Close to You
Close To You Chapter 50

Bathing, tutoring, and eating. Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t in a very good condition throughout the whole process, and he was unable to concentrate.

Teacher Yu wasn’t very satisfied. He frowned when he ate, and stopped talking several times, but finally decided to finish eating.

Yu Han doesn’t like to talk about things at the dinner table. He is worried about affecting his appetite and Luo Lin Yuan.

It’s just that Luo Lin Yuan had no appetite. He just found out that he actually liked a person of the same sex and is even a straight man who said he would never like a man. His stomach has been stirred up because of this sourness and couldn’t eat much.

He picked up the rice grains with his chopsticks, his face was depressed, and looks like he had something on his mind.

Yu Han thought to himself that he was fine on the way back, how come he suddenly had something on his mind? He carefully filtered through today’s events and finally found a clue. Could it be because when he came to Class Ten today, he met his ex again, so he had something on his mind?

Thinking about it this way, Yu Han wasn’t sure whether Luo Lin Yuan had that kind of thoughts for him. Luo Lin Yuan still had a girlfriend.

After the meal, Uncle Wu brought them dessert as an after-dinner dessert. Each of them had a cup of coconut soup. The creamy coconut meat was tender and chewy. Luo Lin Yuan unceremoniously scooped it into pieces with an iron ladle, and then swallowed it slowly.

He stole a glance at Yu Han and realized that Yu Han liked this bowl of coconut soup. He couldn’t help but say, “Do you like it, I’ll ask the kitchen to make you another bowl?”

Yu Han shook his head and said no. He is a guest, there was no reason to take such trouble.

Luo Lin Yuan also didn’t insist, but secretly took note of it in his heart in the end. He just wrote it in the small notebook in his heart and thought in a daze, it turns out that this is the feeling of liking people, wanting to remember all the details of the person you like.

What do this person like, what he hates, his laughing expression, and his unhappy face.

Luo Lin Yuan had experience feelings with Xia Fu and thought she knew exactly what love was, but he later learned that the start of love was heavy.

Worried that he might not grow taller, Luo Lin Yuan looked at Yu Han. Yu Han was about half a head taller than him. He couldn’t help but ask, “How tall are you?”

This question is a bit nonsensical, Yu Han put down his spoon early on, crossing his arms and waiting for Luo Lin Yuan, who was eating food perfunctorily, and said, “Last time I measured was 185(cm).”

Luo Lin Yuan’s mouth twitched, “When was that last time?”

Yu Han: “Physical examination in the second year.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “And now?”

Yu Han: “I don’t know, should’ve grown a little more.”

Luo Lin Yuan, who was only 1.75 meters[1]175cm tall, was very sullen, “You’re growing up too fast!”

Yu Han: “Fortunately, I’ve grown taller than my peers since I was little.” His tone was quite light, making Luo Lin Yuan secretly grit his teeth.

Luo Lin Yuan said with jealousy, “What have you eaten ah, to grow this much!”

Yu Han suddenly laughed, “Cucumber, onion, carrot.”

He specifically picked three vegetables that Luo Lin Yuan doesn’t eat at all. It was too deliberate. Luo Lin Yuan snorted, “I can grow taller even if I don’t eat them!”

Finally, Luo Lin Yuan finished the bowl of coconut soup, and Yu Han began to get down to business, “How do you feel about tutoring these two days?”

Luo Lin Yuan blinked inexplicably, “Very good, very good, very effective.”

But Yu Han said, “I think it’s useless, I’m not suitable to teach you.”

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t hear his certain tone, “How is it unsuitable? It’s only been two days, you can tell if it’s suitable?”

Yu Han was a little embarrassed, “I think maybe it’s because we’re at the same level. I think…”

Luo Lin Yuan: “You don’t want to teach me?”

Yu Han: “No.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “You think I’m hard to teach?”

Yu Han was silent, Luo Lin Yuan understood what the problem was. He was a little distracted today. Perhaps his attitude seemed very improper, but he didn’t mean it.

He had been straight for eighteen years, and once he found out that he was bent, it wasn’t easy for him to be so calm and attend a three-hour class in peace [2]Term used here was actually 安安分分 which means to behave honestly and not dare to deviate in doing things with the object that had bent him.

In addition to the course of the lesson, looking at Yu Han absent-mindedly several times, listening to Yu Han’s voice several times, and spending a lot of effort to stop himself from being so “full of youthful vigor”, and then doing something humiliating at home.

Luo Lin Yuan then seriously assured, “I won’t be next time, Teacher Yu.”

When Yu Han heard this name, he didn’t hold back, “Why do you call me that? It’s exaggerated.”

Luo Lin Yuan pushed the pot[3]Blame, “My Dad told me to call that, he said I have to respect the teacher.”

In the end, Teacher Yu still couldn’t continue the conversation. Yu Han only had that set of arguments over and over again. He wasn’t experienced enough. They were the same age, he didn’t have enough prestige to make Luo Lin Yuan take it seriously during the tutoring.

Luo Lin Yuan refuted one by one, and finally quickly admitted his mistake, saying that he would never be so inattentive in the tutoring classes again.

It was getting late, so Luo Lin Yuan sent Yu Han out. They were walking side by side, the weather gradually got cooler, and the night was darker earlier than in the summer. When they reached the courtyard, the main switch of the courtyard light was turned on, the lights lit up one after another romantically, and a little star could be seen on the grayish-blue horizon.

Luo Lin Yuan gradually slowed down, about half a step behind Yu Han, he saw Yu Han’s hand from Yu Han’s shoulder. During the tutoring, he noticed Yu Han’s hand holding the pen, his nails were clean, slender, and powerful.

He was thinking of what it would be like to hold Yu Han’s hand. He rarely has physical contact with people, but he still has a lot of contact with Yu Han.

So much so that he could recall in an instant that they only had the feeling of clasping their palms a few times.

Yu Han’s palm was a little rough, but very dry and warm. He wanted to solve a very difficult problem and get through it. Those things he didn’t dare to think of before have come back one by one.

Why does he care about this person so much? He is obviously a neat freak, but in Yu Han, he loosens his bottom line again and again.

Luo Lin Yuan doesn’t like kissing, he thinks that saliva exchange is a very unhygienic thing.

But he thought of Yu Han’s lips being taken away by Ren Yu, and thought of Yu Han, this guy who looked honest but once dated a senior who was two years older than him, he was terribly sour.

Sour and jealous, until Yu Han walked out of the door, stood still, and turned to say goodbye to him. He still stared at Yu Han’s lips, thinking that he wanted it too.

They can all ask for it, why can’t he ask for it?

Yu Han closely looked at Luo Lin Yuan’s expression and didn’t know how this person could be aggrieved in just a few steps and still stared unwaveringly at his lips as if he had snatched Luo Lin Yuan’s favorite food.

Luo Lin Yuan was called out a few times before returning to his senses. Thinking of what he had just thought, the person involved in his reverie was looking at him inexplicably. He felt that there was a fire burning on his face.

He hurriedly said, “Hurry up and go bah, don’t want to be late for work, bye-bye.”

After speaking, he hurriedly walked back, pressing his burning head as he walked.

The next day, Luo Lin Yuan got up very early, went to take a shower first, and finally pulled a chair and sat on the side worrying about the bed sheet.

He held his cheeks, so worried that his face collapsed. He stared at the ambiguous mark in the center of the bed. It was a mark that proved that he had become dirty. He had completely stepped into the dirty world of adults.


1 175cm
2 Term used here was actually 安安分分 which means to behave honestly and not dare to deviate in doing things
3 Blame

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