Close to You
Close To You Chapter 64

Fang Xiao disgracefully grabbed the back collar of the little princess and dragged the person to the side. Luo Lin Yuan struggled but couldn’t match Fang Xiao, who played basketball all year round. He almost died of anger, “What! Let go! Fang Xiao, you’re crazy la!”

His words attracted a more intense backlash from Fang Xiao, who held the ♂boy note between his fingers. “Who’s crazy? You give this ghost pattern to a tattoo artist, and no one will tattoo it no matter how much money you give. This work is too humiliating that it can’t be put out.”

Luo Lin Yuan was defiant, “I don’t need him to put it out. Give it back to me quickly.”

Fang Xiao: “No, no. Xiao Yuanyuan, you’ll definitely regret it when the time comes, and then blame brother for not stopping you.”

Luo Lin Yuan raised his hand and made a gesture to fight, “I’m older than you. Who’s your brother? Quickly give it back to me!”

Fang Xiao refused and finally took Luo Lin Yuan to the pancake shop below the tattoo shop. He ordered a large portion of pancake for himself and ordered Luo Lin Yuan a strawberry milkshake to calm him down.

Luo Lin Yuan took two sips of the pink smoothie and moistened his lips with ice. “Is it really that dirty?”

Fang Xiao took a bite of half a pancake, chewing happily. After hearing this, he swallowed with difficulty, “Don’t mention how dirty it is, it’s ridiculous! Tattoos are a lifelong thing, you don’t mess around ah. Where do you plan to get tattooed?”

Luo Lin Yuan held the cup, muttering in a low voice, “Left shoulder blade.”

Fang Xiao almost spat out the egg in his mouth, “Were you an angel with broken wings with your head on the ground in your last life, so wrong? Hello, big bro, it’s 2012.”

Luo Lin Yuan became angry with embarrassment, “What’s wrong with me getting tattooed! Just getting tattooed!”

After that, he put down the cup, picked up his school bag, and rushed. Fang Xiao’s quick eyes stopped this worry-free, and he wasn’t kidding any more. He felt that Luo Lin Yuan wouldn’t want to tattoo a boy on him for no reason. There must be a reason.

Under Fang Xiao’s repeated questioning, Luo Lin Yuan still refused to say. Yu Han told him that tattoo was a secret and not easily told to others, so how could he say it.

However, Fang Xiao has already made a connection. “You can’t be because of Teacher Yu. I remember that Teacher Yu has a tattoo.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes rounded, thinking to himself how Fang Xiao knew that Yu Han had a tattoo. Isn’t this a secret? Was Yu Han coaxing him?

Fang Xiao didn’t wait for him to ask and said, “But none of us have ever seen Teacher Yu’s tattoo… Could it be…?”

Luo Lin Yuan held his breath for a long time, afraid that Fang Xiao would guess the truth. He regretted pulling Fang Xiao to be bold. He should’ve come alone. This waste of time was spent on tattoos and getting them done.

Fang Xiao stared at Luo Lin Yuan in disbelief. “Impossible! Our cool boy Teacher Yu wouldn’t have a boy on his body too ba! No! I can’t accept it!!!”

Luo Lin Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, and said in his heart, your cool boy Teacher Yu doesn’t have a boy, but a lady, which he got the tattoo after being bullied.

Thinking about it this way, he felt that it wasn’t right again.

Although the initial intention was indeed to tattoo something similar to Yu Han, he wanted to tell Yu Han that it was okay. This tattoo is painful to you, but I will accompany you. Luo Lin Yuan’s thoughts in his heart are quite romantic. Now that Fang Xiao stopped him, he was a little more sober.

Not to mention what kind of attitude Yu Han had towards that tattoo, it was always not a good memory.

He followed to tattoo. Not only it couldn’t be comforting, but maybe Yu Han will be angry?

Because Yu Han didn’t like him ah, he is in a one-sided crush only.

This is not a couple tattoo that has a meaning, but he alone thinks it has meaning.

Seeing that Luo Lin Yuan was depressed and his complexion deteriorated, Fang Xiao thought that he was making too much trouble. He eased his tone, “It’s really because of Teacher Yu, huh?”

Luo Lin Yuan finished half a cup of milkshake in one breath as if drinking to get drunk, and said, “Ugh, stop talking, no more tattoo.”

Fang Xiao was a little soft-hearted when he heard that he was worried, “Why don’t you tattoo it? Let’s see if the tattoo artist can save the content.”

Luo Lin Yuan was still withered, and Fang Xiao said again, “Ai, if you really want to get a tattoo because of Teacher Yu, you don’t necessarily have to tattoo the same style. You tattoo a similar meaning.”

Luo Lin Yuan moved his finger to wipe the ice water beads on the cup, feeling that the water marks were like the rain sliding down his heart, this melancholy and annoying time of crush ah.

If Fang Xiao knew his train of thought, he would definitely have goosebumps all over the floor, then beat people up again, beat back the previous Gaoling Little Princess Luo. How can love make people lose sight and force people to decline?!

Luo Lin Yuan asked him, “Tattoo what?”

Fang Xiao: “Real tattoo ah. Are you sure? Do you really like it so much? For a lifetime?”

Luo Lin Yuan thought about it, “How can there be a lifetime ah.”

Fang Xiao: “Then why are you still so crazy.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Because I think it’s worth it. I want to keep him with me. He’s something beautiful to me, and it won’t be painful to see it in the future.”

Fang Xiao: “It’s really not painful? Yu Han doesn’t like you yet, does he? Is this worth it to you?”

Luo Lin Yuan said generously, “I like him, but I can’t force him to like me. How can feelings be so simple. Of course, it would be great if we could be in love with each other, but if we can’t, there is no other way.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “As for tattoos, of course, I am responsible for it, and I am willing to do it now.”

Fang Xiao: “But if you have a tattoo, a lot of work…”

Luo Lin Yuan looked at Fang Xiao as if looking at an idiot, “My family is super rich, why don’t I inherit my family business than go out and find a job?”

Fang Xiao: “……” Damn rich people! Sour.

After the two people muttered in discussion, they finally went upstairs and arrived at the Scorpio tattoo shop.

They were greeted by a girl with extremely short shaved hair and black short-sleeved flowery arms. She glanced at the two of them in school uniforms from behind the computer screen, “Tattoo? Do you have an appointment?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “No appointment.”

The girl said, “The big drawing can’t be done now and the drawing must be designed. You first see which teacher’s work you want to choose. After the design is drawn, you have to make an appointment with the teacher. The schedule can only be done after the appointment is made.”

Luo Lin Yuan listened in a daze, “Can’t do it immediately?”

The girl pointed her hand inside. There was a studio blocked by a silver bead chain, and you could see someone in the shadows busy inside. “A tattoo is as short as an hour. We are mainly original. We won’t do it if you take pictures on the internet. This is a tattoo, not a haircut where if you say it, we’ll do it for you.”

The girl glance at him meaningfully again, “After the appointment is made, a down payment will be given and is non-refundable.

Probably seeing that they were students, they rushed up in a hurry, and they would regret it in a few days, the girl felt that these two children are too young.

Who knew that Luo Lin Yuan was quite decisive. After he carefully chose the tattoo artist, he added on WeChat, transferred the deposit, and made an appointment on the spot.

The tattoo artist was still tattooing an arm inside, so the girl went in and asked if they could draw a design tonight. After getting a positive answer, she arranged a schedule for Luo Lin Yuan on the computer, “You can come next Monday ba.”

Luo Lin Yuan hesitated because next Monday is tutoring time. It seems he has to discuss with Yu Han to adjust the class time.

He said yes and the girl asked him again, “What do you want to tattoo and how big is the pattern?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I want a pair of fish to break the ice.”

The girl had received a lot of people with all kinds of content. She didn’t say anything when she heard it and typed on the computer for a while. “Colored?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Hmm.”

Girl: “Think about it, colored ones can’t be washed off.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Since it’s tattooed, I don’t want to wash them off.”

When the fish breaks the ice, the ice and snow melt. Spring has arrived which is his spring.

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