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Close To You Chapter 84

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Xia Fu left with red eyes. When Luo Lin Yuan returned to his class, he bumped into someone. Luo Lin Yuan looked over and saw the class monitor, who was used to cowering in front of him, glaring at him and chasing her out.

The class monitor is pursuing Xia Fu, but it seems that he hasn’t caught her. Luo Lin Yuan didn’t like the class monitor much, but he couldn’t stop him from pursuing Xia Fu just because he doesn’t like the person. He hopes that Xia Fu would be fine and find a boy who she loves and who loves her.

Back in the classroom, Luo Lin Yuan found his seat empty. Fang Xiao pushed the plastic bag in his hand to him with emotion, “Luo Lin Yuan ah, Luo Lin Yuan, what do you think of when you get entangled with your ex in front of your current one?”

Luo Lin Yuan opened the plastic bag which contained food and medicine. It was well-prepared and quite thoughtful. It was just that the thoughtful person wasn’t waiting for him here, so he was a little unhappy, “How can I be entangled? Xia Fu was here to talk about her birthday which I promised her earlier.”

He sat back in his seat and added, “Don’t threaten me, he doesn’t get angry easily.”

Fang Xiao was too lazy to pay attention to him. Coincidentally, Tao Qing came over and asked him to take his class notes. Fang Xiao got up and asked Tao Qing if she wanted to drink coke. They went to the store to buy coke together.

Fang Xiao asked casually, but actually just looked for excuses to go out, too lazy to take care of Luo Lin Yuan. He also wanted to thank Xiao Qing’er.

Tao Qing didn’t leave immediately and said to Luo Lin Yuan, “What do you want to drink?

Luo Lin Yuan was using his phone and didn’t look up, “Strawberry milk.”

Fang Xiao stood next to him and curled his lips. When he followed Tao Qing out of the classroom, he couldn’t help but say, “Don’t be so nice to Luo Lin Yuan, it’s not worth it.”

Tao Qing looked at Fang Xiao in surprise. Fang Xiao was even more embarrassed. He scratched his head, “That’s not… Luo Lin Yuan already has a lover, it’s useless if you like him.”

Tao Qing stopped in her tracks, her face flushed, looking quite embarrassed as if she could cry in the next second.

Fang Xiao was at a loss. He just felt that he had known Tao Qing for so many years, so he kindly reminded her. He didn’t want to make a girl cry.

Tao Qing sped up her pace to leave but Fang Xiao caught up, “Ai, don’t be angry, I just…”

The girl who was still speeding up suddenly halted and Fang Xiao almost knocked into her. He hastily stopped and was glared at by Tao Qing. Tao Qing looked delicate and her eyes were not lethal, just like a rabbit, red and pitiful. “Who said I like him?”

Fang Xiao was even more embarrassed, “… Didn’t you secretly stuff a love letter in his locker? There wasn’t even a name. I saw it all.”

Tao Qing’s eyes gradually widened, trying to remember, and right after… She turned her head and ran away. Her pigtails swayed on her snow-white school uniform, making Fang Xiao’s heart completely empty, forgetting that he had planned to go to the store with Tao Qing and buy the girl a drink in passing.

He was standing in the corridor in a daze when an arm was pressed on his shoulder, so heavy that he almost staggered Fang Xiao, who was 1.8m tall. Fang Xiao turned his head and saw the 1.9m tall Yang Xi holding him somberly, “Xiao’er, our team has no Yu Han, what should we do in the next game?”

Fang Xiao’s mind immediately stopped on the girl and was followed with worry, “Yes ah, what to do. Otherwise, let Yu Han be a coach?”

Yang Xi sighed, “What’s the use of coaching? It still depends on the players’ physical fitness and ball sense. Xiao’er, I was worried that I didn’t sleep yesterday, should we smoke?”

Fang Xiao: “I can smoke but when going back with the smell on my body, Little Princess Yuan will dislike me to death.”

Yang Xi: “I have perfume and mouthwash, I’ll lend you later.”

Fang Xiao: “Carrying perfume, Brother Yang, you’re so cheeky ah. But mouthwash is not important to be used together, it’s not too particular.”

Yang Xi was happy, “Haven’t you blown at your Brother Yang’s bottle?[1]This means directly drinking his bottle. Isn’t it a little too late to be concerned?”

Fang Xiao: “Don’t pull, I’ll go by myself, and my clothes will be torn apart.” Yang Xi, relying on his height and strength, just abducted Fang Xiao.

Luo Lin Yuan, who didn’t know Tao Qing ran and Fang Xiao smoked, waited in the classroom for his milk till the end of time, and stayed on WeChat for a long time. He didn’t see Yu Han’s reply until the first class was over in the afternoon.

He couldn’t figure it out, and got the answer from Baidu on the internet. Generally, men who have slept with their partners will not spoil or chase them after they have a good time. Men’s inferior nature is used to this. Occasionally, interspersed with some heartbreaking love stories. The girl’s writing is too good, telling about the ups and downs of being a slag, making Luo Lin Yuan feel very sympathetic.

Just like when he was heartbroken, he felt that all the love songs in the world are sung for him. Luo Lin Yuan looked at those love stories as if he saw the ending of him and Yu Han, and he almost cried with the girls.

Fang Xiao was still sleeping in the afternoon. When he came back from the store at noon, he didn’t buy anything, just smelled of perfume. Tao Qing came to apologize to him after class, saying that she forgot to buy milk.

Luo Lin Yuan hadn’t thought so much about the milk and said it was okay. He only thought about the fish[2]Again, another Yu but this time it meant fish XD on WeChat, the slag fish, and how he still ignore him.

The slag fish ignored him. Luo Lin Yuan had to wait at the entrance with an umbrella after school. He was distracted that his cheeks were red, his back was sweating, his femur suffered, and he couldn’t stand still. The whole person was uncomfortable and his heart was restless.

When Yu Han appeared at the entrance, Luo Lin Yuan was about to make a scene. He threw the bag of medicine to Yu Han expressionlessly, turned his head, and left, deliberately limping, looking more immobile than Yu Han, who injured his foot.

They both knew the reason for his reduced mobility.

Yu Han stepped forward to help him but was pushed away by Luo Lin Yuan. Yu Han went to pick up his umbrella and Luo Lin Yuan swayed his hand. No matter how stupid Yu Han was, he knew that Luo Lin Yuan lost his temper. He grabbed Luo Lin Yuan’s school bag, walked behind him, and silently watched Luo Lin Yuan’s back.

Nevertheless, Luo Lin Yuan was unable to remain calm and before he could walk ten meters away, he stopped to ask Yu Han, “Why didn’t you reply to my WeChat?!”

Yu Han took out his phone and the screen was black. They were fooling around too much last night and forgot to charge it. Luo Lin Yuan’s phone didn’t have much battery either. It was in the morning that Fang Xiao’s power bank was renewed for half of its life.

After Luo Lin Yuan understood that there is a reason, the anger in his heart also dissipated a lot, but the discomfort was still squeezed in his heart, closely packed.

With his eyebrows drooped, he tilted half of his umbrella to Yu Han and shielded him from the sun, “Scared me to death… I’ll give you a power bank and I’ll carry it with me from now on. Don’t turn it off.”

After saying that, he added, “To be fair, I won’t turn off the phone so that you can contact me anytime.”

Yu Han said yes, took the umbrella in his hand, and said, “Did you obediently took your medicine?”

Luo Lin Yuan nodded. Yu Han took out a lollipop from his pocket, unwrapped it, kissed it first, then handed it to Luo Lin Yuan’s mouth, “Reward.”

He nibbled on the candy, “What kind of reward is this…”

Yu Han: “Kiss reward.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “It doesn’t count, I want a real kiss.”

As Luo Lin Yuan said, he grabbed Yu Han’s sleeves to hold hands. When school was over, people came and went to the entrance. He didn’t dare to be too blatant.

At this time, a car stopped next to them, the window was lowered, and Luo Ting’s face appeared behind the window. Luo Ting swept a glance at Yu Han, then looked closely at his child.

Luo Lin Yuan’s dark circles under his eyes made Luo Ting a little worried. He always felt that one night without seeing him, this little brat tossed himself thin.

Luo Ting couldn’t be stern either, “Yuanyuan, go home with Dad.”

Luo Lin Yuan saw Luo Ting actually came to pick him up, coaxing him to go home. Where can he be stubborn? He just couldn’t bear to let go of Yu Han, since they slept together for a night.

He hesitated for a moment between his old father and boyfriend, but chose to let go of Yu Han’s sleeve, moved the candy in his mouth, and whispered, “Then, I’d better go home.”

Yu Han reached out to keep his hand to keep the person but finally dropped his hand. He said, “What about today’s tutoring.”

Luo Ting didn’t wait for Luo Lin Yuan to speak and interrupted, “There’s no need for tutoring today.”

Luo Lin Yuan looked back at Yu Han before getting into the car and waved his hand. After the car started, he was still resting his head on the car window to look, like an Amah Rock[3]Literally husband-watching stone. This rock is located on a hilltop in southwest Sha Tin District, Hong Kong. It is said to be the spot where the faithful wife of a fisherman climbed every day to … Continue reading, reluctant to give up. When the person disappeared around the corner, he sat back in place.

Luo Ting felt that his good friend was too clingy and not quite right, but he didn’t think deeply about it. He touched Luo Lin Yuan’s head and Luo Lin Yuan obediently didn’t avoid it.

Luo Ting said, “Yuanyuan, Dad will hire another tutor for you, okay?”


1 This means directly drinking his bottle.
2 Again, another Yu but this time it meant fish XD
3 Literally husband-watching stone. This rock is located on a hilltop in southwest Sha Tin District, Hong Kong. It is said to be the spot where the faithful wife of a fisherman climbed every day to wait for her husband, now knowing he had been drowned at sea.

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