Close to You
Close To You Chapter 66

The tattoo picture came out three days later. Half of the fish’s body was exposed to the ice surface, the tail threw out blue water droplets, and the fish’s mouth was red all the way down, the color changed from dark to light, orange to pink.

The warm and cold collide, and it’s pretty good-looking. Fang Xiao looked at the picture from his mobile phone and tsk-ed twice, “Provocative, really provocative.”

Fang Xiao said, “With this fish tattooed, whatever you want will come true, and you will be the living koi fish of the new era.”

Luo Lin Yuan, “Roll.”

Fang Xiao and the others were about to compete soon, they can’t wait to spend all ten minutes after class. After Yu Han finished this week’s tutoring class, he also practiced with the team after school every day.

Everyone is looking forward to this competition. Yang Xi is almost hugging Yu Han’s thigh, a super combatant, and begging him not to leave.

Luo Lin Yuan heard Fang Xiao say that Yu Han was here, so he said that he would also go watch their game. Fang Xiao knew his small mind and covered his chest and said, “I don’t care, I’ll treat it as you can’t bear me anymore. Remember to buy me water and energy bars, I want the most expensive one.”

Luo Lin Yuan agreed readily and added the energy bar to the shopping cart in front of Fang Xiao to pay, and it will arrive tomorrow.

After paying, he asked cautiously, ”I won’t bump into any school flower again this time, right?”

It’s not a school idol drama where there are so many manic crushes on men and women.

Fang Xiao, who knew, since Yu Han joined their team, their tall, handsome, and sunny boy have been compared to weeds on the side of the road, dim and dull. There are so many girls coming and going from the basketball court, who knows who they were watching.

Fortunately, after this game, Yu Han will withdraw from the team and will prepare for the college entrance exams seriously.

Luo Lin Yuan listened to his best friend’s sadness, pondered for a while, and finally reached out and patted Fang Xiao’s shoulder. It’s just the kind of lightly touching the fingers without the palm touching, “It’s okay. You’ve been by my side for so long, you should’ve gotten used to the feeling of being set off as a weed.”

Fang Xiao was so furious that he grabbed the person and rubbed him for a long time. In order to stimulate Luo Lin Yuan, he also deliberately spread his hand in front of him, making a gesture to touch his face. “I just went to the toilet and didn’t wash my hands, you’re screwed!”

As the two were fooling around, they heard someone call out Luo Luo. Their Chinese class representative, a girl named Tao Qing, was a beautiful and quiet girl with a soft personality. Most of the people in the class call her Xiao Qing’er.

Tao Qing is one of the few girls who have a good relationship with Luo Lin Yuan. She has known Luo Lin Yuan and Fang Xiao for a long time in junior high school.

Before Xia Fu, Fang Xiao always paired him with Tao Qing.

But Luo Lin Yuan suspected that she liked Fang Xiao, although it was only a suspicion.

Fang Xiao let go of his spread hand, Luo Lin Yuan sat upright, and pulled down his clothes, covering his belly. He glared at Fang Xiao and said to Tao Qing, “Fang Xiao and the others are going to compete this week. Let’s go watch it together, Fang Xiao will pick you up.”

Fang Xiao said hello in a tiny voice, and pulled down Luo Lin Yuan’s collar, implying that people shouldn’t go too far.

Tang Qing glanced at Fang Xiao and said in a soft voice, “No, I can go by myself.” Then added, “There’s someone at the door looking for you.”

Luo Lin Yuan glanced at the door and it turned out to be Yu Han. He immediately stood up from his chair and ran out with small steps. He slowed down again when he reached the door and tidied up his hair that was messed up by Fang Xiao.

Yu Han didn’t reply to his message that day. After he didn’t tutor, he couldn’t see the person directly. Luo Lin Yuan’s heart felt uncomfortable. Last night he also logged into his Fight the Landlord account and found that the beans were neither less nor more, Yu Han had never used them.

Why aren’t you playing, Fight the Landlord is a stress reliever, okay!

He walked to the door, his hand on the door frame, raised his chin slightly, looking a little reserved, “What’s up?”

Yu Han was more reserved than him, and he was simply cold. He raised his hand and stuffed a stack of papers to him, and said solemnly, “Remember to make up the time to do the papers when you don’t tutor. I will check them on Monday.”

Luo Lin Yuan pinched the somewhat thick paper, his hair straightened with the huge amount of topics, “So many?! How can I finish it!”

Yu Han: “Three sheets daily, make up for your weak subjects.”

Luo Lin Yuan flipped through the test papers, really sad and angry, because all the compulsory subjects are there, and in Yu Han’s eyes, there was no one who wasn’t weak.

But losing people doesn’t lose the battle. Yu Han hasn’t looked for him for so long. When he looked for him, he found a bunch of papers. He said, “I won’t tutor next Monday, I’m not available.”

Yu Han frowned, “Why?”

Luo Lin Yuan hummed, “I want to play games with Fang Xiao.” Of course not, he wants to get a tattoo, he just used Fang Xiao as an excuse.

After hearing this reason, Yu Han’s face became colder. He glanced at Luo Lin Yuan’s belly and dropped a sentence, “Suit yourself.” Then just turned around and left.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t expect such an outcome and stood in place for a while before walking back in confusion.

When he returned to his seat, Fang Xiao hit him with his arm and made eyes with him, laughing in a small voice, “What did Teacher Yu specifically come to you to say ah?”

After he saw the pile of papers in Luo Lin Yuan’s hand, he instantly laughed out loud, “Hahahaha! Damn. Is Teacher Yu going to tie you up and enter Tsinghua University or Peking University with him? So many!”

As he laughed, he saw that his brother was simply silent, just like an eggplant beaten by frost, lying on the pile of papers, unmoving.

Fang Xiao: “What’s the matter? Not happy to see your sweetheart?”

As soon as the words fell, Luo Lin Yuan turn his head, wrinkling his brow, “It’s a fart sweetheart!”

Fang Xiao thought to himself, he(LLY) was going to get a tattoo for him, so what is this if not a sweetheart? He lowered his voice to coax the little princess, “Quarreled la? Aiyo, there is no way young people don’t quarrel when they are in love. Just get used to it. It’s a matter of time before you two get into a fight.”

Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t coaxed, and even felt that Fang Xiao had a little crow’s mouth[1]Person who makes an inauspicious remark. He was wronged and said, “It’s impossible to be together.”

He rested his forehead on the paper, and his eyelids drooped. The paper seemed to still have the smell of Yu Han on it. He said sulkily, “He doesn’t like me at all and I don’t want to like him.”

Fang Xiao felt that his actor’s line was so sour that he lost his teeth. He didn’t dare to continue to stimulate the sensitive nerves of people in love, so he asked, “Then do you still want to go to watch us play ball?”

Luo Lin Yuan said in a firm voice, “Look! Why don’t you watch him! I’m not going to watch him. Can’t I watch your bags for you?”

Fang Xiao: “Yes, of course! Super okay!”

After school, Luo Lin Yuan sat next to a bunch of boys’ school bags, looking out the bags and water for others, wearing a hat and sunscreen.

He held his chin in his hand, with a candy in his mouth, sliding it around with his tongue in his mouth. His cheeks were bulging and his eyes were still staring at the basketball court, looking at Yang Xi, at Fang Xiao, at Li Yujie, but not at Yu Han.

Sure enough, there were still a bunch of girls sitting next to Yu Han, who applauded and screamed when they saw Yu Han playing handsomely.

Luo Lin Yuan sneered. When Fang Xiao scored a goal, he followed suit by clapping his hands with pa pa sounds, his palms turning red, so childish as hell. Fang Xiao on the field, flirtatiously threw flying kisses at him to show his gratitude.

As a result, Fang Xiao was miserable in the second half and couldn’t touch the ball at all. Yu Han, that terrifying man, controlled the whole court, and the ball never left his hand.

Yu Han still had to pass the ball. After all, basketball is not a one-man game. But Yu Han doesn’t pass it on to anyone.

Fang Xiao ran around the court, panting, his face full of Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here?

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1 Person who makes an inauspicious remark.

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