Close to You
Close To You Chapter 63

When Yu Han came out of the bathroom, he warmed up the breakfast and called him. Luo Lin Yuan pretended to have just woken up, rubbed his eyes and got up from the bed. He first changed his school uniform, then blanked for a while at the pajamas he took off. After some mental preparation, he rolled the pajamas again into a ball, hiding them at the bottom.

Yu Han gave him a new toothbrush and a disposable cup for drinking water. After Luo Lin Yuan finished washing, he took care of his messy hair with water and tidied himself up before coming out of the bathroom.

Breakfast was porridge and buns. Yu Han had meat buns while his was red bean paste buns. Luo Lin Yuan used chopsticks to divide the buns into two, revealing a sweet red filling that was steaming.

Red bean stuffing and red bean rice on the first night. Luo Lin Yuan thought of the allusion that he didn’t know where he heard it, and recalled the embarrassment in the morning; he felt ashamed.

Yu Han saw that he didn’t eat. “Don’t you like sweet ones?”

Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly sent the buns into his mouth and said vaguely, “Like.”

After eating the buns, he drank the porridge with a slurp again. Luo Lin Yuan’s tongue was burned that he was panting and shouting numbness.

Yu Han looked at Luo Lin Yuan’s tongue that was outside, “Why do you always get burned?”

Luo Lin Yuan stiffened and put his tongue back. He said vaguely, “How could that be?”

Yu Han took a sip of porridge, “Be careful.”

Luo Lin Yuan was not to be outdone, “You be careful.” He knew everything about this morning, he just didn’t say anything.

Yu Han put down the spoon, “What should I be careful about?”

The thin-skinned Luo Lin Yuan was silent and stammered for a long time before squeezing out a sentence, “Be careful it’s hot.” It burned his waist just a moment ago.

After breakfast, it’s still early. Usually, at this point, Luo Lin Yuan is lying on the bed. He really didn’t want to carry his bag of clothes to school, it was too troublesome. He also didn’t want to go home tonight.

As he was struggling there before going out, Yu Han saw it and asked him what he was dawdling about. Luo Lin Yuan carried the bag and asked pitifully, “Can you still take me in tonight?”

Yu Han didn’t even think about it, “No.”

He firmly refused and showed no mercy. He thought Luo Lin Yuan would have to struggle for a bit or would throw a tantrum, but unexpectedly, Luo Lin Yuan turned his head and lifted the bag. He went out without a second thought and urged Yu Han, “Hurry up, we’re going to be late for school.”

The two got on the bus. It was dawn, there were not many people on the bus and there were vacant seats; the two sat side by side. The driver was an old driver, who drove the car fiercely. Luo Lin Yuan was out of sorts and was about to shake his breakfast out.

Luo Lin Yuan covered his mouth with a tissue uncomfortably, his eyebrows knotted. Yu Han comforted him, “Almost there.”

Little Princess Luo didn’t adapt to the style of the bus. He was so forced that he didn’t even want to talk back to the person he likes. He closed his eyes and grabbed Yu Han’s clothes. Without waiting for the person to react, he moved his head over and leaned on Yu Han’s shoulder.

Suddenly, the morning sun pierced through the clouds and shone brightly, illuminating everything, including the discomfort on Yu Han’s face and Luo Lin Yuan’s light pink eyelids.

Luo Lin Yuan grabbed the corner of his clothes, a few fingers were all red in the sunlight and twisted the fabric out of the folds as if to leave a temperature on it.

This is not good. Luo Lin Yuan is used to relying on him. They shouldn’t have been so close.

Yu Han knew it in his heart, but he couldn’t push it away. Instead, he stared at the red fingers and thought helplessly, he should buy something for Luo Lin Yuan to drink when they got out of the bus to relieve motion sickness.

This person is delicate, for fear that he will never take the bus again.

Realizing what he was thinking, Yu Han suddenly smiled at himself. Luo Lin Yuan shouldn’t have come to take the bus in the first place. If you won’t ride in a good private car, you can squeeze on any bus.

You still shouldn’t come to his house. Even if you think the hotel is dirty, the bedding in the five-star hotel is changed every day.

Luo Lin Yuan’s head moved, interrupting his contemplation. The hair tickled into his ear, making him itchy and panicked.

The person on his shoulder raised his head and came up to his ear and said, “This driver is driving so fiercely. I think we’re going to arrive early.”

Yu Han looked ahead, “There are two more stops.”

Luo Lin Yuan put his chin on Yu Han’s shoulder and rubbed the flesh of his chin against it affectionately without knowing it. He seemed less uncomfortable, so he went to look at Yu Han’s smooth jawline for a while and was surprised to find, “Stubble!”

As soon as Yu Han’s shoulders withdrew, Luo Lin Yuan was empty. Yu Han took out his phone  without any feeling, and replied with a message before saying, “You also have it too.”

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t help peeking at Yu Han’s phone, not knowing who sent Yu Han a message early in the morning. Could it be Ren Yu?

What is the relationship between Ren Yu and Yu Han ah? If there isn’t, why kiss?

When did the culture of our country become so open? Could it be that Yu Han fooled him? Think he’s stupid?

Luo Lin Yuan touched his bare chin, “I have less body hair, not as much as you.” He had no leg hair, no armpit hair, and sparse beard hair. Fortunately, he has a lot of hair on his head.

Speaking of which, Luo Lin Yuan moved his eyes to aim at Yu Han’s belly. Yu Han’s body hair was so vigorous ah, that it grew to the navel. He was envious and masculine.

Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes became more and more vulgar. Yu Han couldn’t help but raise his hand, pinch his chin, twisted his fingers, and point to the side, “We’ll be there soon. This is the pedestrian street near the school.”

There are many people coming out to set up their stalls on the pedestrian street, and students eating breakfast. Yu Han just wanted to say that you can stroll around after school, but considering Luo Lin Yuan’s cleanliness, it’s unnecessary to mention it.

Of course, Luo Lin Yuan didn’t look at those roadside stalls. He saw a certain storefront. The name of the store made his eyes light up, and an idea flashed in his mind, taking shape, becoming more determined, and the more he thought about it, the more feasible it became.

When he got off the bus, he was thinking about things in his mind and didn’t talk much. He rushed to the school and climbed to the senior floor. He didn’t even say goodbye before he left. Fortunately, Yu Han still wanted to go to the convenience store to buy some appetizing sweets or soda for people.

Fang Xiao was late when the bell rang for the first period and was surprised to see Luo Lin Yuan prepping in his seat, “My goodness, how did you get here so early?”

Luo Lin Yuan took out a pen and wrote a few strokes, “I got up early.”

Fang Xiao: “Where did you go last night? Uncle Wu even called me and asked if you were with me.”

Luo Lin Yuan put down his pen and took out the orange soda from the drawer to drink, “I told Uncle Wu that I wasn’t going to your house anymore. Why did he call you?”

Fang Xiao: “Don’t talk nonsense. Where did you go yesterday?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Yu Han’s house.”

Fang Xiao was frightened. Although he usually likes to joke, his brother’s progress is a thousand miles a day, still so very frightening ah! He clearly warned against doing these adult things, Luo Lin Yuan is still young!

Fang Xiao: “You you you!” His mother face came out, and he almost yelled that his mother didn’t allow you to do this!

Luo Lin Yuan: “What are you thinking? We didn’t do anything! Are you free tonight? I don’t have a tutor. Will you accompany me to a place?”

Fang Xiao breathed a sigh of relief, “I was scared to death. I’m free, where to go?”

After school, Luo Lin Yuan took Fang Xiao to the place he saw in the morning. Fang Xiao raised his head to look at the large Scorpio[1]The Zodiac sign: ♏︎ tattoo words and hesitated, “Are you going to have a f&@^#% alternative rebellion after quarreling with you? Do you want to tattoo an Azure Dragon or White Tiger? Brothers don’t accompany you to tattoo ah, our relationship hasn’t reached this point.”

Luo Lin Yuan wanted to hit someone a little. He was very entangled with the pattern that he had designed all afternoon and it wasn’t very good-looking.

Fang Xiao snatched the picture to take a look and was staggered by the ground.

On that snow-white striped paper, there was a drawing of ♂boy. [2]Bolded text written as is on the raw.


1 The Zodiac sign: ♏︎
2 Bolded text written as is on the raw.

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