Close to You
Close To You Chapter 59

Luo Lin Yuan’s skin was pale. The bruising on the back of his hand appeared quickly after the needle was pierced. The large area was shocking to look at. Yu Han didn’t dare touch his hand. He frowned and measured it, and finally said, “The nurse’s skill is not professional ah, it’s all bruised.”

Luo Lin Yuan took the opportunity to be coquettish, but also very reserved, “I’m used to it. My physique is like this. I used to fight a lot when I was little. When I go home, Uncle Wu will boil two eggs for me.”

In the hospital at night, there are mostly parents holding their children, and many children have fevers in the middle of the night, so they all come to the emergency room. Luo Lin Yuan and Yu Han looked at the parents who were anxious about their children being sick, each with their own emotions.

It’s just that Luo Lin Yuan returned to his senses faster. After he found that Yu Han was still looking at those families, he felt distressed. Compared with the disagreement he had with Lin Shu, Yu Han was even worse. Only his grandmother was left in the family, and his grandmother was still sick and hospitalized.

Don’t know where he heard someone say that when you like a man, taking pity is the beginning of your fall. Luo Lin Yuan’s heart was full of such strange emotions, sour and bitter, wanting to kiss and hug Yu Han.

But he couldn’t do this because he was just Yu Han’s friend.

Yu Han finally withdrew his attention from one of the parents who coaxed their children. As soon as he turned his head, he met Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes looking at him with puppy-like eyes, fawning and enthusiastic. The curve of his eyelashes was long and as if his head have grown ears they were fluttering with excitement.

Yu Han couldn’t help but laugh, “Why are you looking at me like this?”

Luo Lin Yuan’s hand, which have been pierced with a needle, was beginning to get restless, wanting to touch Yu Han’s face but he held it back and finally said, “My mouth is a bit bitter.”

Yu Han wondered, “How can a hanging needle be bitter to the mouth?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I don’t know, I feel like there’s a medicinal taste in my tongue. It’s so bitter, can I drink milk tea?”

Yu Han refuted his demand, “No.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t make a fuss either, and ‘oh’-ed obediently. He leaned back and twisted his buttocks and back, trying to find a comfortable position to lean on.

There was a young couple sitting opposite them. The girl was sick and also hanging a needle. She was coquettish with the boy, then she leaned her head on the man, leaning very comfortably.

Luo Lin Yuan was inspired and just wanted to lean on Yu Han, but Yu Han stood up with a swish. Luo Lin Yuan was directly hit by the empty air and almost fell down.

This look was seen by the girl on the opposite side and she sneered. It was a bit obvious in the silent needle-hanging area. Her boyfriend noticed it and quickly reached out to cover the girl’s mouth, nodding apologetically toward Luo Lin Yuan.

Luo Lin Yuan ignored them, wrinkled his nose unhappily, and went to see Yu Han, the culprit who embarrassed him.

Yu Han had already gone far, Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t find anyone to complain about, so he could only sit upright awkwardly and take out his phone to play.

He played Fight the Landlord, but the sound effect wasn’t good. The sound of the plane rumbling over when the bomb went off, causing the opposite couple to look at him again, and also whispered in low voices.

Luo Lin Yuan felt as if he was bullied, and no one backed him up.

At this time, Yu Han went and returned, holding a white rabbit candy in his hand. He unwrapped the candy paper, revealing half of it, and handed it to his mouth. “I asked the nurse for it, isn’t your mouth bitter?”

Luo Lin Yuan doesn’t envy the couple on the opposite side at all, he is the one with the candy!

Luo Lin Yuan elatedly put the candy into his mouth, sweetening his heart. “You specifically went to ask the nurse for me?”

Yu Han looked at the irrepressible smile on Luo Lin Yuan’s face and shook his head. He said, “No, when I came back from the toilet, the female nurse who gave you the injection gave it to me.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s smiling face collapsed. He was about to spit out the candy as soon as he pursed his mouth. Yu Han: “Don’t spit it.”

Luo Lin Yuan rolled the candy back with his tongue and bit it fiercely, trying to express his anger by biting it to pieces. But the white rabbit candy is too hard to break at all, and his teeth were a little grieved.

Yu Han came to the hospital and can attract the little nurse to hand him candy. Can this man stop and calm down, stop releasing his damn charm! Didn’t even see him at a glance, but even the candy was collected!

Luo Lin Yuan moved his head to the side awkwardly in an attempt to express his anger. But when he thought that Yu Han had taken a leave to accompany him to see the doctor and he would have to go back and make up for his shift later and didn’t know how long he would have to work tonight, he calmed down for a second and turned around spinelessly to ask Yu Han, “Do you want to sleep first?”

Yu Han looked at the big hanging bottle that had just gone a little bit of water, “No, you’ll have it changed later.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I can watch it myself, you can lean on me to sleep for a while ba.”

Yu Han was a little hesitant. Luo Lin Yuan straightened his waist and patted his right shoulder, “Sleep. Otherwise, you’ll be sleepy tomorrow. If you’re sleepy, you won’t be able to concentrate in class. How can you teach me if your grades decline ah? I’m here for my own grades, so I’m contributing my shoulder to you.”

For the first time, Luo Lin Yuan had said such a long thing, thinking that if Yu Han didn’t agree, he would nag until Yu Han agreed.

He thought that it would be a long-lasting battle, but he didn’t expect that Yu Han’s head would be on his shoulder in the next second. Luo Lin Yuan immediately went silent, not daring to say anything, and his breathing stopped for a moment.

He didn’t dare to change his posture, he just lowered his voice and asked, “Do you think it’s noisy?”

Yu Han’s tone was a little lazy, “Hmm?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I have earphones on me, I’ll play songs for you, okay?”

Yu Han: “Mn.”

Luo Lin Yuan found his phone, plugged in the earphones, and handed it to Yu Han. Yu Han only pulled the earphone and put it on his other ear. Luo Lin Yuan thought it should be because Yu Han’s left ear was next to his shoulder, which was inconvenient to wear.

But this also fulfilled his selfishness. He stuffed another earphone into his ear and clicked on a late-night song list. The first one was a low and hoarse female voice, singing about love and humming ambiguity.

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t help pressing his cheek against Yu Han and rubbing it. Yu Han’s hair was cold and soft, tickling his cheek comfortably.

Luo Lin Yuan reluctantly retracted his gaze from Yu Han, and saw the couples on the opposite side biting their ears again.[1]Whispering at each other

The girl’s face was flushed, suppressing her excitement. She didn’t look like a sick person at all. She even grabbed her boyfriend’s hand and shook it slightly to express her inner excitement.

The boyfriend then went to cover her eyes, preventing her from looking toward Luo Lin Yuan again.

Luo Lin Yuan was confused and thought that the girl was really strange. At this time, he heard Yu Han call his name, “Luo Lin Yuan.”

Luo Lin Yuan said unhappily, “Didn’t you call me Xiao Yuan before?”

Yu Han chuckled lightly, “Xiao Yuan, thank you.”

Luo Lin Yuan wanted to say ‘I’m the one who wants to thank you’, but his mouth said, “Return gift from the candy la, although it wasn’t specifically given to me.”

Yu Han was laughing again, with a hateful smile he said, “It’s for you. I asked her for the candy. I said that my didi is delicate and will cry if he doesn’t get candy.”

Luo Lin Yuan wanted to retort and get angry, saying ‘slander, when would he cry?’, but he couldn’t say anything. He only felt shy, so shy that his whole body was about to curl up.


1 Whispering at each other

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