Close to You
Close To You Chapter 67

The practice finally ended. Fang Xiao went off the court, panting. He took the water Luo Lin Yuan handed him and collapsed on the chair like a dead dog next to Luo Lin Yuan. “***, I feel like I was targeted by Teacher Yu but I have no evidence.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “What did he do to you?”

Fang Xiao: “He didn’t even pass the ball to me, but also teased me to run all over the court. I will definitely be ruined tomorrow, my whole body hurts.”

Although Luo Lin Yuan is annoyed with Yu Han and his female fans, he quit as soon as he heard Fang Xiao slander his beloved.

The little heartless sided with outsiders rather than his own, “Isn’t it because you’re weak that he can’t pass it to you? Where can you call it targeting?”

Fang Xiao faintly raised his eyes, “I’m warning you, I’m sweaty now. Don’t force me to give you a big hug.”

After saying so, he unfolded his hands and approached Luo Lin Yuan with a grim smile. Luo Lin Yuan adhered to his penchant for cleanliness and didn’t fight with the rough man, so he got up and dodged.

He dodged quickly. Fang Xiao fell to where he was sitting and almost fell from his chair. Luo Lin Yuan was dying of laughter, he placed his hand on his hips, showing off and trying to make a grimace at Fang Xiao. But thinking that this was outside, he had to maintain his image. He only laughed there and didn’t help Fang Xiao.

Regardless of what Fang Xiao said there, he used his gaze to find Yu Han. He wondered why would Yu Han target Fang Xiao. The relationship between the two seemed fine before.

Isn’t a character like Yu Han good with anyone?

As soon as he found Yu Han, he collided with the other person’s eyes, and Yu Han was also looking at him.

This discovery made Luo Lin Yuan’s heart beat faster for a moment, and he was even a little at a loss. His first reaction was to look away, then thought, what is he hiding from? He then moved back and stared at Yu Han with wide eyes.

Yu Han looked at him for a while across the court, then turned his head and ignored him. Luo Lin Yuan watched Yu Han get off the court. Yu Han picked up his water bottle and school bag, said goodbye to others, and even waved his hand to the girls watching him, saying goodbye but he didn’t turn around to say goodbye to him.

At this time, Ren Yu came over with a bicycle, and he didn’t know why he came so timely. He came as soon as the practice was over.

Ren Yu rang the bell for Yu Han, who walked towards him. Ren Yu reached out and took Yu Han’s school bag, and folded it with his school bag in the bike’s basket.

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t wait to turn his eyes into a sharp sword to fiercely stab Yu Han and Ren Yu, and then split the two of them with a knife, sticking together like something!

In fact, Yu Han and Ren Yu aren’t close. In the end, one is riding a bicycle and one is walking. It’s impossible to get close for safety reasons.

It was Yu Han who walked slowly and Ren Yu rode crooked to wait for Yu Han.

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t help it anymore. When he realized it, he had already chased him to the entrance of the basketball court.

On the pathway after school, autumn has arrived, and a lot of withered yellow leaves have fallen on the ground. Young boys wearing school uniforms, one after another. Such harmony, like a movie scene, is so perfect that Luo Lin Yuan gnashed his teeth.

Don’t know if Luo Lin Yuan’s resentment played a role, but Ren Yu’s bicycle tilted and he almost fell over. Yu Han held the front of the bike in time and said something to Ren Yu.

Luo Lin Yuan’s breathing stopped, thinking that there mustn’t be a scene of Yu Han riding and Ren Yu sitting on the back. That would be too much. Doesn’t Yu Han, a straight man, know how to avoid suspicion? Can’t he see that Ren Yu might be interested in him!

Also, what can Yu Han see! He can’t even tell that he likes him!

The scene he thought of didn’t appear. Ren Yu also got off the bike and pushed it along with Yu Han. Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes were sour from looking at them, he was staring, not about to cry.

He turned back to look for his school bag, wanting to go home. Fang Xiao saw his miserable face, so he asked him, “Do you want to play games?”

Luo Lin Yuan shook his head in silence, he wasn’t in the mood. He called Uncle Zhang and asked him to take him home. He asked Fang Xiao in passing, “Do you want Uncle Zhang to take you home together?”

Fang Xiao: “No, I’m mixed with sweat. I’m going to have something cold with the team later, you go back first.”

Luo Lin Yuan left, and he felt a little better all the way to the school entrance. Although Ren Yu rode a bicycle, Yu Han had to take a bus to get home. The two weren’t on the same road at all, so they just walked from the basketball court to the school entrance together.

But soon, his mood darkened. He thought if the relationship wasn’t good, why should they have to go to the school entrance with everything? Is it the simple friendship of girls going to the bathroom together?

Ren Yu is even helping to take care of Yu Han’s grandmother. If Ren Yu also likes Yu Han, and Yu Han has such a one-in-a-thousand chance of liking boys, can he beat Ren Yu?

The road ahead was simply slim, and the road of love was bumpy. Luo Lin Yuan was so sad to death that Uncle Zhang hadn’t arrived yet when he walked to the school entrance. The wind is also a bit noisy, and his emotions magnified a lot.

He saw a milk tea shop, so he walked over to buy milk tea. Who would’ve thought that enemies meet on a narrow road? Ren Yu and Yu Han sat at a round table outside the milk tea shop and ordered a salty crispy chicken to eat.

When Yu Han saw him, Luo Lin Yuan swept a glance at the person and didn’t want to greet him. As if he hadn’t seen him, he put his hand in his trouser pocket in an attempt to coolly walk past.

He went to the cashier and ordered a 100% sugar strawberry cream with ice. Then, he asked the little sister at the cashier’s counter for a dozen of tissues. After the cup of milk tea was ready, he used a tissue to hold the milk tea, inserted the straw, and walked out with it.

When he walked to the table of Yu Han and Ren Yu, he found that the two people were looking at him, making him uncomfortable to walk. He had a cold face, ignored the whole process, and crossed the road to find his driver.

As a result, when he passed by Yu Han, his indifference failed. Yu Han repeated his old trick, pulled his school bag strap, and dragged him back.

Luo Lin Yuan held the milk tea in one hand and grabbed his school bag strap with difficulty, “What are you doing!”

Yu Han propped his chin and looked up at him, “Drinking cold again? Aren’t you sick?”

This kind of sudden concern makes people’s hearts sour the most. Luo Lin Yuan was almost sour into a strawberry, only the innermost was sweet.

But he couldn’t be so ambitious. This talent stuffed him with a bunch of papers, ignored him, ignored him so many times, attracting girls, and crossed the road with a best friend of unknown sexual orientation. It was a terrible crime.

Luo Lin Yuan: “Don’t worry about it.”

Yu Han pulled his school bag and didn’t let go, “Really?”

Luo Lin Yuan stared at Yu Han hard for three seconds and finally softened. He said, “I haven’t drunk a sip of it… it’s a waste.”

He embarrassed Yu Han, “Do you want to drink leftovers from me?”

Yu Han didn’t answer him. Luo Lin Yuan took the straw, took a hard sip of the milk cream, and then handed over the cup of milk tea with tooth marks on the straw.

In fact, he didn’t think Yu Han would pick it up. Mainly, he still wanted to drink the milk tea. It would be better if Yu Han didn’t pick it up, and he could continue to drink it.

Unexpectedly, Yu Han raised his hand and received the milk tea, and also let go of his school bag strap. “Go back, remember to do the paper works. If you don’t know, WeChat me. If you haven’t finished the next checking, don’t think about playing games with Fang Xiao.”

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