Close to You
Close To You Chapter 69

He was so teased by Yu Han’s smile that he was simply at a loss. His emotions are on top and his neck was in the person’s hand. For a while, he couldn’t analyze the current situation at all. What on earth was Yu Han doing and why does he always tease him like this?

Luo Lin Yuan held the other party’s hand pinching the back of his neck, “Jiayou, okay ba! Let go!”

Yu Han was very dissatisfied, his eyes narrowed slightly, and finally let him go. Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly ran away with the energy bar, but he didn’t know if it fell halfway out. He really responded to that sentence and threw it away and didn’t give it to him.

Luo Lin Yuan ran with the position as if being chased by a dog. Tao Qing had already taken a seat for him. He put on disposable gloves and wiped the chair with sterilized wipes before putting on a mask.

The audience area was so crowded and smelly that he came prepared.

The game was intense, but because of the initial play, Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t energetic. Xia Fu was just in a row in front of him and suddenly looked back at him. Her tone was still blunt and looked embarrassed, but it can be seen that she used a lot of courage.

Xia Fu said, “Next week is my birthday, do you want to come.”

Luo Lin Yuan was chasing Yu Han on the court with his chin in his hand. He wasn’t quite responsive when he heard the words, so he subconsciously nodded his head.

Xia Fu said okay, then turned her head back. At this time, Luo Lin Yuan felt that the class monitor next to Xia Fu also glanced at him.

There was a vaguely malicious look in his eyes which made Luo Lin Yuan uncomfortable. He thought to himself, if you like the girl, you can chase them. What are you doing staring at the ex who has broken up.

Luo Lin Yuan stared back unceremoniously and the class monitor immediately retracted his gaze and deliberately sat closer to Xia Fu. Luo Lin Yuan looked indifferently and wrinkled his nose: Childish!

Their school was unlucky. Yang Xi’s luck was so bad that he was the runner-up in last year’s competition as soon as he came up. Most of the basketball team are mostly sporty students, all of them are 1.8 meters tall with strong muscles, and don’t look like high school students.

Sports students are so recklessly powerful when they play basketball. Even if it’s not intentional, the physical gap is there and they can’t stop it at all.

Even if Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t too focused at first, the atmosphere soon became tense, and the others were hoarse in order to cheer for the people on the court.

This game was played quite wretchedly, it can even be said to be tragic. Even if there is Yu Han as an addition to the team, it’s quite difficult to beat four hands with two fists. What’s more, the other side found out that Yu Han was more powerful and was tightly guarded.

Luo Lin Yuan actually doesn’t know much about basketball and usually watched blindly. Instead, Tao Qing, who was sitting next to him, came over and told him, “There’s something wrong with those two.”

Tao Qing pointed at the two people who were blocking Yu Han. They were similar in height to Yu Han, and their skin was tanned from accumulated training. One of them, wearing the number 8 jersey, seemed to be preventing Yu Han from stealing the ball. In fact, he keeps making small moves, harassing Yu Han almost unnecessarily with his shoulders, elbows, and knees.

He clearly saw that Yu Han’s abdomen was hit by someone’s elbow, it must be very painful!

Luo Lin Yuan’s face was red with anger, “What’s wrong with the referee? Is this a ball game or hitting someone ah! Can’t you even see the foul?”

Tao Qing also frowned, “Their tactics are too dirty.”

Soon, the ball was passed to Yu Han’s side. After Yu Han got the ball, he swiftly bypassed the two pestering No. 8 and No. 14. He dribbled the ball, successfully broke through, and dunked the ball in one go.

When the ball went into the basket, the crowd was so excited that they almost broke their throats.

Just then, No. 8 who was defending under the basket deliberately knocked Yu Han on the ground when he was just landing and his body wasn’t stable yet. That’s not all, he even attempted to step on Yu Han’s ankle. These things in the movement were all accidents and there was no way to pursue them. No. 8 wanted to abolish Yu Han.

Luo Lin Yuan’s heart was about to jump out of his throat. He fiercely stood up from his seat. He was in the first few rows, closest to the court, and his standing made the people behind him unable to see. Tao Qing pulled Luo Lin Yuan back before the people behind him could open their mouths to denounce him.

Tao Qing felt that Luo Lin Yuan’s hands were shaking. She looked at the person’s face. The mask covered most of his face, but still reveals his red eyes, appeared worried and angry, and his emotions were out of control. The delicate-minded girl noticed something subtle.

She comforted Luo Lin Yuan, “Don’t worry. He didn’t step on it, Yu Han dodged.”

The referee cannot ignore such a blatant foul. After blowing the whistle sharply and making a ruling, the fouled player[1]YH. But this is not saying YH was given the foul, but like this was what he got from no.8’s foul. Just RIP to my wordings lolol was given two free throws.

The two free throws were easily won by Yu Han. He was probably enraged by the opponent’s dirty tactics. The morale of their school team was greatly boosted, and the more frustrated they become, the more courageous they were. In the second half, they successfully bit the score back and finally won a narrow game.

The teams on both sides shook hands with each other and went off the court in turn. While everyone in the audience jumped and screamed in celebration, Luo Lin Yuan left the crowd and ran to the player’s lounge to look for Yu Han.

As a result, Yu Han wasn’t there at all and he saw Fang Xiao. Fang Xiao was so tired that his hair was wet with sweat, and strands of it were stuck on his forehead.

Seeing that Luo Lin Yuan looked anxious and worried, he immediately understood what his brother wanted to ask.

Fang Xiao was also angry about the game just now, “The group of dogs in No. 14 Middle School. Yu Han was sent to a nearby hospital by Yang Xi to see his injury. “

As soon as they arrived at the lounge after the end of the game, Yu Han’s back was hunched down, he was clutching his abdomen and his face looked bad. Yang Xi lifted his jersey and took a look. It was shaking, there were bruises everywhere.

While Yang Xi cursed and swore, he pulled Yu Han away, and Luo Lin Yuan barged in vain.

Fang Xiao took out his phone and asked him, “Do you want help to ask which hospital he’s in?”

Luo Lin Yuan said yes. When Fang Xiao went to make a call, he sat down on a chair and pressed his chest, where he was constantly being hit like an uncontrollable emotion and like a headless catharsis. If his heart could speak, it would definitely be shouting Yu Han’s name now.

The smell in the lounge wasn’t good, it was turbid, and there were a lot of people. Luo Lin Yuan took off his mask, but his perception was wooden and he didn’t feel much.

Fang Xiao soon came back and asked Luo Lin Yuan to wait for him. He changed his clothes and went with him.

Yu Han went to the nearby People’s Hospital; Yang Xi told Fang Xiao on the phone. Yu Han’s injuries aren’t only those on his stomach, his ankle was actually twisted, and because of his strong willpower for the match, the sprain was even more serious.

But the good news is that there’s not much problem with the organs, and the bad news is that his ankle is badly injured and is now being x-ray to see if there are any bone fractures.

Fang Xiao told Luo Lin Yuan about this in the car. “To be honest, I really admire Yu Han today. He didn’t even let us see the injuries…” He sighed and didn’t know what to say. If Yu Han wasn’t there, they would definitely lose.

But Yu Han’s foot was injured like this, he couldn’t play in the next game.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t speak and there was no expression on his face. Fang Xiao knew him a lot ah. Knowing whether he was angry or sulking, he advised him, “When you meet someone in the hospital later, remember to think twice when you speak. Don’t scold people away, you haven’t chased your boyfriend yet.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s face was icy. When he arrived at the hospital, Yang Xi and Yu Han were still waiting for the CT results in their chair.

As soon as Fang Xiao raised his hand to greet them, he felt Luo Lin Yuan beside him rush out and he couldn’t even stop the person. He could only watch Luo Lin Yuan run over like a wild horse off its reins, raging past. Even Yang Xi was frightened by Luo Lin Yuan’s burst, but Yu Han didn’t move like a mountain and looked quite calm.

The wild horse arrived in front of Yu Han, successfully braked, and immediately squatted down and lifted Yu Han’s trousers.

Luo Lin Yuan saw Yu Han’s ankle and raised his eyes with hate. He was so angry that his mouth was about to burst out with fire.

In order not to say words that he will regret, he could only go out for a few turns and calm himself down.

Seeing that someone was leaving, Yu Han finally moved. He stretched out his hand to pull Luo Lin Yuan’s hand. Because the other party was wearing gloves, he couldn’t hold them firmly, and his fingers slipped out of his palm.

Yu Han: “Where are you going?”

Luo Lin Yuan felt that he was pulling him, but he didn’t want to talk to Yu Han right now.

Yu Han stood up with the help of his chair. Yang Xi hurriedly got up, not understanding what the two boys were doing. So he just stretched out his hand to help the person and said, “Yu Han, don’t move around, so you won’t get hurt. Classmate Luo, wait a minute. Yu Han really wants to tell you something.”

Yang Xi’s words made Luo Lin Yuan stop and turn around reluctantly.

He thought that Yu Han was going to say something to him but it turned out that this person was still teasing him and extended his hand towards him, “Where’s the energy bar?”

Luo Lin Yuan was confused and finally felt in his pocket. There was only one bar left. He took it out and put it in Yu Han’s hand, “Didn’t you not want to eat it?”

Yu Han: “Now that the game is over, I’m hungry and want to eat.” As he spoke, his eyes kept looking at Luo Lin Yuan.

But Luo Lin Yuan didn’t look at him, he only lowered his eyelashes, and stared at his ankle.

Yang Xi next to him had a question mark on his face, while Fang Xiao was lamenting that he deserved to be called Yu Han, who was able to stabilize the little princess who was on the verge of losing control. He still relied on such a simple soothing technique. It was just a simple matter of asking someone for food. What kind of setup is this?


1 YH. But this is not saying YH was given the foul, but like this was what he got from no.8’s foul. Just RIP to my wordings lolol

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