Close to You
Close To You Chapter 65

After the matter was over, Fang Xiao asked Luo Linyuan if he wanted to go to the video game city to play games, and then called Li Yujie and the others. The four of them hadn’t played together for a long time.

Although Fang Xiao’s family is not as rich as Luo Linyuan, they are also above average. He got a lot of pocket money. He bought a motorcycle secretly some time ago, but it was found by his family, and confiscated it. Fang Xiao only rode to show off once, took a picture, and then no more.

He was itching to go to the video game city to have fun riding fake motorcycles. Luo Lin Yuan doesn’t like video game city much. The noise is one thing. It’s mainly because too many people have used those machines and he doesn’t want to touch them.

Fang Xiao usually buys him ice cream or other delicious food. He sat next to him and looked at several people’s school bags, eats snacks, plays with their mobile phones, and occasionally cheers Fang Xiao up.

Before going to the video game city, they went to the convenience store to buy snacks. As soon as Luo Linyuan picked up the ice cream, Fang Xiao said, “Didn’t you just have a fever? We had milkshakes. Do you still want to eat ice cream?”

Just when he was chatting, Fang Xiao knew that Luo Linyuan went to the hospital for an injection last night because of a fever.

Luo Lin Yuan put the ice cream back reluctantly, “You’re so troublesome.”

Fang Xiao: “What are you saying, be careful that I tell Uncle Wu that you want a tattoo!”

Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t threatened, “I know where you hid your p*&#. Is Auntie at home today?”

Fang Xiao wept. Knowing that he couldn’t threaten this little child, Luo Linyuan, he only mumbled about people are easily changing and won’t stay.

When they came out of the convenience store, Fang Xiao seemed to see Yu Han, but he couldn’t find him. He flashed by, like an illusion.

At this time, Luo Lin Yuan took apart one of the packs of chocolate and bit them, making his mouth sticky and black.

Fang Xiao shunned him, “Face dirty.”

Luo Lin Yuan said indifferently, “Wipe it for me, no (free) hands.”

Luo Lin Yuan had chocolate in one hand and a drink in the other. He pursed his mouth and waited for someone to wipe it for him. Fang Xiao had to roll the heavy snack bag on his hand to his elbow, like an old father taking care of a semi-paralyzed baby, and wiped the little princess’s mouth with a paper towel.

Luo Lin Yuan glared at him so hard. The skin around his lips turned red, “Are you trying to tear my mouth off?”

Fang Xiao gathered the tissues together and threw them in the trash can to divert his attention, “I seem to have seen Teacher Yu just now.”

Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly said, “Where where? My face is still dirty, why didn’t you say it earlier?”

Fang Xiao: “It seems that it’s just that, I can’t find him, I probably saw it wrong.”

Luo Lin Yuan took a sip of coke, “How could that be? Yu Han is so handsome, there is no mistaking him.”

Fang Xiao: “……” Ok bah, you like him. It’s up to you.

Luo Lin Yuan took out his phone and wanted to send a WeChat message to Yu Han, asking where the person was. Anyway, their relationship is good now, so you can always send a greeting bah.

Or ask Yu Han if he wants to come and play with them? But it soon occurred to him that Yu Han didn’t sleep for a few hours yesterday, so he didn’t have the energy to play.

Thinking about it, he sent a paragraph: I feel much better. Thank you for taking care of me last night. Have a good rest, and remember to make up for your sleep.

At the same time, the short-haired flower-armed cool sister upstairs, Jing Lin, received a call from the takeaway staff, saying that she couldn’t find where their store was.

Jing Lin thought to herself that they couldn’t find such a huge Scorpio sign. Is this the takeaway worker’s first day at work?

She took her mobile phone downstairs to get the takeaway and saw Yu Han at the entrance of the stairs on the second floor.

Yu Han is the younger brother of the owner of the store.[1]This is not meant as them being blood-related. He is tall and handsome, and he is also sensible. Jing Lin likes him quite a bit.

Yu Han stood with his back to her at the window, which opened towards the street, and could see the whole street. She stepped forward and patted Yu Han on the waist, “What are you looking at?”

Yu Han’s body shook and he recognized her voice, “Sister Jing.” He took a step back, holding a paper bag in his hand with a famous brand logo printed on it.

Jing Lin glanced at what he was holding in his hand, and understood everything, “Are you here to coax people?”

Yu Han smiled: “Yeah, here to coax people.”

Jing Lin has known him for a long time. Seeing his smile not reaching the bottom of his eyes, she asked, “Why do you look so unhappy? Is there not enough money, want me to lend you?”

Yu Han hurriedly said, “No, sister, there is enough money.”

Jing Lin’s mobile phone shook again, and the takeaway urged her. She waved her hand, “If you don’t have enough money tell me. I have picked up a full back these days, and I am very rich!”

Yu Han carried a paper bag upstairs. The Scorpio boss was a man named Xu Xiaoxiao. His skin was very white and he was small. When Yu Han arrived, he just finished his work and came out to get vaseline and a list of precautions for the guests.

Xu Xiaoxiao saw Yu Han. After only three seconds of surprise, he saw the bag in his hand and rolled his eyes, “Chang Mu asked you to come?”

Yu Han put the bag on the computer desk, “Mr. Chang said he was wrong and wants to go home tonight.”

Xu Xiaoxiao snapped off his gloves, didn’t look at the paper bag, and just said, “Let’s have a meal together in a while. Is Grandma okay?”

Xu Xiaoxiao originally lived next door to them and was also a single-parent family. He followed his father. His father was very busy doing business outside all year round, so the child was handed over to Yu Han’s grandma to take the child and give a sum of money every month.

For Yu Han, Xu Xiaoxiao, who was raised by his parents since he was a child, is almost half a brother.

Xu Xiaoxiao didn’t go to university. After finishing high school, he went to work as an apprentice. After studying for a few years, he came out and opened his own shop.

He also introduced Yu Han to work in a bar opened by Chang Mu. Chang Mu was his boyfriend and would help him take care of Yu Han from suffering.

He glanced at Yu Han’s school uniform and smiled, “There were two children who seemed to be in the same school as you just now, and they also came to get tattoos. Now these children, one is better than the other.”

Yu Han smiled and didn’t say anything. Xu Xiaoxiao asked again, “That bastard didn’t come to trouble you again, did he?”

Yu Han said, “You and Brother Chang scared him like that, I don’t think he will show up in front of me for a while.”

When the guest came out, Xu Xiaoxiao gave the vaseline and the list. After telling them not to swim and go to the sea to eat chili seafood, he settled the account. He looked at the transfer record on his mobile phone, blew a whistle, and said to Yu Han, “Let’s go, brother invites you to a good meal.”

Xu Xiaoxiao handed the shop to another tattoo artist, and went downstairs with Yu Han in his arms, without looking at the paper bag that the other party had brought.

He is small, and it is really inconvenient to hug Yu Han, “How could you grow up so tall? We obviously both grew up on grandma’s cooking.”

The two went to a hot pot restaurant. Xu Xiaoxiao ordered a pile of meat and ate happily. While eating, he was concerned about Yu Han’s academic performance. After hearing that there was no decline, he breathed a sigh of relief, “Capable, better than me, you have to study hard and go to university. I will help grandma.”

Yu Han helped Xu Xiaoxiao cook a piece of tripe and put it in a bowl, “Brother has helped us a lot, actually…”

Xu Xiaoxiao stared and interrupted him,  “What nonsense! Is that your grandmother alone, it’s mine too, okay? Besides, what trouble, it’s not troublesome, I’ll be anxious with you ah!”

Yu Han smiled and unscrewed Xu Xiaoxiao’s drink and put it beside him.

Xu Xiaoxiao asked, “Is there going to be a parent-teacher meeting ah? I have to prepare in advance.”

He recently dyed his hair green. Chang Mu was annoyed when he saw his hair. He said that his head was green. People who didn’t know thought what was wrong with them.

Chang Mu quarreled with him a few times, and Xu Xiaoxiao refused to dye it back, but participating in Yu Han’s parent-teacher meeting is another matter. He can’t be so out of tune. He has to dye it black. He has to wear a suit and tie and be more stable.

Xu Xiaoxiao kept putting meat in Yu Han’s bowl, “You also eat more. Look, you’ve lost weight.”

Yu Han took a few sips, and Xu Xiaoxiao asked, “The last time I went to see grandma, I saw a nurse. Did you hire it for grandma?”

Yu Han paused with his chopsticks in his hand, pursed his lips, and didn’t answer. Xu Xiaoxiao understood, “He hired it, right?”

Xu Xiaoxiao was a little angry, “When he came once, Grandma was angry. What peace of mind? He knew clearly that patient cannot be stimulated. It’s better to take care of his own kid, that bastard!”

Yu Han’s eyes were slightly cold, and after Xu Xiaoxiao was angry, he felt that it was better not to talk about these bad things at the dinner table.

He remembered another thing, “Chang Mu said that there is always a little boy who comes to the bar to find you…” He frowned, very entangled: “Are you being bothered?”

Originally, he didn’t really want to introduce Yu Han to work in Chang Mu’s bar, but Yu Han was a serious-minded person and gave money directly. Even if he accepted it, Yu Han was still thinking about it in his heart. Instead of letting Yu Han secretly work outside to pay back the money, it is better to introduce him to a job with a higher salary.

Anyway, Chang Mu is looking after him, no one dared to harass Yu Han. What’s with the little boy?

Xu Xiaoxiao tentatively said, “Haven’t you had a girlfriend? I don’t mean anything else. You guys are not what I think, are you?”

He stared at Yu Han’s face closely and clearly saw the hesitation that appeared on the other side.

Xu Xiaoxiao’s heart hang up and he was scared to death. He himself is gay, and he knows how difficult gay’s road is, so he doesn’t want to watch his brother follow suit.

You obviously liked girls before ah?

Yu Han put down his chopsticks, and after a long silence, he said, “I don’t know, Brother, I haven’t figured it out yet.”

Xu Xiaoxiao’s face turned pale. What else did he want to understand ah? He had gotten as far as figuring it out and that wasn’t far from bending.


1 This is not meant as them being blood-related.

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