Close to You
Close To You Chapter 86

Too aggrieved and too scared, his emotions are concentrated to the extreme, but they will explode.

Luo Lin Yuan pulled the needle off the back of his hand at once, making a bloody cut on the gap. The blood splashed on the snow-white quilt, shocking to the eyes. Lin Shu was frightened by his actions that her face turned pale.

Luo Lin Yuan stepped on the ground, barefoot, and burst into tears, “Yes, I’m embarrassing, I slept with a man, I’m gay! But what about you, have you ever asked me a single question about what happened, what did I think?! You didn’t, you’re only worried that my instability in this young master’s position will affect you!”

Just as the words left his mouth, Lin Shu gave him another slap.

No longer calm, Lin Shu’s eyes turned red and her chest was heaving with anger. “Are you proud that you like men? Do you still want to make more noise and let everyone know!”

The corner of Luo Lin Yuan’s lips was cracked. He stopped crying, he wiped the blood from his lips with his fingers, and said hatefully, “What qualifications do you have to control me? Have you ever cared for me, have you ever loved me? This Luo family, except for you, everyone has the qualifications to talk about me! I’d rather not have been born by you!”

After saying that, he rushed out and pushed Lin Shu away. Lin Shu was shoved by him and her back slammed against the door heavily, muffling a grunt of pain. She sat on the ground. She couldn’t believe it. She was angry and anxious, “Luo Lin Yuan!”

Luo Lin Yuan ran down with his bare feet, unable to stop the bleeding which also spilled along the way. Sister Zhang, who was preparing breakfast, saw him head-on and screamed in surprise that even her native dialect came out, “Ya ‘lil, your hand is bleeding ai!”

Alarmed by Sister Zhang’s shout, Uncle Wu also rushed to stop Luo Lin Yuan, “Young Master!”

Lin Shu chased down from upstairs, clutching her sore back, “Luo Lin Yuan, stop!”

Luo Lin Yuan raised his head to wipe his tears and the blood was wiped on it. His little face was pale and shocking to the eyes.

Uncle Wu’s heart violently seized up, he couldn’t help but sink his face. He blocked Luo Lin Yuan behind and said to Lin Shu, “Madam!”

Luo Lin Yuan hid behind Uncle Wu. Lin Shu froze on the stairway, looking at the unfamiliar eyes of the child and the housekeeper’s wary gaze, her heart was astringent.

She held the stair rail and sighed slowly, “Where are you going? Where can you go?”

Luo Lin Yuan with red eyes didn’t speak. Lin Shu confronted him for a long time and finally said in a low voice, “If you don’t want me to take care of it, I’ll leave it alone. Don’t let your Father know.” After that, she turned and went upstairs, making a temporary concession.

As soon as Lin Shu left, Uncle Wu helped Luo Lin Yuan sit on the sofa and asked Sister Zhang to get the medicine box. He also ordered the kitchen to make blood-replenishing soup.

Luo Lin Yuan sat on the sofa for half a day before holding back the sobbing. The wound was carefully treated and the soup was brought up. Luo Lin Yuan held the bowl and drank in small sips, listlessly. Uncle Wu looked at him in distress.

In the end, he took a leave of absence and didn’t go to school.

Luo Lin Yuan went back to his room to make up for his sleep and the blood-splattered quilt had been replaced. The fluffy and soft light yellow color reminded him of his bath towel at Yu Han’s house and the sunflower.

He missed Yu Han and wanted to be with Yu Han. But just as Lin Shu said, where could he go? Luo Ting originally wanted to dismiss Yu Han because of Guan Shuofeng. If he knew about his affair with Yu Han, he would definitely be in trouble.

It’s unclear what Guan Shuofeng thought of Yu Han. If he knew that Yu Han is gay, how will he treat Yu Han?

He didn’t want to hurt Yu Han, whom he likes.

That night, when he left Luo’s house holding hands, it seemed like a summer dream, fragile and vulnerable.

In reality, it’s impossible for Yu Han to elope with him in the end. They have no ability and will only be a burden to each other.

Luo Lin Yuan thought clearly in his heart, but he couldn’t control his emotions. In the most vulnerable time, he missed Yu Han so much.

He fell asleep thinking about it and had a dream. In the dream, it was still that night, Yu Han took his hand and kept walking forward. The road was long, but it was quite beautiful.

He was awakened by a phone call. He glanced at the time. Obviously, school isn’t over yet, but it was Yu Han who called.

Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly got up and drank a glass of water before he suppressed the stuffy air pressure blocking his chest, and deliberately cleared his throat.

It’s just that the moment he picked up the phone, he heard Yu Han’s voice. He couldn’t hold down his aggravation at all, he couldn’t even speak, and he could only breathe heavily.

Yu Han keenly sensed that something was wrong, “Xiao Yuan, what’s wrong?”

Luo Lin Yuan held back the heat in his eyes, “It’s nothing.”

He moved the phone away, slowed down, and pretended to be relaxed, “Why are you calling me at this time?”

Yu Han: “I just went to your class to look for you and they said you didn’t come. Is it a fever? I’m going to see you.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “No, don’t come.”

His refusal was too fast and too blunt, making Yu Han silent for a while. He then asked solemnly, “Baby, what’s wrong.”

Luo Lin Yuan wanted to say that he was discovered by his mother and wanted to say that he was beaten, but he swallowed the words that were almost coming out. It seemed useless to say it except it will make Yu Han feel guilty and regretful altogether.

That night was what he wanted, that’s why they did it. He didn’t want Yu Han to regret it.

Yu Han softened his voice, “Did Uncle Luo tell you something?”

Luo Lin Yuan pressed his sore heart, “No, he didn’t say anything to me. It’s okay, I can go to school tomorrow.”

Yu Han: “Baby, if anything happens, you must tell me.” He still didn’t believe what Luo Lin Yuan said.

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t hold it anymore, he said with a shaky voice, “Then I want to see you. I’ll go find you, ok?”

He made an appointment with Yu Han after school, and he went to Yu Han’s house first.

Perhaps because of the quarrel in the morning, when he went out, Lin Shu was sitting in the living room watching him leave in silence.

Luo Lin Yuan was carrying a bag that looked like he was going out for the night, wearing a mask. He went out from the leaving room to the gate. Lin Shu followed him behind in silence the whole way.

When Luo Lin Yuan reached the gate, he turned around quickly, facing Lin Shu, waiting for her to speak.

Lin Shu said, “You have to understand that this is your home.”

Lin Shu: “Whether you recognize it or not, I’m your mother.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s dull voice came from behind the mask, “You only become my mother when you need it. When I need it, you’re never there.”

The mother and son stared at each other for a while, and Luo Lin Yuan walked away without looking back.

It was another run away from home. Wondering if Luo Ting will be angry when he gets home and sees his absence. Maybe he won’t be angry. After all, Luo Ting will be on a business trip for many days.

Will Lin Shu freeze his bank card in anger like in the TV Series? Luo Lin Yuan squatted in front of Yu Han’s house. He hurriedly took out his phone and transferred a large sum of money from the card to Alipay, and then breathed a sigh of relief.

Rebellion is rebellion. If you run away from home, you still have to take the money with you.

He still has to support Yu Han.

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