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Close To You Chapter 51

The physical education class in third-year high school should’ve been occupied by teachers of various major subjects for reasons.

But this week, it was heard that someone from the Ministry of Education came down, so this week’s physical education class, the senior students came to the sports field to exercise for a long time.

Luo Lin Yuan has always been excused to outdoor activities, especially since he didn’t sleep well last night and had a full night of spring dream.

Starting from the first encounter with Yu Han, it was still the rooftop, but the person who kissed Yu Han became him.

Yu Han didn’t wear a white school uniform, but a basketball jersey. He had just played a match and was sweating profusely. With the high temperature, he rushed over, entirely smelling of male hormones.

Luo Lin Yuan coyly avoided him in the dream, thinking that he was dirty and smelly. As soon as he said it, Yu Han’s face changed.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the angry face and immediately panicked. Yu Han said he forgave him but asked him to touch his sweat to prove that he didn’t dislike it.

He touched it and the touch in his dream was silky and firm, like a high-temperature marble and a volcano that wanted to erupt at any time, so hot that Luo Lin Yuan was almost out of breath.

The texture under his palm made his legs weak and hard between his legs. Yu Han’s sweat fell on him. The two squeezed in the small corner of the platform that day, and he was pressed against the wall and kissed.

The next second, it was the back alley of the bar again. Yu Han clutched his collar coldly, but instead of slamming him against the dirty wall, he tore open his clothes and the buttons flew.

Luo Lin Yuan woke up in the morning, ashamed by the rich content of his dream. During the morning study, he also chatted privately with Fang Xiao about his spring dream.

There is nothing hard to say about this kind of thing between friends. After all, Fang Xiao was in junior high school when he first dreamed of it, and he was told that his object was even a teacher.

At that time, Luo Lin Yuan avoided him, thinking that he was dirty and not upright at all.

Fang Xiao was so furious that he said that men are all beasts, and you, Luo Lin Yuan will one day become a beast sooner or later.

Luo Lin Yuan disapproved very much, thinking how could it be possible, he doesn’t like anyone and couldn’t think of anyone who can make him go do such a thing.

In particular, Luo Lin Yuan’s memory of watching the film for the first time was very bad. In his first year of high school, Li Yujie said that he’ll have a party at his house, and then mysteriously took out a CD.

In the room full of boys smell, the curtains were drawn tightly and there was no ventilation. Several boys had just finished playing basketball and were sweating badly; the smell wasn’t very good.

Fang Xiao and Li Yujie became friends. Today, Luo Lin Yuan came over to meet people. Luo Liin Yuan wasn’t good in showing his dislike bluntly, but he wasn’t in high spirits and didn’t walk much.

The film on the TV was quite explosive as soon as it came out. It was a man and a woman doing 6/9.[1]I don’t know if it was good to censor it like this lmao Luo Lin Yuan was disgusted when he saw it. He stumbled into the bathroom and vomited heart-wrenchingly.

He never attended that kind of small movie-watching party again, and he was psychologically disgusted when he thought of it.

He couldn’t understand how anyone would be willing to lick that kind of place; it was so dirty that he couldn’t stand it. Usually, even if it was his own, he has to wash himself clean, then put a lot of bubbles before he felt barely able to touch it.

Fang Xiao replied countless hahaha on WeChat before he said, “You have a day too!”

“Where is the promised integrity?”

“Our pure Little Yuanyuan, who made you so excited.”

“Did you watch a film secretly?”

Fang Xiao was still in physical education class, and still had evil intentions to die. A few boys from a distance formed a basketball game and called him to play. He also waved his hand to let someone play first, he will go over later. There are more important things to do now.

Luo Lin Yuan was so annoyed with him that he didn’t want to answer at all, especially when Fang Xiao made a strong effort to exploit this opportunity on his side. He was so curious that he repeatedly asked him who the object of his spring dream was.

He only drove Luo Lin Yuan to give up on himself, hating that he couldn’t directly tell Fang Xiao that it was a man. He also wanted to see Fang Xiao’s completely stupid look. It must be very stupid!

After sending Fang Xiao away with great difficulty, Luo Lin Yuan hid in the shade of the tree, squatting and holding his mobile phone to Baidu.

His search phrase from last night’s from what to do if you like a boy, to what to do between boys and boys today, fully reflects Little Princess Luo’s impure evolutionary history.

Luo Lin Yuan really didn’t know how two men do it; he wasn’t interested. Few people usually made such jokes with him. Fang Xiao was even more unlikely to tell him this, he was a steel staright man.

Sometimes, two boys in the class stack together to make jokes; one hugged the other’s leg and began to shrug. Luo Lin Yuan only felt disgusted and very foolish, he didn’t think about it deeply.

In addition to last night’s spring dream kiss, the scale further down is at most was what he knew from the first time he watched the film, and there was no more.

But that’s it, it’s enough to make Luo Lin Yuan depressed.

Fortunately, it was his dream. He didn’t need to do it, Yu Han just did it for him.

Luo Lin Yuan blushed when he thought about it. He continued to search but was half scared to death by the content of Baidu. He thought to himself, Heavens la, if he dated Yu Han in the future, it’s still best to be platonic ba.

He didn’t want to go in to Yu Han’s place,[2]Like, that place, lmaaao nor did he want to be entered there by Yu Han. If he really did, he would be dirty to death.

If Yu Han insists, well… He can take a step back and use his mouth. The premise is that Yu Han has to wash there twenty times with his favorite shower gel. He… He’ll brush his teeth well five times at most afterwards, which isn’t unacceptable.

Luo Lin Yuan was thinking of messy thoughts alone, full of unhealthy content, who made him no longer the Luo Lin Yuan of yesterday, just like Fang Xiao said, men are all beasts.

The little beast Luo Lin Yuan rubbed his burning cheeks, thinking about how to face tonight’s tutoring.

At this time, he saw Xia Fu; she was walking with a boy. The boy got the umbrella from nowhere and supported Xia Fu, adoring her like a high and mighty lady.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at it and felt pretty good in his heart. Even if they’ve broken up, he also liked this girl, hoping that she would be good and meet a boy who is good to her.

Taking a closer look, the boy holding the umbrella turned out to be the class monitor sitting at his front table. He seemed to have warned the person not to think about Xia Fu.

Luo Lin Yuan was embarrassed.

After only two seconds of embarrassment, he suddenly snapped back to his senses, Xia Fu is here, then Yu Han…?

Luo Lin Yuan hesitated in the cool shadow for a long time, and finally failed to defeat his inner desire. He was exposed to the sun like a vampire, gritted his teeth and walked into the sun.

Luo Lin Yuan really hates the feeling of sweating so much. Even if he has a physique that wasn’t easy to sweat, he still feels uncomfortable in the high temperature of Indian summer.

He walked step by step into the basketball court area, and across the blue-green grid, he saw Yu Han.

Yu Han wasn’t wearing a basketball uniform like in his dream, it was a school uniform.

He jumped high, raised his hand, made a beautiful shot, and the basketball crashed into the basket with a clang.

Yu Han smiled and high-fived with his teammates. He grabbed the hem of his shirt and made an action that Luo Lin Yuan had seen before.

He roughly wiped his sweat with his shirt and strode, his muscles exposed to the sun, sweaty and shiny. Luo Lin Yuan heard the girl next to him gasped in a low voice, shrieking, and the click of the camera.

He gritted his teeth and stared at Yu Han, who was recklessly releasing his charms in the basketball court.

Secretly said, this flirty man!

He also wants the photo just now!

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1 I don’t know if it was good to censor it like this lmao
2 Like, that place, lmaaao

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