Close to You
Close To You Chapter 68

Luo Lin Yuan sullenly answered got it, then looked at Ren Yu, only to see a look of surprise on Ren Yu’s face. His gaze wandered between the two. Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t help but show off. If he had a tail, he would definitely be wagging it fast.

Immediately, the milk tea is not a pity anymore, and even the pace of going home is much brisk.

The day after tomorrow is Saturday. He also has to see Fang Xiao and the others play a game. If he doesn’t want the grindy papers[1]Like long hours of paper works to die suddenly, he must finish it as soon as possible.

For the first time, Luo Lin Yuan felt that he loved learning so much, especially when he thought that this was specially prepared for him by his sweetheart, and he felt elated.

Halfway through the first paper, Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t pleased. He just wanted to die. He doesn’t want to go to Tsinghua University. His family is so rich, it’s good to be at a third-tier university. Why do you want to embarrass yourself like this.

Inheritance of the family business doesn’t require a higher education record.

Luo Lin Yuan stopped writing, then took pictures of the questions he couldn’t understand and sent them over.

Yu Han was supposed to be at work, the voice message he sent was boisterous, “Leave those problems you don’t know. I’ll tell you after school at noon.”

Luo Lin Yuan sent him, “You asked me to give you WeChat, I thought you were going to teach online.”

Yu Han: “What’s the difference between writing out the solution process and copying it directly? I need to know which step you don’t understand.”

I don’t understand anywhere. Luo Lin Yuan has no way to ask for help and isn’t willing to end the conversation quickly. He wants to brush more of his chat history with Yu Han, at least for a minute.

Luo Lin Yuan asked, “Why are you at work at this time, isn’t it usually after ten o’clock?”

Yu Han: “Transfer shifts, so I can go back earlier.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Okay ba, remember to take a rest.”

Yu Han: “Mn.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s lips twitched at this simple response, and couldn’t chat anymore. He coldly extinguished all his enthusiasm and couldn’t maintain the little flame of love.

He heard that QQ also has a feature that can rub the spark of love by chatting for seven days in a row. Fortunately, WeChat doesn’t have this feature. He can’t even rub the spark of love with chatting software, let alone in real life.

The object of resentment in his heart, Yu Han, was leaning against the counter wiping glass leisurely. It was only eight o’clock and the peak time of the bar hadn’t arrived, so he occasionally returned a message.

At this time, an unexpected guest came. Since Ren Yu met someone online for the first time and bumped into Yu Han in this bar, he has never been here again, probably because of embarrassment.

Ren Yu was dressed in his usual clothes. He sat down on a chair and said to Yu Han, “A glass of wine.”

Yu Han looked at him and poured him a glass of juice. Ren Yu couldn’t help but laugh, “There’s no strength, I’m an adult.”

After saying that, his smile became bitter. There were many things he wanted to ask and things he wanted to know but didn’t dare to ask or say for fear of knowing the answer he didn’t want to know the most.

He had something on his mind. As his best friend for many years, Yu Han couldn’t figure him out, so he asked, “What’s wrong, did your uncle and aunt quarrel again?”

Ren Yu shook his head gently. He asked Yu Han with a very strange look, “Last time you said you were giving Luo Lin Yuan tutoring.”

Yu Han was practicing mixing drinks, tangerine, lemon, and white wine fell one after another. Only when he poured Sprite his hands trembled a little, and the bubbles wetted his fingertips.

He took out a paper towel and wiped it clean. Recently, the people around him seem to always mention Luo Lin Yuan. He quietly continued the interrupted process and replied, “En, I’m giving him tutoring.”

Ren Yu: “Why did you agree?”

Yu Han felt that Ren Yu’s question was meaningless, “If you have money, why not agree?”

Yu Han took a sip of the wine he had just mixed and endured the spicy taste on the tip of his tongue, “What do you think could be the reason?”

Ren Yu stared at him for a long time, but didn’t have the courage to carry the conversation forward, and finally pointed to the wine he had just mixed, “I’ll try the taste.”

“Go home. If it’s any later, uncle and aunt would be worried.” Yu Han didn’t give him the wine but waited for a familiar waiter to come over and push it to the other party to try it.

Ren Yu pursed his lips in disappointment and jumped off the chair, intending to leave. Yu Han called out behind him, “You’re my brother and my best friend, that will never change.”

Ren Yu closed his eyes in pain. Yu Han had noticed his thoughts or maybe had known it from the moment he kissed him, and now he pronounced a death sentence on him. He replied with a trembling voice, “Of course, best friend.”

He hoped that the atmosphere between Yu Han and Luo Lin Yuan was him being paranoid because Yu Han didn’t like boys. If he did, why couldn’t it be him?

Ren Yu is still young and easy to waste time on insignificant problems. It’s quite difficult to like his brother just as he was getting the hang of it.

But it doesn’t make sense to like this kind of thing. Love doesn’t come first, then come later where you can fall in love over time, and naturally, you can fall in love at first sight. After all, there is no such fate.

Between the several emotional pushes and pulls of each other’s game, there are always some lucky ones who can get away with it, but they don’t know it yet.

The lucky one, Luo Lin Yuan, got up early on Saturday and picked a set of snow-white clothes to wear. He hoped that the midday sun would spare him. He didn’t want to be an umbrella boy in the audience of the basketball court.

When Yu Han gave him tutoring yesterday, Luo Lin Yuan asked Yu Han if he wanted to drop him off at the basketball court on Saturday in passing.

Yu Han said no, the venue of the game is relatively close, and it’s still on the way by bus. Luo Lin Yuan deliberately went to his home and then went to the court. It was too troublesome.

Luo Lin Yuan had to give up the act of picking up and dropping off and instead went to pick up Xiao Qing’er, Tao Qing.

Fang Xiao, this useless thing, secretly came to him the day before the game and asked him to pick up Tao Qing. He also said that since it was Luo Lin Yuan who made the invitation, naturally, Luo Lin Yuan was responsible for it.

Where does a quiet girl like Tao Qing love to stay in such a noisy place on the playing court? Isn’t it because she likes to see the person she wants? Luo Lin Yuan thinks that Fang Xiao is about to die of stupidity. Maybe he’s in love and Fang Xiao is still single.

Uncle Zhang drove him to the basketball court with Tao Qing. The game hadn’t started yet and both sides were warming up.

Fang Xiao saw them first. He waved his hand at them and jumped, signaling them to go over. There were too many people. Luo Lin Yuan was worried about Tao Qing being squeezed. So he stretched out his hand and half-wrapped his arm around the other party’s shoulder, protecting Tao Qing as they walked over.

He handed the energy bar he bought online to Fang Xiao and then distributed them to the team members on the side. Fang Xiao told him that the class monitor had given them a good seat and that they can go directly over. Luo Lin Yuan glanced in that direction and found the class monitor exactly below the big banner with the name of the school team.

Xia Fu was sitting next to the class monitor with glasses, which was awkward.

Luo Lin Yuan squeezed the two energy bars, walked up to Yu Han, and handed them to him. “This flavor isn’t sweet, I purposely saved it for you.”

Yu Han saw his face from the energy bar, “No need. It’s not good to eat then do sports.”

Luo Lin Yuan said anxiously, “Eating this won’t fill up your stomach, you can see that they’ve all eaten it.”

Yu Han still didn’t speak. How could Luo Lin Yuan accept such a public slap on the face? This was still a piece of his intention that he specially left for Yu Han. This person was hot and cold, and his heart was also being kneaded around.

He exasperatedly took back the energy bar and was about to leave when Yu Han suddenly pulled his elbow, “Wait.”

Luo Lin Yuan shook off Yu Han’s hand, “I won’t give it to you anymore, I’ll throw it away and won’t give it to you!”

Yu Han still pulled him. This time, without touching his elbow, he directly pinched the back of his neck. Luo Lin Yuan stopped, not daring to move at all. He felt that he had been bullied harshly and glared at Yu Han, aggrieved, “What else do you want, let go before I become hostile!”

Yu Han bent over, the refreshing smell rushed over him. He lowered his eyes to look at him, “Angry? Want to become hostile?”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t speak.

Yu Han suddenly smiled, the corner of his lips curled up on one side, a bit of an evil smile that was completely different from before, so handsome, “Didn’t you just have quite a gentlemanly demeanor? You know how to protect the girl. How come you didn’t cheer for your schoolmates when you got on the court?”


1 Like long hours of paper works

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