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Close To You Chapter 60

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The little nurse just finished injecting a needle into a child, returned to the consultation room with a tray, and said to another colleague, “The two didis look so handsome ah. The Ge also takes special care of his didi. He specifically came to ask me for candy to coax him.”

The colleague who was also single pulled down her mask and drank water. When she heard there was a handsome guy, she hurriedly asked where he was. The little nurse pointed outside, “The one wearing a school uniform seems to be the Third Middle School where my younger brother is also studying.”

The colleague rolled her eyes, “High school student ah. Sister, the age difference is too big ba!”

Little nurse: “Did I say anything, I just said handsome ah!”

The colleague put on the mask again, “I’ll go out and see.”

The colleague who went out for a walk, came back with her eyes lit up and said in a regretful tone, “The sleeping one seems to be handsome, but the child who’s awake is too beautiful. Are all boys so scary now?”

At this time, another toddler who had a fever in the middle of the night came, and the two of them got busy.

Luo Lin Yuan said that he can take care of himself, but he didn’t dare move his shoulders, and naturally couldn’t use his phone. At first, he could barely support himself, but later he felt sleepy and the fever consumed a lot of his energy.

At first, the little heart can still flutter because the person you like is leaning on your shoulder. Now the heart of love is dead, and he just wanted to sleep.

Two young boys are next to each other, leaning on each other. In the empty and cold-toned hospital, they are like two small animals tightly next to each other to keep warm. So cute that the girl on the opposite side screamed silently and tried to take out her phone to secretly take a picture.

However, as soon as she took a picture, she was ruthlessly suppressed by her boyfriend. She wasn’t allowed to mess around nor was she allowed to take pictures of other men.

The girl glared at her boyfriend aggrieved. In the end, she leaned back, and her hand with the injection almost slipped off the armrest. She pointed her phone at her boyfriend, “I won’t picture them, I’ll picture you, okay?” Because there were still people sleeping in the room, she didn’t dare raise her voice.

Who would’ve thought that the boyfriend still put his finger to his lips, signaling her to keep her voice down and glancing to the side.

The girl looked over and found that the tall boy who had fallen asleep at the beginning had woken up, and carefully changed his position, letting the pale-skinned boy lean on his shoulders, and the two changed positions.

When she saw this, she met eyes with the one who woke up, and saw the other person looking at her phone, quite embarrassed. “I’ll delete it right away, sorry.” After all, her behavior is secretly taking a picture and was discovered by the person concerned.

Yu Han took the earphone off his ear and gently put it on the other side of Luo Lin Yuan’s ear. He was sure that Luo Lin Yuan was asleep and still wearing the earphones, so he spoke out, “Before deleting,” he was hesitant, but finally said, “send it to me first.”

The girl looked at her boyfriend but still courted disaster, “Add WeChat to transfer?”

Yu Han relentlessly said, “Bluetooth.”

The girl said she could understand. If she had such a cute and beautiful baby boyfriend, she wouldn’t look at other women. She pretended to be sorry but was happy to transfer the picture, then deleted it from her phone in front of Yu Han.

Unexpectedly, Yu Han was watertight, staring at her to delete in the trash[1]Like in the recently deleted photos, how phones are nowadays., and then thanked her softly.

It was a pity. The girl only went to the group chat for two seconds and shouted: Sisters, I got it for real!!!

Yu Han also didn’t look at the photo he just received. He quickly exited that photo album and put his phone away.

But soon, he took the phone out again, moved the photo to a newly created photo album, locked it, set a password, and finally threw it to the bottom of the album. It was like hiding a secret that he didn’t plan to see again.

He turned his head slightly, and Luo Lin Yuan’s scented hair fell to the corner of his mouth as if he had accidentally kissed Luo Lin Yuan’s hair.

It’s not so much that he took the initiative to kiss his hair, it’s that his hair was messy and capricious sending themselves up, knowing that they were likable and smelled sweet; he asked for a kiss and pretended that it was not what they intended. It’s them who wants to kiss it, just like the owner of the hair.

Luo Lin Yuan seemed to feel that someone was saying bad things about him in his heart. His earlobes were red and he was still pressing on his shoulder, rubbing like an itch back and forth a few times. His lips were slightly pursed, looking fleshy and pink. He also muttered a few words that no one could understand, making people want to reach out and pinch it.

Seeing Luo Lin Yuan licking his lower lip again, probably recalling the taste of that big white rabbit candy just now, Yu Han retracted his stupid hand in panic and looked away.

When Luo Lin Yuan woke up, his neck was sore. He rubbed his eyes and languished for a long time. The young couple on the opposite side was gone. He stared at his white sneakers, waking up for half a day before letting out an aiya. “Yu Han is still leaning on my shoulder.”

Turning his head to look, Yu Han calmly played with his phone, which was still connected to a power bank.

Yu Han threw out a bomb and blew up the two farmers on the opposite side to dust, then said, “Woke up midway.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s voice when he woke up was weak and soft, “Aiya, why didn’t you wake me up? Go to sleep again.”

He looked at his hanging bottle, only the small one was left, and there was still a small half bottle left.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at the game Yu Han was playing and leaned over, “You also play this ah. I play it too. I have a lot of beans.”

When Yu Han heard this, he paused. The card that should’ve been played didn’t come out, instead, he chose another one. Luo Lin Yuan got anxious, “How can you let this out!”

As soon as the words fell, Yu Han was overwhelmed by the card thrown out by the opponent. He was the landlord again. He had placed many bombs before, and the multiplier on the card table had doubled to 1314 times.

This loss can be called losing everything you invested. There were only two hundred pitiful beans left in Yu Han and he can’t even afford to open the next one.

Luo Lin Yuan felt pity to death, “You could’ve clearly won just now ah. How could you fight like this!”

Yu Han: “Just playing, can’t do it.”

Luo Lin Yuan was excited when he heard it. It’s rare that Yu Han can’t do it. Yu Han taught him language and numbers. He taught Yu Han how to Fight the Landlord ah, it’s perfect!

He was refreshed and reached out for Yu Han’s phone, “I’ll help you play.”

Yu Han said, “No more beans.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Log in to my account. I can win so much. I can save a lot of beans every day, and I can withstand your defeat.”

Yu Han didn’t resist, allowing Luo Lin Yuan to grab his phone. He clumsily entered the username and password with one hand, and finally handed it back to him with some pride on his face, “Look, I have more than hundreds of thousands of beans.”

In fact, he thought to himself, it doesn’t matter even if he loses all of it. Isn’t it still possible to spend money to charge it.[2]Jie Jie: Luo Lin Yuan confirmed whale XD

In the future, he will charge money to buy beans every day to maintain his dignity in Fight the Landlord.


1 Like in the recently deleted photos, how phones are nowadays.
2 Jie Jie: Luo Lin Yuan confirmed whale XD

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