Close to You
Close To You Chapter 57

Out of impulse, Luo Lin Yuan called the phone. Before he regretted hanging up, Yu Han picked up the phone. He heard Yu Han’s voice, and his eyelids were so shallow that he couldn’t stop crying.

As soon as he opened his mouth, his voice was half hoarse, full of trembling crying. The person was aggrieved, and couldn’t hold back his heart when he want to cry.

Luo Lin Yuan originally wanted to hold back, but he couldn’t even say a complete sentence, only letting out a dull and rapid breathing sound, and it slowed down for half a day. “I want to drink, I’ll go to the bar where you work, okay.”

Yu Han was silent for a long time. In the end, he didn’t refuse him nor asked him what happened. He just said, “Come, come ba, you can only have half a glass.”

Luo Lin Yuan squeezed his phone, “I don’t want to go home tonight.”

Yu Han: “You can go to the hotel, remember to bring your school bag, you still have to go to school tomorrow.”

Luo Lin Yuan responded with a nasal voice, and then hung up the phone. He packed out his pajamas and school uniform. His school bag couldn’t be stuffed, so he took another bag, which was bulging.

When Luo Lin Yuan came downstairs with the school bag on his back, he knocked onto Uncle Wu.

Uncle Wu looked at his red eyelids. Moreover, when he heard from Zhang Li that the Young Master had gone to find Madam, he knew that the child had been wronged.

Looking at this big bag, Uncle Wu can’t just let people go. “Young Master, it’s better to sleep at home this late.”

Luo Lin Yuan lowered his face and shook his head, his disheartened appearance pinched Uncle Wu’s heart sour. Uncle Wu saw that the bag in his hand is still filled with clothes, “Is there enough money on you? Is it to find Young Master Fang.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t want to worry Uncle Wu, so he honestly said, “I’m going to find a friend and sleep at his house. Don’t worry about me.”

Uncle Wu said, “Then I’ll have Xiao Zhang send you off.”

Luo Lin Yuan still shook his head, “I’ll just call a car on my phone.”

As a result, he didn’t have a phone to call a car, where can an average car drive in their villa? When Luo Lin Yuan walked to the gate with heavy bags, he had been walking for half an hour. He lacked exercise and was in a growing body, the soles of his feet were prone to cramps. After walking for a long time, he really cramped, and it hurts like tearing when he moves.

After blowing on the cold wind at the gate for half an hour, Luo Lin Yuan finally called a car. His whole person completely wilted, feeling that he was very unlucky tonight. His head still hurts, probably because the wind has been blowing for a long time and his nose is also a bit stuffy.

By the time he got to the bar where Yu Han worked, he had already slept in the car. This sleep made his head dizzy. He got out of the car and walked into the bar. He was overwhelmed by the murky atmosphere of the bar, and his whole person was about to turn black and white.

When he came here before, he didn’t think it was so stuffy. Luo Lin Yuan pulled the straps on his shoulders. The school bag was too heavy, making his shoulders ache.

Yu Han was not at the counter, but another black-clothed little brother replaced him. Yu Han probably informed the little brother, plus Luo Lin Yuan is really easy to recognize, with outstanding looks, indifferent and youthful temperament, and carrying a school bag on his back. It’s hard not to recognize him.

The little brother gave Luo Lin Yuan the way to the staff lounge and said that Yu Han was inside. Luo Lin Yuan endured the discomfort and found the lounge. The door was half closed. He pushed the door in without thinking, just in time to see Yu Han pull off his shirt with his back to the door and change his clothes.

Yu Han had just dealt with a drunk and troublesome customer with the security guards. His clothes were soiled and he was changing them. He didn’t expect Luo Lin Yuan to barge in so rashly.

It was in this way that Luo Lin Yuan saw the tattoo on Yu Han’s right shoulder blade for the first time, such a clear picture was surprising.

It was a symbol of ♀, connected to a string of lady[1]English in rawin English, and the circle of ♀ had been burned with a hideous dent covering that circle.

It doesn’t look like a normal tattoo at all, let alone because it’s cool to tattoo. It’s just like a… humiliating mark that hit Yu Han.

There is also the scar on that tattoo… it was burned with cigarette butts, right? Luo Lin Yuan had seen such a scar before, in a violent accident. Why did Yu Han have it on his body and who did this to him?!

Yu Han quickly put on the black shirt and closed the locker door while tying the buttons, “Wait for me.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t wait. He put his school bag and clothes bag on the sofa to the side, and simply walked up to Yu Han recklessly and reached out to pull the person’s clothes.

His action took Yu Han by surprise. Before he could stop him, he heard Luo Lin Yuan say, “Who did this?! Who burned you?!”

Yu Han’s eyebrows twitched, and he clutched Luo Lin Yuan’s wrist in silence. The resistance in his eyes was obvious, he told Luo Lin Yuan not to ask, not to move, and not want to answer.

His refusal was like a door slammed on the tip of Luo Lin Yuan’s nose. The discomfort and emotions of the night exploded at this moment.

The boy he likes has such a tattoo on his body. He was bullied when he didn’t know. He wanted to know who bullied him but forgot that he was just an insignificant character in the heart of the person he likes. Asking about such a tattoo that represents a secret is offensive.

Before Yu Han could figure out how to clean up the scene, he saw Luo Lin Yuan’s tears fall. He was simply at a loss. Luo Lin Yuan’s lips trembled slightly, his eyelids were red, tears fell down one by one, and he couldn’t stop it at all.

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t contain his emotions and collapsed. He cried while saying, “I won’t ask anymore, don’t hate me.” Lin Shu also hates him, and Yu Han doesn’t like him too. Why do the people he likes always not love him?

He covered his face with his hand that wasn’t caught, trying desperately to stop. How humiliating, why are you crying, childish and frightening. Yu Han didn’t do anything wrong, he was the one who was there on his own, overly sensitive and unreasonable.

He couldn’t bear crying, he held back from sobbing but he almost couldn’t breathe.

It’s too ugly, he looks like this. Luo Lin Yuan coughed and tried to break away from Yu Han’s hand, covering his face in an attempt to escape to a place where Yu Han couldn’t see him. Also, what to drink ah. He wanted to find a place where there was no one to cry to.

As a result, he couldn’t get away. Yu Han stopped him and Luo Lin Yuan dodged again, trying to rush out. In the end, Yu Han couldn’t help it, so he hugged the person around the waist and held him firmly. Only then did Luo Lin Yuan settle down in his arms.

Luo Lin Yuan hiccupped, his body was twitching and trembling nonstop. Yu Han’s hand stroked the back of the person in his arms, giving people a sense of relief. He hurriedly said, “I don’t hate you, don’t cry.”

Luo Lin Yuan finally stopped crying and hiccupping. He took a long breath before slowly calming down.

When Yu Han saw that the person was in a stable mood, he said his tattoo in a relaxed tone. He said he had a friend who has panicky with a lot of money and said that he would give him 5,000 yuan if he was willing to tattoo. At that time, he was short of money, so he got tattooed. It’s no big deal.

tw: mention of self-harm. it’s only once, but still.

The cigarette scar was burned by himself. At that time, he was under a lot of pressure, and in the second year of high school, he learned to self-harm. Yu Han said the tattoo lightly, “I don’t want to say that I felt a little stupid, so I don’t want to show it to others, not against you.”

Yu Han gently patted his back, “This is a secret I told you. Don’t cry, okay?”

Please don’t be like the Yu Han before. Take care of yourselves guys, okay? Love ya’ll! ♡(>ᴗ•)


1 English in raw

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    Yo I wanted some sweet and fluffy school life with a bit of plot but so far I’ve just been crying crying and crying 😭 I did NOT expect this much angst.

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    This chapter made me cry:( Thank you so much for your hard work!


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