Close to You
Close To You Chapter 54

While talking, the two returned to the classroom. Looking down from the classroom window of Class Three to the sports field, you can see the sports field and a little basketball court.

Fang Xiao hung half of his body out of the window, observed with difficulty for a long time, and finally turned back puffing and blowing, “Give up ba. You won’t see the school flower and Teacher Yu from our classroom window.”

After realizing that Yu Han is not a big pig’s foot who scumbag-ed his brother, Fang Xiao affectionately called back Yu Han’s nickname, Teacher Yu.

Tsundere Luo Lin Yuan got up and rolled his eyes, “I didn’t want to look, what are you blindly tossing.”

Fang Xiao knew his nature well, “Okay, okay, okay, you didn’t want to look.”

Luo Lin Yuan, who said he didn’t want to look, took a water cup to fill it. When he passed by the window, he still subconsciously looked a few times. Sure enough, it can’t be seen. He lowered his eyelashes in frustration, returned to his position, took out his phone, and leaned on his desk.

He clicked on the chat window with Yu Han. He and Yu Han didn’t actually chat much online. The chat box was empty. He scrolled it down and it was the end immediately.

Luo Lin Yuan tapped his nails on the screen indifferently. Fang Xiao watched from the side, surprised that his friend had been in unrequited love for a long time, and the symptoms were obvious but he never found out.

Luo Lin Yuan was distracted the whole afternoon and finally got to the end of the class.

Fang Xiao ran to Luo Lin Yuan and sat next to him, his face full of exuberant curiosity, and his body was still hot. Luo Lin Yuan was fed up with him, “You’re too enthusiastic, don’t sit over and block the wind.”

Fang Xiao was so disregarded that he almost didn’t breathe, “Don’t want me to give you advice?”

Luo Lin Yuan turned his head, his right cheek pressed against the book, squeezing out a lump of meat. His voice was suppressed and he muttered a little, “What ideas can you come up with?”

Fang Xiao saw his mouth pouted, his brows wrinkled, and both his cheeks had a little blood. Looking at this small appearance, he deeply felt that a man who was in love was amazing. If he said he was reserved, he was reserved. If he said he was cute, he was cute, just like a face change in Sichuan opera.

Luo Lin Yuan felt Fang Xiao raise his hand, and the sweaty hand was about to greet him on his face. He was so scared to death that he hurriedly hid.

Luo Lin Yuan’s position is by the window. The weather is hot now. The window is still open and half of the bed curtain was drawn. Don’t know how many years it hasn’t been washed, it’s a gloomy gray-green color.

Luo Lin Yuan had been usually hiding from him. Today, when Fang Xiao forced him, he was almost wrapped in the bed curtain, but he turned his back to him and didn’t know what was happening behind him.

Fang Xiao saw clearly and stared straight at him. Luo Lin Yuan thought he was going to mess with him, so he retreated more.

Fang Xiao hadn’t yelled out dirty, he was halfway in his throat. His whole face was ridiculously red, his eyes bulged like frogs, and had a handsome face, which made his expression quite funny.

Luo Lin Yuan saw Fang Xiao’s face and remembered the dirty curtains behind him, but he couldn’t stop his strength anymore. He only heard the curtain clatter. His lower back hit the hard wall, but his back was next to a soft body.

It’s not that soft, it’s soft and hard, scattered with high temperature with a familiar and good smell.

Fang Xiao almost pulled Luo Lin Yuan until he saw Teacher Yu passing by innocently.

Yu Han was still outside the classroom wrinkling his brow, thinking about it. When he passed by the classroom, he just turned his head and met Fang Xiao’s line of sight, and he also saw Luo Lin Yuan who stumbled and lean towards the window.

Before thinking about it, he lifted the curtain and moved the person halfway up.

Don’t know how many movements Luo Lin Yuan and his friend made that they can almost fall out of the half-person height window.

He held the person’s waist in his hand and originally wanted to pick up and push him to make the person stand still. As soon as he reached the waist, he felt his body tremble suddenly, and the back of his neck immediately turned red.

Fang Xiao saw Luo Lin Yuan blushing and leaning his back on Yu Han. He clearly didn’t look back, his expression has already betrayed him. Luo Lin Yuan knew who was behind him.

Yu Han coughed lightly and this sound woke Luo Lin Yuan. He slowly stood still, turned around as expressionless as possible, “Why are you here?”

Yu Han said, “Come out for a moment, I have something to say to you.”

With that, he walked through the window and waited for Luo Lin Yuan at the door.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Fang Xiao for help, but saw that Fang Xiao had already pretended to be dead and was leaning down[1]On his desk, but his left hand quietly reached out from under his right armpit and gave a big thumbs up as a sign of encouragement.

This goods is useless except for shooting his mouth off!

Luo Lin Yuan had to pack up his school bag and kicked Fang Xiao’s chair leg, “Move over, you’re blocking the way.”

Fang Xiao moved the chair legs, moved forward with a smile, and didn’t lean down anymore. He winked and sent him away as if he was not going to simply say a word, but eloped with a man.

In fact, Fang Xiao and Luo Lin Yuan were so relieved. Because Fang Xiao’s meaning is obvious, it doesn’t matter if you like men or women, there is no difference. Brother supports you, it’s nothing special.

In the past, when he was with Xia Fu, Fang Xiao was so enthusiastic. He once disliked Fang Xiao who occasionally reveals his aunt face and nagging character, but now all this makes him jealous.

In the end, it was fearful. After discovering his sexuality, nothing can be more reassuring than the support of a friend. It’s great to have Fang Xiao as a friend!

Luo Lin Yuan walked to the front door. Yu Han propped his arms on the stainless steel handrail, his head hanging slightly, looking down.

Hearing the sounds of footsteps, he obviously didn’t see it but he turned his head with certainty, knowing that Luo Lin Yuan was behind him.

Yu Han asked him, “Did you have something to say just now?”

Luo Lin Yuan thought to himself that although he and Yu Han chatted less online, they had been meeting in reality. He shouldn’t dwell on the chat records.

He shook his head and nodded, his attitude was unclear. Luo Lin Yuan said, “Will we still have tutoring tonight?”

Yu Han’s gaze fell from his face to his hand, “Why are you asking me that?”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t understand. Seeing Yu Han looking at his hand, he subconsciously hid his hand behind. “What do you mean?”

Yu Han said, “I’m the one who gives your tutoring and you give me the money. You should be the one to decide whether to tutor or not.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t like how Yu Han said this, it sounded like he was giving him the right to speak, but he made the relationship between the two so harsh.

Luo Lin Yuan: “Then tutor?”

Seeing him hiding his hands, Yu Han also turned his gaze away, “No tutoring.”

Luo Lin Yuan was a little angry at being bullied by him, but he didn’t dare to get angry.

What is Yu Han doing playing with people like this? One moment he said he was in charge, and the next moment, he told him no tutoring.

He blushed in suffocation and only stared at Yu Han, “Why?”

Yu Han clasped his hand and still didn’t look at him, “After tutoring for so many days, you want to take a vacation, right?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I don’t want to take a vacation.”

Yu Han: “Isn’t it good to take a break? You go play with your friends.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t understand, “Play what?”

Yu Han finally looked at him and said meaningfully, “How would I know what you’re playing? Playing is always better than tutoring, tutoring is so boring.”


1 On his desk

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