Close to You
Close To You Chapter 83

What’s more tragic than going to school right after your matters? It’s where you and your boyfriend have done what adults do, and your back is sore but you still have to go to school.

Luo Lin Yuan just woke up and moved into the bed. Although his body has been cleaned up, it hurt everywhere. The aching was so painful that he couldn’t help but lay on the bed holding the corner of the quilt, silently weeping. He was awfully in despair.

Yu Han came over after making breakfast and saw him crying there. He was stunned. Before he went up to ask, he saw Little Princess Luo, who was used to paying attention to his appearance in front of him, crying out a snot bubble, and crying in a dumb voice, “I don’t want to go to school…”

Yu Han: “……” As the culprit who caused Luo Lin Yuan to cry and didn’t want to go to school, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry momentarily. His Xiao Yuan was too cute.

He stepped forward and coaxed the person out of the bed, and Luo Lin Yuan’s hands rested feebly on his waist, looking limp and soft. Yu Han wiped his face with a tissue. Only then did Luo Lin Yuan realize the embarrassing scene he did. He hurriedly grabbed the tissues and tried to hide in the bed after cleaning up.

Yu Han’s heart was in a soft mess, but they still need to go to school. Otherwise, after the college examination, would he really have a long-distance relationship? Although he had confidence in himself, he would prefer to have Luo Lin Yuan where he could see him.

From washing his face and brushing his teeth to eating breakfast, Yu Han almost took care of it. After the first night, Luo Lin Yuan’s body is full of ‘I’m tired and I don’t want to move’, catching Yu Han and kept being coquettish.

Until Yu Han put on his school uniform and took their school bags, Luo Lin Yuan remained unwilling, pinching Yu Han’s pinky finger with puppy eyes, “Really can’t ask for leave and not go?”

Yu Han held his hand instead, “Can’t, be good, go to class properly.”

Fine bah, Luo Lin Yuan thought to himself. Next time, he could let Yu Han try the feeling of being f*^%@ all night and going to class the next day. If he’s the top, he can go to school properly.

When he arrived at school with a full day of classes, Luo Lin Yuan seemed to be in poor spirits with the appearance of having dark marks and excessive indulgence. Fang Xiao didn’t notice, because he slept all morning and wasn’t a serious listener.

At noon, Fang Xiao ate with him. Only then did he see that Luo Lin Yuan was fidgeting and he kept changing posture as if he was shaken by the chair.

The past pampered flower Luo seemed to have been beaten by the rain and was completely wilted. But Fang Xiao didn’t know that it was this not the ,[1]Play on words, so I chose to use the pinyin on this part. The first Yu was referring to Yu Han, while the second yu refers to the rain. so he reluctantly said, “What are you doing, you have hemorrhoids?”

Luo Lin Yuan almost wanted to hit someone.

Sometimes, the straightforward words of straight men can also hit part of the truth. Straight guy Fang winced, only to feel that the takeaway Luo Lin Yuan ordered today was too light; one porridge and noodles, and several desserts.

Luo Lin Yuan took a few bites, one by one, feeling that he had no appetite, and sat there drinking hot water holding his stomach. He would occasionally look at his WeChat and smile when he see a message. If he doesn’t reply on time, his small face will stop smiling. It’s the same as the day in March, the child’s face changes what it’s said.

Fang Xiao said, “Eat more ah, don’t just focus on love.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “I can’t eat, it’s uncomfortable.”

Fang Xiao: “Didn’t sleep well? What did you do last night.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Love.”

Fang Xiao: “…………………………………………”[2]I decided to keep it as is with the raw. Lmao Only a long ellipsis can express his current mood. He actually didn’t want to know his brother’s s&^ life, and he had a sense of anger that his family’s cabbage was dug by a pig.

But between Luo Lin Yuan and Yu Han, he couldn’t tell which one was the pig and which one was the cabbage for a while.

The truth is that both of them are very good-looking, but Yu Han has a great personality, welcoming, generous, and tenacious. If you want to survive the male lead’s life in the movie, you will still counterattack.

Looking at his brother again, he is useless except for his face. Seeing Fang Xiao’s inexplicable expression, Luo Lin Yuan didn’t care and said, “Can’t accept it? It’s too late if you have an opinion. Spit out the food you just ate.”

Fang Xiao put down his chopsticks and drank soup, “No way, it’s digested. Tsk, tsk, tsk, look, dog temper.

If Luo Lin Yuan could hear Fang Xiao’s mind, he would definitely return with, “Dogs are also spoiled, do you have one, huh?”

Halfway through the meal, Yu Han came carrying a plastic bag and sat next to Luo Lin Yuan to greet Fang Xiao. Although Fang Xiao had difficulty looking directly at these two young men who once broke away their virginity, he couldn’t help being mean, “I heard you slept with my brother?”

Yu Han was still pinching Luo Lin Yuan’s neck, trying to ask him if it hurt, but when he heard Fang Xiao’s words, his face turned red and he was simply at a loss for words.

Protector Luo Lin Yuan, “What are you talking about, it was me who slept with him.”

Fang Xiao: There’s a ghost difference.

Yu Han came over to deliver medicine to Luo Lin Yuan. After Luo Lin Yuan fainted last night, he went out and ran for a long time to find a 24-hour pharmacy.

He gave the person medicine, who dawdled in the morning that he forgot to stuff it in Luo Lin Yuan’s school bag. He touched Luo Lin Yuan’s forehead, “Tell me if you have a fever.”

Luo Lin Yuan joked, “Good students taking me to skip class?”

In the classroom, Yu Han resisted the urge to kiss him. He lowered his voice and said in Luo Lin Yuan’s ear, “Take you to elope.”

Fang Xiao, the shining light bulb[3]Third wheel, rolled his eyes to the opposite side. At this moment, he saw the person at the classroom door and kicked Luo Lin Yuan under the table. Luo Lin Yuan glared at him while Fang Xiao motioned to the outside of the classroom. There was a girl standing outside the door, playing with her hair in the light, glancing towards the classroom. It was Xia Fu.

Luo Lin Yuan got up and walked out. Fang Xiao sat in place and started to be awkward. He haha-ed Yu Han and said, “Xia Fu’s birthday is coming up, maybe it’s about that.”

Yu Han stuffed the medicine into Luo Lin Yuan’s desk, opened Luo Lin Yuan’s morning subject again, and checked his notes, “I know, she invited me too.”

Fang Xiao oh-ed twice, thinking to himself why Luo Lin Yuan threw such a Shura field at him. He didn’t even know what to say to Yu Han.

As if he could see his uneasiness, Yu Han smiled lightly and said, “It’s okay, I trust him.”

Sure enough, he’s a warm man! Fang Xiao breathed a sigh of relief. Just as he thought about being relieved, Yu Han made a move. He got up and said, “I think he won’t finish talking for a while. It’s getting late, I’ll go back first. Tell Xiao Yuan for me to remember taking his medicine.”

Fang Xiao almost wanted to pull his hand, pitiful and helpless. What about the trust he said? The scumbag Luo Lin Yuan came back after dealing with his ex and found that the current one was gone, but he didn’t get mad at him ah.

But how does that concern him? He’s just an innocent straight man.

Scumbag Luo Lin Yuan didn’t know that his backyard was on fire.[4]This just simply means conflict arises from home. He felt that he and Yu Han had done everything and that they did it the second day. At least he had some privileges, so he went out presumptuously, without even thinking of giving Yu Han a tube of soothing agent.[5]It means to placate him lolol

Xia Fu really came to ask him about her birthday. Luo Lin Yuan said bluntly, “I remember, is there anything else?”

Xia Fu was almost blocked from taking a breath, “You don’t want to talk to me that much?”

Luo Lin Yuan was stunned, a little embarrassment appeared on his face, but was still honest, “After all, we broke up.”

Xia Fu bit her lip, “Can’t we be friends after breaking up?”

Luo Lin Yuan blinked slowly and the sun shattered in his eyes like stars, which were Xia Fu’s favorite eyes.

Luo Lin Yuan resisted the urge to look back at Yu Han in the classroom and said, “I don’t think so.”

Xia Fu looked at him in shock and was about to ask why he promised to come to his birthday. Then Luo Lin Yuan’s words forced her questions back into her belly, “Xia Fu, I’m sorry to say this, but I have a lover. I like him[6]Please note that ta sounds the same and only differs on the Chinese character to determine the gender., so I can’t be friends with you.”


1 Play on words, so I chose to use the pinyin on this part. The first Yu was referring to Yu Han, while the second yu refers to the rain.
2 I decided to keep it as is with the raw. Lmao
3 Third wheel
4 This just simply means conflict arises from home.
5 It means to placate him lolol
6 Please note that ta sounds the same and only differs on the Chinese character to determine the gender.

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