Close to You
Close To You Chapter 55

Play what. Luo Lin Yuan saw that Yu Han wanted to toy with him. It seems that he is generous enough to give him options. In fact, there are all pits under the abd,[1]Bolded text written as is in the raw. and he can only choose the golden c.

Luo Lin Yuan pretended to be pitiful, coquettish, and cute. The way he dealt with Uncle Wu was all used to hit Yu Han. He said, “I don’t play, I just love to learn.”

The young man’s voice, which has just passed the voice-changing period, is not low, but still clear and bright. It’s very pleasant to the ears and he speaks well.

Yu Han held his arms and smiled, “Really, really don’t want to play?”

Luo Lin Yuan firmly stated that he is a sunny youth, dreaming of a key university and a perfect score at the end of term.

Yu Han listened amusedly, “I can’t help you with this. A perfect score is too demanding. It’s better to let your Dad…”

Before the change of the teacher’s words came out, Luo Lin Yuan became angry. He felt that he had already given in, and Yu Han wanted to do so. He was initially angry and wanted to raise his voice to raise his momentum. At the end, when his eyes met Yu Han’s face that he liked, what momentum, it all ran out.

Luo Lin Yuan held back for a long time before squeezing out a sentence, “Then I won’t tutor for tonight!”

After putting down the harsh words, he also felt wronged again, “If you don’t want to tutor, then don’t tutor ah. Why are you bullying me like this for.”

Luo Lin Yuan felt that it was too stupid for the two of them to stand here to repair the wheel of the car and not to tutor. Those who don’t know will also think they were talking about something difficult to choose.

He was about to leave but Yu Han pulled the strap of his schoolbag to pull him back, “Where are you going, I’m not done talking.”

Luo Lin Yuan heard the teasing in Yu Han’s tone. Yu Han had never treated him like this before. He was novel and defiant at the same time. Luo Lin Yuan wanted to grab his schoolbag and refused to let anyone grab it.

Yu Han let him, just followed him, and said no.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t hear anything wrong, so he immersed himself in his head and fiercely walked, intending to get in the car and lock it, and shut Yu Han out of the car.

Yu Han is taller than him, not to mention the sports cells that are many times richer than him.

Catching up with him in two or three steps, and walking side by side with him, Yu Han said, “You’re not allowed not to tutor.”

Luo Lin Yuan was annoyed by him, who doesn’t have a little temper? He relied on instinct to anger Yu Han, “No, I’m going to find Fang Xiao to play games.”

Yu Han’s hooked-up corners of his mouth fell instantly. “Didn’t you just say that you love learning the most?”

Luo Lin Yuan snorted, “Change of heart.”

Yu Han: “Then you change really fast.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Who told you to always let me change teachers?! Have you counted how many times you mentioned it yourself? So, if you don’t want to teach me, don’t agree to it in the first place ah!”

As he said, Luo Lin Yuan was really wronged. His eyelids heat up uncontrollably. He stared at the ground and refused to lift them easily. “What are you always teasing me for ah. You always say yes, then it’s yes, if not then it’s not.”[2]Like LLY saying everything always goes with YH’s way

Yu Han heard something wrong in Luo Lin Yuan’s voice. He frowned and said with some hesitation, “Luo Lin Yuan.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t look back, “What?!”

Yu Han’s tone slowed down, “Really don’t want to go to class with me ah. Didn’t you want to take a key university?”

Luo Lin Yuan ignored him. Yu Han reached out to pick up his bag and coaxed him, “Why are you running so fast, slow down.”

He lifted Luo Lin Yuan’s bag and felt the weight inside. “How many books did you bring home?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “You take care of me.”

Yu Han still grabbed his bag and helped him carry it. The schoolbag was placed in Yu Han’s hand as if held hostage. “It’s too heavy, I’ll carry it for you. So as not to press you not to grow taller.”

Luo Lin Yuan was robbed of his schoolbag and couldn’t walk fast. He still had his evening homework in his it. He didn’t want to rush to make up his homework early tomorrow morning. This is senior high school homework, it’s too much!

He disliked Yu Han, just as Yu Han disliked his tone of voice just now. “Why do you have to give me tutoring today ah.”

Yu Han ignored him, walked to the school entrance and turned around with his schoolbag, and went straight into the convenience store.

Luo Lin Yuan watched as Yu Han abducted his schoolbag and didn’t get into the car yet. He deliberately made him unable to do his homework tonight. He has to wake up early tomorrow to make up for his homework until he cries. This person is too bad ba!

He didn’t want to follow Yu Han. He hadn’t calmed down yet, and because his schoolbag wasn’t far, he can only stay spinelessly[3]Having no backbone/courage outside the convenience store and kick the tree roots.

After kicking the toe of his snow-white shoes with a layer of brown ash, Yu Han came out of the store holding a bottle of strawberry milk in his hand. “Don’t kick the tree.”

Luo Lin Yuan stared at the strawberry milk in his hand, “What do you mean?”

Yu Han inserted the straw for him, then removed the plastic paper outside the straw, “Drink.”

Luo Lin Yuan took his eyes away to look at the convenience store and saw that Yu Han was empty-handed. He went in to buy milk for him, so his anger immediately subsided by a lot. He still arrogantly said with a small face, “You’re bribing me ah.”

Yu Han: “That’s right.”

Luo Lin Yuan took a sip of the milk and was sweetened by the strawberry flavor all the way to his heart. “Just a bottle of milk ah.”

Yu Han heard his pompous tone, “Don’t like it?”

He raised his hand in a gesture to snatch the milk back. Luo Lin Yuan nimbly dodged, laughing, and was completely coaxed. He licked the corner of his sweet mouth, “What? You gave it and still taking it back!”

Yu Han: “Don’t run, no one wants to rob it from you on the road.”

Luo Lin Yuan was pulled to the side by Yu Han obediently, walking on the sidewalk, looking for his car. This meeting smoothly got on the car and drove to the Luo residence. When he got home, Yu Han still helped Luo Lin Yuan carry his schoolbag until Uncle Wu came out and saw it, then said a few words to Luo Lin Yuan.

It’s not heavy to say that Uncle Wu treated him like a child and would usually instill a little bit of behavior for his own good, so he will naturally not be spoiled.

When Luo Lin Yuan heard Uncle Wu tell him not to bully Classmate Yu, he felt wronged, “I didn’t ask him to carry it.”

Yu Han returned the schoolbag to Luo Lin Yuan, “It’s just in passing.”

Uncle Wu looked at Yu Han carefully, he saw that the child was neither overbearing nor humble, he was very measured. He was a little satisfied. He felt that his Young Master would be good friends with such a good person. At least he would not be bullied, but also be influenced by a good person.[4]Those who handle cinnabar are stained red; those who work with ink are stained black [idiom]. This just basically means being influenced by their surroundings and the companions they hang around with.

The two went upstairs and studied for a few hours. Luo Lin Yuan was taught to also feel the joy of learning. The feeling of solving the correct answer made people feel very fulfilled, especially every time he did the right thing, Yu Han would always encourage him with a smile, and his eyes softly say, correct.

Luo Lin Yuan poked his chin with a pen, doing the papers Yu Han assigned him and Yu Han was doing his own homework next to him. He was very serious, unaware that his student was stealing glances at him.

Luo Lin Yuan felt that the matter of crush was really a buff for learning. It is recommended that all people who are not good at learning should find someone they like to make up classes. They can have half the work and twice the effort, hand in hand together to reach the peak of their lives, but also talk about love in passing.

Luo Lin Yuan, who was imagining the future, was caught distracted by Teacher Yu and was mercilessly reprimanded.

Luo Lin Yuan, who was dejected and depressed, obediently did his homework on his desk and thought: Don’t you just rely on me to like you? I still think you’re really good-looking when you’re so fierce to me.

Jie Jie: Sorry for the delay! I have been busy with work lately QAQ I’ve also mentioned before that my updates will be sporadic from now on. Thank you for understanding!


1 Bolded text written as is in the raw.
2 Like LLY saying everything always goes with YH’s way
3 Having no backbone/courage
4 Those who handle cinnabar are stained red; those who work with ink are stained black [idiom]. This just basically means being influenced by their surroundings and the companions they hang around with.

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