Close to You
Close To You Chapter 85

Yu Han was like Luo Lin Yuan’s Achilles’ heel, which exploded at one point and directly made a scene in the car, “No! How can you guys do this! Stop the car! I don’t want to go home anymore!”

Luo Ting knew he was going to have a backlash, but he didn’t know that he would be so emotional, so he had to coax his son, “Okay, okay, we won’t change yet!”

Luo Lin Yuan was still kicking the seat in front of him just now, making a scene like a little brat. Because of his physical discomfort, his movements were not curved, and he failed to kick as he wished. Hearing Luo Ting’s compromise, he reluctantly stopped, snorted, and stopped making trouble.

Luo Ting really didn’t understand, “He didn’t tell you what his relationship with Guan Shuofeng is?”

He didn’t explicitly say it, but Luo Lin Yuan had already guessed it. He slept with Yu Han because he was even more distressed. Luo Lin Yuan hugged himself and didn’t utter a word.

Luo Ting explained to him, nagging and repeating, the main idea is that young people are ignorant, stubborn for a while and stubborn for a lifetime? Since he wants to recognize his ancestors and return to them, he will not harm him.

At that time, they didn’t deliberately deny it, but they didn’t even know the child was there. Later, when they learned about it, they looked for the child. Seeing his resistance, they also didn’t force him. It’s not that the adults in the family are sick. A good child had a hard time studying and working in order to make up for medical expenses. It wasn’t necessary.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t get wrapped up in Luo Ting’s words, “If you really want what’s best for Yu Han, will you threaten him with work? Shouldn’t the wishes of the child be respected? You always think that you understand everything, it’s us who are ignorant, but it’s really you guys who are ignorant!”

Luo Ting’s face turned blue when Luo Lin Yuan talked back, he had a headache for half a day and said, “I won’t argue with you. Let’s be frank, you’re about to take the exam. If you don’t do well, your tutor must be changed!”

Luo Lin Yuan had a belly full of words to retort and he could only swallow them when he heard this.

No wonder Luo Ting agreed to let Yu Han be his tutor, not because he wanted it, but because of Guan Shuofeng’s gesture behind it. Now that Yu Han and Guan Shuofeng are in a stalemate, Luo Ting won’t let Yu Han continue to teach him, which is the case.

It’s just that Luo Ting has been the one to spoil him since he was little. Now that he has been wronged by Luo Ting, he doesn’t know who to talk to. When he got home, he didn’t even eat anything. He hid in his room and sends WeChat messages to Yu Han one by one.

Yu Han was still working and his reply was very slow, one after another. After going back and forth, Luo Lin Yuan sensibly stopped sending, letting Yu Han focus on work.

He threw his phone aside, took a shower, and changed into a set of high-collared pajamas. He got into bed depressed, went on a hunger strike, and lost his temper. He ignored Uncle Wu’s knock on the door.

Uncle Wu had no choice but to go downstairs to find Luo Ting. Luo Ting didn’t expect Luo Lin Yuan to make trouble until now and even went on a hunger strike. He had never seen such a rowdy Luo Lin Yuan. He didn’t know what to do for a while.

Seeing Lin Shu, who rarely appeared at the table, eating slowly and methodically, Luo Ting said, “Take care of your son.”

Lin Shu took a sip of porridge and said sarcastically, “You provoked him, it’s none of my business.”

Luo Ting: “Didn’t you give birth to him?”

Lin Shu still sneered, “You’re the one who’s not at home all day and night, not me.”

Luo Ting was so upset that he lost his appetite, but he saw Lin Shu put down his chopsticks and got up, and went to the landline to dial the internal line of Luo Lin Yuan’s room. In the Luo family, Lin Shu was the only one who would call Luo Lin Yuan’s room, and Luo Lin Yuan didn’t dare not to answer.

When the call went through, Lin Shu said in a cold voice, “Come down for dinner.”

In less than five minutes, Luo Ting saw the small-faced Luo Lin Yuan appear at the stairway, reluctantly going downstairs, feeling that his father’s words are useless and he only listened to his mother.

It’s not Luo Lin Yuan’s fault, it’s because Lin Shu has been powerful for a long time and Luo Lin Yuan dares not to disobey.

Luo Lin Yuan wasn’t feeling well and ate very little. Luo Ting thought he did it on purpose, and frowned, wanting to say something, but didn’t say anything to him in the end. He only ordered Uncle Wu to make a porridge later to deliver it to Luo Lin Yuan’s room later.

He still has something to do, he’s going on a business trip tonight.

When Lin Shu heard his words, she sneered and put down her chopsticks, and left.

Luo Lin Yuan finished the meal without tasting them and went back to his room. He was still uncomfortable from his body to his heart, and he didn’t have much strength. By the time Uncle Wu came with the porridge, he already fainted from the fever.

Now, the Luo family was in chaos, they hurriedly called Luo Lin Yuan’s personal doctor over.

By the time Luo Lin Yuan woke up, it was already the next day. There was a hazy layer of blue light in the room. The door was ajar, someone was leaning there, and the faint smell of smoke wafted in.

He blinked his sore eyes and saw the room clearly. Lin Shu was leaning against the door, smoking.

Luo Lin Yuan moved his hand which had a needle inserted in it, with the IV drip. Luo Lin Yuan’s heartbeat accelerated at once, and his forehead broke out a lot of sweat and he didn’t even dare to breathe hard.  He lifted his blanket to see that his pajamas were no longer the same as last night.

He closed his eyes tightly and then opened them again. Lin Shu had already walked over and stood at the head of his bed, her eyes cold with cigarettes in her fingers, looking at him condescendingly.

Luo Lin Yuan was so scared that even his voice was shaking, he trembled and called out, “Mom.”

His voice was frightened, his tone was panicked, and his whole person was like a taut string as if it would break in the next moment.

Lin Shu unhurriedly put out the smoke on the bedside table, leaving a charred black mark on the pearwood.

In the next second, what responded to Luo Lin Yuan was a slap on the face. There was a loud pa that turned Luo Lin Yuan’s face away.

The pain exploded from the corner of his mouth and spread all the way to his entire face, scorching hot.

Luo Lin Yuan was stunned. He covered his face and looked at Lin Shu. Lin Shu still had an ice-cold face, “Luo Lin Yuan, you’re really something. You didn’t only get tattoos, but you also gave me a homosexual.”

The traces of Luo Lin Yuan’s body and the cause of the fever were all clear in the eyes of the doctor.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t justify, his whole person was almost frozen, stiff on the bed, afraid to speak.

Lin Shu’s hands were also trembling, and soon she clenched her fist. “Your father won’t and can’t know about this matter. Listen to me clearly, no matter who that man is, deal with it cleanly for me!”

Luo Lin Yuan blinked, tears dripping across his swollen cheeks, hurting even more, “Why are you only worried about whether Dad will know.”

Lin Shu: “Are you kidding me?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “Are you afraid that if Dad finds out, my position as the Young Master of the Luo family won’t be secured?”

Lin Shu took a deep breath, “Don’t you think you’re embarrassing enough? Do you want to make it known to everyone?”

Luo Lin Yuan pulled the corner of his mouth and looked at Lin Shu, “Sometimes I wonder if I was born to you or not, and why you’re treating me like this.”

Lin Shu woefully averted her eyes and said in a dumb voice, “I’ll give you a chance to handle this matter. Don’t force me to personally find that boy out, otherwise, it will be you who will regret it, not me.”

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