Close to You
Close To You Chapter 49

Luo Lin Yuan seemed to be stopped by the sound of ‘be good’, and his whole person quieted, like Sun Wukong[1]In Journey to the West, Sun Wukong is a monkey born from a stone who acquires supernatural powers through Taoist practices. After rebelling against heaven, he is imprisoned under a mountain by the … Continue reading who had been put under a spell, and could no longer stand up.

With his eyelids down, he was obediently led by Yu Han to his(LLY) car, closed the door, took his schoolbag, and sat there in a daze.

Luo Lin Yuan’s head is now full of messy things, all caused by the physical contact with the hug just now.

He was thinking that when he was in Yu Han’s arms just now, he was almost stupid and couldn’t think of anything. He only felt that the hand pressing his back was very hot, and the arm around his waist was very strong, and the smell was very good.

This is not the first time he felt that Yu Han smells good. Before, he used to be disgusted and nauseous when he didn’t feel right. When in fact, he was in a reverie; mainly because he didn’t think that Yu Han liked men, so he naturally thought wrong.

He cares about Yu Han and likes to provoke the person, and also because he thinks Yu Han also likes to provoke him.

It’s not all of his initiatives. Yu Han took him home, set up a tent for him, gave him barbecue, and cooked for him.

Yu Han… treats him very well.

In fact, Yu Han is a completely different person from him, and there is no such person as Yu Han around him.

Yu Han is different from their group of children who were still under the protection of their parents. He is too mature, deep-minded, and calm.

Luo Lin Yuan is often by this person’s side, and he can’t sense the feeling of his peers. On the contrary, he is the one who is taken care of, just like a child.

At first, it was just dissatisfaction but later it felt like Yu Han was really caring.

Because of the difference, it resulted in being attracted. Because of feeling pity, it resulted to cannot help but sympathize. Because of curiosity, it resulted in provoking.

But none of these can explain his reaction when he was held by Yu Han just now. Luo Lin Yuan’s cheeks reddened up to his earlobes, and even his neck turned pink.

He hugged his schoolbag firmly. There were a lot of books in his schoolbag, and the weight was heavy on his lap.

Luo Lin Yuan had a secret at this moment, a secret that he wanted to hide, a secret that made him panic.

Yu Han found that Luo Lin Yuan was too quiet after getting into the car, and he was a little concerned. Perhaps it was because he rejected Luo Lin Yuan’s kindness in the morning, so the little princess was making trouble.

He didn’t coax people well at school, he just made them quarrel in a different way.

Yu Han’s refusal in the morning was because he wasn’t used to Luo Lin Yuan coming to his class to find him and bringing breakfast. Bringing people breakfast like this is not something that Luo Lin Yuan does. It’s precisely because it’s not something that this person can do that it feels strange.

Luo Lin Yuan’s behavior is practically like a little girl courting or a little boy chasing his girlfriend.

So he subconsciously refused, not even thinking about it.

Coupled with Luo Lin Yuan’s little thoughts, Yu Han had long suspected in his heart. He knew what a person looks like wanting to kiss him. Yesterday, when he was in Luo Lin Yuan’s room, he felt it in the confrontation that Uncle Wu interrupted.

Just before that, Yu Han felt that he could remain rational and look at Luo Lin Yuan, this person, calmly and objectively.

But something’s a bit strange lately, he’s a bit unsteady. This kind of unsteadiness makes him feel dangerous. It shouldn’t be like this. Facing the kindness released by Luo Lin Yuan, he chose to refuse so that Luo Lin Yuan wouldn’t give him breakfast again.

But after school, Luo Lin Yuan made trouble like this, making him wonder if he had gone a little too far.

In the end, their relationship now is not as strange as it used to be. He shouldn’t have made Luo Lin Yuan lose face like this because of his own concerns and refuse him in a public place like a classroom.

Luo Lin Yuan said that he would never bring him breakfast again, which was his original purpose. Luo Lin Yuan said that he didn’t want to make up classes today, this should’ve made Yu Han feel relaxed. He could rest today and go see his grandmother.

But Yu Han didn’t feel happy, and even a shadow floated in his heart. With Luo Lin Yuan’s words, he clearly felt that his emotions were following the ups and downs.

Rarely, he was affected.

The car was too quiet, he looked at Luo Lin Yuan. The boy only looked at his schoolbag, his eyelashes trembled, his lips pursed somewhat nervously, his neck hung down in a soft arc, and the tail of his hair was covered with a wisp of residual sun, pressing on the back of his white neck.

The neck seemed to be pink by the light, and it was like the color of blood coming up from under his skin layer by layer because of shyness.

Yu Han’s fingers moved, instinct took over and he raised his hand.

When he felt the back of his neck being touched by his fingertips, Luo Lin Yuan shuddered all over and almost screamed. Soon the hand on his nape stretched out unrestrainedly and closed; his thumb pressed against the side of his neck, and his four fingers rested ambiguously on it. With just a little force, it was just like a gesture of taking control of him.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t know what Yu Han was doing. He only felt the blood rushing up to his head and going down frantically, so his body once again gave the reaction he had when he was in the toilet.

He was almost about to cry out. He put his legs together embarrassingly and hugged his schoolbag even harder, letting it firmly block between his legs, blocking out all the unendurable and instinct.

Yu Han didn’t let go of his nape, but coaxed him with this action, “Don’t be angry, then I will continue to eat with you tonight, okay?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s eyelashes trembled so much that Yu Han noticed. Only later did he realize that it wasn’t the eyelashes, but Luo Lin Yuan’s whole body was trembling.

He saw the other party’s blood-red auricle before he realized what kind of stupid thing he had done.

He quickly withdrew his hand and frowned somewhat regretfully.

Luo Lin Yuan felt that the hand on his nape was gone, so he looked at Yu Han and replied okay in a low voice.

A little irritability floated in Yu Han’s heart. Luo Lin Yuan’s reaction was too soft, just like a hedgehog turned over and exposed his belly to be touched. Those eyes, expressions, and tones were too soft that he almost printed the word ‘like’ on his forehead for the people to see.

But the irritability is tinged with a kind of satisfaction, that kind of almost nasty pleasure.

He rubbed his fingers[2]To be precise, the flesh on the tip of our fingers, there was some moisture on them, Luo Lin Yuan seems to be sweating. This person obviously rarely sweats.

Yu Han swept his eyes at Luo Lin Yuan’s neck again, it was still red and stained with shining water[3]The light reflected on it so his sweat was shining.. Because the car was speeding, the light was bright and dark, and he was rapidly walking on that layer of shining water.

The car seems to be filled with some kind of restlessness and oppressiveness, a dark and raging atmosphere.

After Luo Lin Yuan got out of the car, he walked quickly, one step ahead of Yu Han. He hurriedly said, “I’ll take a shower first. The tutoring is still in the usual place, you go upstairs first ba.”

He didn’t choose to wash in his bedroom, but in the bathroom on the first floor, because he couldn’t help it.

He threw his schoolbag on the sofa and trotted into the bathroom, closing the door tightly. He leaned on the sink and panted quickly. He looked underneath, hooded with a layer of mist in his eyes. Those eyes were even wetter as if they were about to cry at any moment.

He reacted to Yu Han, he had an urge toward a man.

Luo Lin Yuan really wanted to cry.


1 In Journey to the West, Sun Wukong is a monkey born from a stone who acquires supernatural powers through Taoist practices. After rebelling against heaven, he is imprisoned under a mountain by the Buddha. Wikipedia
2 To be precise, the flesh on the tip of our fingers
3 The light reflected on it so his sweat was shining.

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