Close to You
Close To You Chapter 87

Not long after school was over, Yu Han sent him a message and asked him to wait for him at a milk tea shop downstairs, not to wait at the door of the house, and not to squat there. Luo Lin Yuan felt that Yu Han was like a supernatural being. How did he know that he was squatting in front of his house now?

Because the wall wasn’t clean, he couldn’t squat against the wall. He placed his chin on his knees and formed himself into a ball. He also carefully tucked the corners of his clothes so as not to fall on the ground.

Since his boyfriend ordered, Luo Lin Yuan went downstairs and ordered two cups of milk tea. Yu Han’s cup with less sugar and his topped with milk. Chewing on the pearls, he sent a message to Fang Xiao to the effect that he was discovered by his family and was now running away from home. What should he do?

Fang Xiao came over with a phone call, saying that the question was too complicated to give an answer. He also asked him why he came out of the closet.

Luo Lin Yuan sighed and said he was only to blame for his poor health. He shouldn’t have gone home with Luo Ting yesterday and now Lin Shu already knows. However, Lin Shu is more worried than him about being discovered by Luo Ting about his sexuality. The crisis was temporarily lifted.

Fan Xiao asked, “So where are you now? Do you have money? Can I help you a little?”

Luo Lin Yuan: “No, I just transferred 200,00 yuan to Alipay which is enough for a month. I’m at Yu Han’s house and I live quite comfortably with him.”

Fang Xiao was relieved and said, “You can’t hide from Yu Han’s house for the rest of your life.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “One step at a time. Even my parents will be angry again. I’m still their son, they can really beat me to death.”

When Fang Xiao heard what he said, he knew that Luo Lin Yuan still had a bottom line in his heart. Relying on the fact that his family wouldn’t do anything to him in the end, he had willful capital.

After talking to Fang Xiao on the phone, he convinced Fang Xiao and himself. He thought in relief that the trouble in the morning had forced Lin Shu to not care about him.

Now he took all this opportunity to vent. Looking at Lin Shu’s extremely angry appearance, he felt happy in his heart because Lin Shu finally cared about him and had emotions for him, regardless of whether the emotions were good or bad.

He is really bad.

Not far from the street, the bus staggered to a halt. The male student in a school uniform got off, stepping on the sunset. His shadow was drawn long and thin. Searching to the side, he quickly found the person he was looking for, and he smiled.

Luo Lin Yuan reached out his hand and beckoned hard, shaking himself into a small colored flagpole swaying in the wind, for fear that Yu Han wouldn’t find him.

Yu Han quickened his pace and came trotting towards him. The warm smile on his face disappeared the moment he approached. Yu Han lowered his face and took a big step forward, grabbing Luo Lin Yuan’s wrist. His voice was out of state and fierce, “What happened to your face?”

The Luo Lin Yuan on the palm of his hand was still giggling heartlessly, and could only move half of his face. The other side was already swollen from the two slaps in the face. Because his skin was fair, the bruises caused by the rupture of blood vessels were quite terrifying, swollen to a high level.

Luo Lin Yuan was only immersed in the joy of seeing Yu Han and was reminded of this. Only then did he remember that his face was still blossoming.

Yu Han didn’t smile, his complexion was ashen, and his eyebrows knitted, “Who hit you!” He hated it as if Luo Lin Yuan only needed to say a name and he could go fight for him.

Luo Lin Yuan turned his wrist and asked Yu Han to let go. Yu Han didn’t let go but the strength in his hand loosened a lot, and he didn’t hold him tightly anymore.

He couldn’t, so he picked up the milk tea with one hand, pasted it on Yu Han’s face, and pasted the cold cup on his face, “Take it easy ah, drink milk tea.”

Yu Han unwaveringly stared at him. Seeing that he didn’t want to answer seriously, he just let go in annoyance, drank some milk tea, and hurriedly took the person home for medicine!

He dragged Luo Lin Yuan, who still refused to leave, “I ordered chopped fried chicken! It’s not done yet!”

This is the first time he’s willing to eat this kind of food made in a small shop. It must be known that he never eats it because it’s not clean.

The candy store at school doesn’t count. The shop has a clean environment and has first-class taste. It also has been on TV shows.

It’s just that now the situation is so strong that 200,000 yuan is not enough for him to order takeout from a five-star restaurant at noon every day.

You can only go from luxury to frugality. Try this chopped fried chicken first. Looking at the photos on the menu, it looked delicious and smelled good. The deep fry popped loudly, which was very tempting.

Yu Han has been with him these days. Knowing that he likes to buy snacks, the premise is to buy them in the supermarket and they have to be sealed, from a big brand, and the price is quite expensive.

Not only was he beaten today, but he also had to eat chopped fried chicken, which was too wrong.

Luo Lin Yuan sat back in place, and within a few minutes, the chopped fried chicken came. It was sprinkled with a layer of dry chili powder. Seeing that the color and fragrance were complete, Luo Lin Yuan inserted a piece with a bamboo stick and sent it to the corner of the intact half of his face. He took a small bite with a grim expression, just like a poison test.

Chew it twice, it smells good!

Luo Lin Yuan wanted to eat fried chicken, but Yu Han couldn’t stand the air conditioning from the side. He (LLY) slowly said, “Don’t have a black face ah. The chicken chops aren’t delicious anymore ah. Open your mouth.”

He handed a piece to Yu Han’s mouth, coaxing the person to try a bite. Yu Han’s lips pursed tightly and looked at him in silence, with the posture of shutting up until the end of time without explanation.

Luo Lin Yuan had to concede defeat. He put down the chicken, took a sip of milk tea, and forced a smile at Yu Han, “My mother hit me.”

Yu Han’s pupils contracted for a moment, and emotions leaked out of his eyes. Luo Lin Yuan saw sadness and distress, as well as deep suspicions. Yu Han wanted to ask why, but he deliberately didn’t dare to ask. Maybe he was afraid of asking him about his sadness, the kind he didn’t want to say.

Luo Lin Yuan really didn’t want to say much. He felt that the chili powder on the chicken was too spicy that it made his eyes burn, and he was almost lost in Yu Han’s focused eyes.

He put down the bamboo stick in his hand, his voice was soft and his drawled tone was delicate as he pouted, “It doesn’t actually hurt a lot. Teacher Yu, if you kiss me, it won’t hurt anymore.”

Luo Lin Yuan was just joking, he just wanted to divert his attention. His eyes were really sour. This is a public place. No matter how intimate the two boys are, they can’t kiss in public. It’s too conspicuous.

Not the mention that this is the milk tea shop below Yu Han’s house. Yu Han may be a regular customer here.

But in the next second, a butterfly-like kiss fell on his wound. The force was very light and a little itchy. It fluttered its wings gently and flew over his cheeks. Yu Han said, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Yu Han raised his hand and covered his eyes with his palm, giving him the whole darkness and a hiding place. “If you want to cry, cry. Don’t be afraid, there is me.”

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