool. He was extremely blind to see. Didn’t he see these two people stop talking when they saw him coming?

Fang Xiao was worried ah. He was sweating more, but who made Luo Lin Yuan his brother, he has to honor his brother ah.

He haha-ed, talked to Yu Han, and said hello to the school flower, and praised the beauty full of smiles.

Fang Xiao has a sweet mouth and many words, and he compliments people with a serious but not frivolous attitude.

The school flower glanced at Yu Han shyly and smiled at Fang Xiao.

Luo Lin Yuan wrinkled his brows, still obsessing over the stickiness of his fingers, hurriedly put the popsicle in his mouth, and subconsciously extended his hand to Fang Xiao.

Fang Xiao had a tacit understanding with him, and knew his clean nature well, “Got it in your hands?”

Fang Xiao brought the tissue paper with him, and he had been carrying it for many years. It was basically for Luo Lin Yuan to use.

Otherwise, how can he say that he is a good friend? Fang Xiao has been trained by Luo Lin Yuan to become a warm man without knowing it.

Fang Xiao quickly drew tissues to wipe Luo Lin Yuan’s hands, then reached out to get the popsicle in Luo Lin Yuan’s mouth, “Don’t bite, your mouth is frozen red. Eating popsicles without looking at it, do you want gastroenteritis again?”

Fang Xiao still remembers the first time he learned to drink alcohol, and abducted Luo Lin Yuan to drink a cold beer. As a result, Luo Lin Yuan was admitted to the hospital for a long time because of sudden gastroenteritis.

The situation was so frightening that Fang Xiao almost thought Luo Lin Yuan was going to die.

Luo Lin Yuan was usually tsundere as hell, but at the critical moment, he held Fang Xiao’s tear-stained hand and said in a low voice, “It’s none of your business, my body is like this, and I’m used to being in the hospital.”

“Don’t cry, your snot is going to come down, dirty!”

Since then, even if he drank, he didn’t dare give Luo Lin Yuan a cold drink.

Fang Xiao grabbed Luo Lin Yuan’s popsicle. “It’s too much today ah,” He said and stuffed the popsicle into his mouth.

Luo Lin Yuan glanced at him unhappily and turned his head to talk to Yu Han. He had just thought of a reason to come to Yu Han which was to ask if he would make up for his tutoring today.

He met Yu Han’s eyes, which were cold, looking at him as if he was a stranger.

Luo Lin Yuan was startled by the freezing look and forgot to speak for a while.

Fang Xiao also looked at Yu Han’s expression, but he thought Yu Han thought they were in the way and disturbed him to pick up girls.

Fang Xiao was an extremely protective person, and no matter how stupid his brother is, he has to protect him. He pulled Luo Lin Yuan at once, “Let’s go quickly, don’t you hate the sun the most?”

Luo Lin Yuan was disoriented by Yu Han’s glance. As soon as Fang Xiao pulled him, he left. He completely forgot that he used to dislike Fang Xiao’s sweat so much. He let the other party put his arm on his shoulder, wrapped his arms around him, and left. He didn’t even prevent Fang Xiao from taking the opportunity to mess up his hair.

Jie Jie: I must admit, Fang Xiao looked handsome in this chapter XD aiyo


1 block of ice-like
2 Like he came back to his senses because of the cold water dripping

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