Close to You
Close To You Chapter 56

After making up for today’s class, this week’s tutoring course will be over, and he won’t be able to take Yu Han home after school.

Luo Lin Yuan bit his lip thinking that these three days had passed too fast. He put down his pen and gave his stiff hands and lower waist a stretched for a long time.

The phone vibrated in his trouser pocket. Luo Lin Yuan peeked at Yu Han, took out his phone under Teacher Yu’s eyes, and quietly looked at what message was coming on it.

It’s Fang Xiao’s: How far have you progressed with Teacher Yu la~ ~ ~

The three tildes showed the slutty wave of the tone. Luo Lin Yuan’s fist was itched by the wave, wanting to drag people out of his hands and beat them up.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t plan to return, Yu Han then caught his small movements. Luo Lin Yuan obediently moved his hand away from the screen and spread it out innocently in front of Yu Han. “I didn’t steal my phone to play. There’s a message coming. It keeps shaking and my legs itch.”

Yu Han looked at him with a smile, but instead of answering, he stretched out his hand and asked Luo Lin Yuan for the test paper.

Luo Lin Yuan suddenly raised his hand to press the paper with his body, “What reward will I get if I make progress?”

Yu Han squeezed the paper, “What progress, final exam?”

Luo Lin Yuan sighed, “How long do we have to wait? There are still two months before the final exam.”

Yu Han: “Is next week’s quiz too urgent? You’ve only been tutored for a few days and your progress hasn’t been fast.”

Luo Lin Yuan said unwillingly, “Then you can give me a tutor for a few more days, three days a week is not enough.”

Yu Han asked Luo Lin Yuan to talk to his father to see if he wanted to take a day tutoring on weekends. He could make up for the Saturday and Sunday off longer, such as a whole afternoon or evening.

Yu Han asked him again, “What reward do you want?”

Luo Lin Yuan said, “I haven’t about it, let’s talk about it when the time comes.”

Yu Han had the foresight to say, “I won’t agree to a request that’s too excessive.”

Luo Lin Yuan subconsciously said, “You’re such a big man, can I still force you if you don’t want to do it?”

Yu Han hummed suspiciously, his tone dragging out, “You mean this matter is still related to physical contact?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s cheeks burst red, “What messy things are you talking about! Who said it was physical contact!”

Yu Han quickly corrected his paper without raising his head, “It’s good that it’s not.”

Luo Lin Yuan felt that something was wrong. This wasn’t right. He realized that his thoughts were true. It was also true that he had thoughts about Yu Han. Why did Yu Han’s tone seem to be aware of his thoughts?

But it’s impossible for him to ask; ask if you know that I like you?

How embarrassing ah, how can I ask? My scalp feels numb just by thinking about it, and I’m so embarrassed that I’m kicking my legs. It’s not over yet, and I also have to roll on the bed a few times to ease up.

After sending Yu Han away, Luo Lin Yuan called Luo Ting, who was on a business trip abroad and had a time difference with him. When he picked up the phone, his voice was tired as if he had been awakened from his sleep.

Luo Lin Yuan meekly called out to his father. Luo Ting’s voice was soft and was not displeased to be awakened. He asked him what was wrong and if he had gotten into any trouble.

Luo Lin Yuan complained in a low voice that he wasn’t in trouble, he was calling for business. He wants to discuss with Luo Ting to make up extra hours. He thinks that Yu Han has taught him well and is expected to enter into key universities in one fell swoop in the college examination.

Luo Ting was amused by him, saying that he had only been tutored for three days and was so swollen, and the big talk was blowing so loudly. Wasn’t it because he had a good time with Yu Han and wanted to play with the other for a long time to add classes?

Luo Lin Yuan raised his tone, “Dad! How can you say that, we’re not playing. Teacher Yu gives me lecture earnestly.”

After the unyieldingness is over, the softness came again. Luo Lin Yuan held his phone, regardless of whether the person on the other end of the phone couldn’t see it, he smiled flatteringly, “If I can go to a key university, you take me out to face more light ah.”

Luo Ting repeatedly said good, good, good, then told him, “Your mother is at home, you can ask her about this.”

Luo Lin Yuan was silent and Luo Ting seemed to understand his silence. “Your mother is just a little more temperamental. If you’re afraid of her Yuan, you two will only become more distant.”

Luo Ting comforted him, “I know I’ve wronged you, Yuanyuan, you’re a good child. You can take care of your Mom for Dad.”

Luo Ting would also occasionally show a bit of friendship for Lin Shu over the phone. When the two adults confronted each other face to face, there is always a lot of trouble.

Of course, Luo Lin Yuan wanted to be close to Lin Shu. He came into this world by being connected to her umbilical cord. His bones and blood were full of the instinct to be close to his mother.

But day after day, year after year, he finally only had fear of Lin Shu. He had long lost the confidence that Lin Shu must love him.

His grandmother, whom he had only met a few times, told him that it was all because Lin Shu was ill when she was pregnant with him and suffered postpartum depression. She made Luo Lin Yuan understand that her daughter, that patients are unable to control their emotions.

And because of her illness, Lin Shu missed many artistic opportunities and the period when she stopped writing seriously affected her creative level.

In the end, Lin Shu involuntarily regarded Luo Lin Yuan as the source of her own suffering. She still loved him, but she just couldn’t find the right way.

Except for that sentence that she still loves him, Luo Lin Yuan believed everything.

Luo Lin Yuan lay on the bed and sighed sadly. He took out his phone and had a chat with Fang Xiao.

Fang Xiao said that there is an urban game on Sunday. He had been practicing for some time and asked Luo Lin Yuan to watch the game.

Luo Lin Yuan: “This week? Ah, I was going to make up classes with Teacher Yu this weekend.”

Fang Xiao: “Don’t ask, Teacher Yu is not available.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “How do you know?”

Fang Xiao: “Teacher Yu has to compete with us, so how can he help you with your classes.”

Luo Lin Yuan was surprised as hell. He wanted to say how in the world did Yu Han squeeze out so much time to do so many things every day?

Thinking of what Luo Ting had just told him on the phone, Luo Lin Yuan left the room and walked to the small kitchen. The cook is a local, 45 years old, named Zhang Li. Luo Lin Yuan is used to call her Sister[1]Sister-in-law or a friend’s wife in this case. Zhang.

Sister Zhang was watching TV in the living room. She sometimes stays on the first floor at night, in case Luo Lin Yuan or Lin Shu couldn’t find her when they want to eat. The workers’ room was also far away, and it was troublesome for her to rush back and forth.

When Luo Lin Yuan came down the stairs, Sister Zhang was watching TV and laughing happily. When she saw Luo Lin Yuan, she hurriedly got up, “Why did the Young Master come down? Do you want something to eat?”

Luo Lin Yuan shook his head, “Did Mom have dinner tonight?”

Sister Zhang aiyo-ed, “Where does Madam have anything to eat? Young Master, you should also advise Madam, how can she be full of cigarettes and wine? If consumed every day, your body will not work ah.”

A look of worry flashed across Luo Lin Yuan’s face, and said, “Then you cook something she likes to eat, I’ll send it up to her.”

Half an hour later, Luo Lin Yuan brought a bowl of noodles to the studio. He knocked on the door first, then pushed the door in when he heard the sound. The smoke in the studio was so dense that it was like Lin Shu had directly burned ten packs of cigarette in it.

He looked at the ashtray next to Lin Shu, which was indeed full of cigarette butts.

Lin Shu’s brush was stained with paint and smeared on the paper. She took a rare look at the door. Seeing that it was him, she looked at what he was holding in his hand, “Not eating, take it away.”

Luo Lin Yuan put down the noodles and went to open the window again. He endured the itching from the smoke in his chest. He said, “Mom, eat a little. Sister Zhang said you didn’t eat anything today.”

Lin Shu didn’t say anything. Luo Lin Yuan continued to persuade her, “Dad also asked me to take good care of you.”

This comment obviously offended Lin Shu. She laughed sarcastically, “He is used to putting on a show in front of you and taking care of it. He wants me to give up this position early so that he can pick up someone else at home.”

Luo Lin Yuan immediately refuted Lin Shu, “No! That’s not true. Dad doesn’t have anyone else.”

Lin Shu fell silent. She looked at Luo Lin Yuan and raised her hand to beckon him over.

Luo Lin Yuan endured the fear in his heart and walked over. Lin Shu reached out to touch his face, her fingers were cold and her eyes were equally cold, “I did it all for you.”

A cruel smile curled up on her lips. “You should thank me, how many people want to be the Young Master of the Luo family.”

A layer of tears appeared in Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes. “It’s not because of me, you don’t even know that I can’t smell smoke!”

He pushed Lin Shu’s hand away and ran out of the room as if he was running away. He kept coughing and gasping for breath.

He clutched his sore chest, took out his phone, and his eyes were dim with tears. He unexpectedly wanted to call Yu Han. It’s not that he wants to complain about anything, but at this time, he especially wants to hear Yu Han’s voice.

I want to hear it again. That time Yu Han blocked him behind Lin Shu and said to him softly, Next time, I’ll make you fish that’s not spicy.[2]From the previous chapter, Chapter 46


1 Sister-in-law or a friend’s wife in this case.
2 From the previous chapter, Chapter 46

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