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Close To You Chapter 88

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Luo Lin Yuan didn’t want to remember the memories of eating chopped chickens and crying like a fool.

He cried while pulling the wound; it was miserable. The more it hurt, the more he wanted to cry.

Finally, like a child holding a bag of chopped chickens in his arms and holding milk tea in his left hand, his right hand was being led home by Yu Han. In a daze, there seemed to be a lot of people peeking around. Yu Han calmly walked beside him, ignoring all the gawking.

Just like he said, don’t be afraid, there is him. Yu Han was like a towering mountain, blocking all eyes.

When they arrived at Yu Han’s house, Luo Lin Yuan was sleepy with tears. When Yu Han gave him medicine, Luo Lin Yuan’s body kept swaying and his eyes couldn’t be opened.

Seeing him like this, Yu Han asked him if he still wanted to take a bath. Of course, Luo Lin Yuan had to take a bath.

Yu Han took off his clothes stained with the smell of chicken, put them in warm water, made bubbles for him, then wrapped him in a large sunflowers towel. He dried him, put him into soft pajamas, and then tucked him under the covers.

Luo Lin Yuan wanted to sleep near the pillow, turning over and over, his face hurt as soon as he touched the pillow.

After waking up from the pain several times, Yu Han had to follow and change his clothes, get into the quilt, and hold his waist. He fixed his posture, letting him sleep at ease.

Luo Lin Yuan was awakened by his embrace, his eyes wide open. Yu Han said in amusement, “Not sleeping anymore?”

The person in his arms shook his head silently, then moved around, looking for a good position. He pressed his ear into his chest as if telling a secret, “Your heartbeat is quite good.”

Yu Han said, “Isn’t heartbeat the same?”

Luo Lin Yuan wrapped his leg around Yu Han’s leg, clinging tightly, “It’s not the same, yours is different.”

Listening to the heartbeat, he endured his drowsiness while saying, “Do you know the Little Prince?”

Yu Han stroked his hair and said he knew.

Luo Lin Yuan’s eyelids slowly closed, “I’m the fox that you tamed. When you tamed me, my life was completely different. No one in this world has the same heartbeat as you.”

He yawned, “You, Little Princes, don’t have a rose. You’re not allowed to like… rose… you can only like… me.” His voice became lower and lower, only mumbling, and finally fell into a deep sleep.

A handful of Luo Lin Yuan’s hair lay in Yu Han’s palm. He tightened his arms around the shoulder of the person in his arms and whispered, “There are no roses, the Little Prince only likes the Little Princess.” As soon as his words fell, he childishly laughed at himself.

His face blushed and burned but his arms were full as if he was holding the whole world, his most precious treasure.

Luo Lin Yuan slept too much throughout the day and woke up in the middle of the night.

He carefully retreated from Yu Han’s arms, thinking back to what happened before going to bed, and his heart chagrined. Yu Han skipped work for him again tonight. Why does he always affect Yu Han making money ah?

Why don’t he first pay Yu Han the living expenses transferred to Alipay as his salary.

When there is no money, then sneak home. If Lin Shu doesn’t give him a good face, he will ask Uncle Wu for pocket money. If not, then he can call Grandma and ask Grandma to send him a red envelope. Grandma loves him the most.

There is a chair in front of the bed and a small lamp. Luo Lin Yuan has to keep the lamp when he sleeps, but when he was at Yu Han’s house before, he was sensible not to mention this request.

Because he didn’t want to affect Yu Han’s quality of sleep, looking at the lamp, he didn’t know where Yu Han knew he had to light the lamp for the night.

He sat on the chair with messy hair and used his phone to mute the game, Fight the Landlord. The night is too late, at three o’clock in the morning. He also has no companion in Fight the Landlord, only a man-machine which is very addictive.

Luo Lin Yuan took many kinds of photos of the sleeping Yu Han. Yu Han was too photogenic.

Under the warm light, the sleeping boy’s eyebrows were high and his eyes were deep. His long lashes converged two shadows, his skin taut, and his pale lips were as beautiful as if waiting for a deep kiss.

Luo Lin Yuan’s addiction wasn’t enough. He tiptoed out and found his school bag, pulled out a paper and pen, and returned to the bed. With his writing pad, he wanted to draw a portrait of Yu Han.

Although Lin Shu doesn’t recognize his abilities, he was somewhat talented in arts, and he considered going to art classes in his second year.

It’s just that as the young master of the Luo family, it’s obviously not reasonable to spend time at the university of arts to study finance at an undergraduate university, so he gave up without thinking about it.

Even so, he still learned a little sketching, which just happened to give Yu Han a romantic scene.

The lines were outlined, smudged, and overlapped with reality. The lines are arranged layer by layer, with black and white gray to present the lines of Yu Han’s appearance. He’s a neat freak, but he is willing to use his hands to smear the toner and outline the contours of his beloved with his fingertips.

After a long time, a semi-finished product was presented. The drawing was so similar that even he was surprised that his drawing skills could get 100% when drawing Yu Han.

Perhaps it was because when creating with love, it’s always unusual, like burning fireworks, exhausting everything in itself, just to leave a brilliant picture.

The portrait was like a model, but he doesn’t want to give it away. He rubbed the creamy toner between his fingers, feeling shy to show his unsightly work to his lover. He’s too shy to give it.

This is just the first one, there will be many between them. He can draw many, many Yu Han, then pick the best one and give it to the best one.

Luo Lin Yuan carefully put the drawing away. He sneaked into the bathroom to wash his hands, looked at himself in the mirror, and suddenly remembered that he forgot to brush his teeth. It was simply sinful.

When he returned to bed with the sweet scent of strawberries in his mouth, Luo Lin Yuan fell into doubt about life, Yu Han thought he was addicted to sweets.

The last time he came to brush his teeth, it was mint flavor. This time, the toothpaste was replaced with children’s toothpaste; a strawberry-flavored one tasted so sweet that he almost swallowed it.

He walked quietly and sneaked back, eager to turn into a feather and fly to the bed. However, Feather Lu failed to get into bed. Yu Han was awakened by him. With half-dazed opened eyes, his name was vaguely recited in his throat. He stretched out his hand to hold him in his arms.

Even in his sleep, he was still thinking about the injuries on Luo Lin Yuan’s face. He turned the person over to sleep, hugged him behind, and lovingly rubbed his face on the back of his neck, followed by breathing evenly and long, falling into a deep sleep.

Poor Luo Lin Yuan, was rubbed against his neck by his dry lips. There was an electric current that went straight to his navel, and the flag was raised tremblingly, but he can only endure it because the back still hurts, it was inhumane.[1]I italicized it to put emphasis, iykyk hahaha

The next morning, the alarm clock jolted awake Yu Han. Luo Lin Yuan lay on him and gave him a strawberry-flavored kiss, and said in a yellow tone, “Why do you like strawberries so much? Next time, use a strawberry wrap, okay?”

Yu Han was still in a state of unconsciousness. He held Luo Lin Yuan’s butt and pressed it on him. After pressing Luo Lin Yuan, he said in a hoarse voice, “If you don’t want it to hurt, don’t tease it.”

The six-syllable mantra[2]A mantra where the condensed form of all Buddhist teachings can be seen. For more info, please see this link can be called a classic, and it puts an end to death.

Luo Lin Yuan and Yu Han squeezed in to brush their teeth, carefully avoiding the wound, spitting white bubbles, and imagining the future, “Do you think that when we go to work in the future, will we also rush to the toilet and brush our teeth? I think it’s so fun, oh.”

Yu Han rinsed his mouth and wiped his face. He glanced at him faintly, “No, because I must get up earlier than you.”

It surprisingly made sense and couldn’t be refuted. If he hadn’t slept all day yesterday, he wouldn’t have gotten up so early this morning.

It was not the first time Luo Lin Yuan had gone to school with Yu Han. There’s still a bus with seats in the morning. Yu Han took out wet wipes from his school bag and gave him one to wipe his chair.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t use it and generously sat down. Although it’s not quite comfortable since he can’t help but wonder how many people have sat on it, it’s actually not much different from a taxi, which is pretentious.

Cleanliness is cleanliness, but if you go too far, you still have to change it.

It’s just that in the first eighteen years of life, Luo Lin Yuan has never had the idea of changing.

He always thought that when he became an adult and got his driver’s license, he would no longer have to take a taxi to go out with Fang Xiao and the others. He doesn’t like taxis, especially when he encountered the kind with a bad smell, he would simply pass out.

Luo Lin Yuan must have masks and fragrances when he goes out. There are too many things to do and not to do.

That’s why Fang Xiao was able to change along with him, and now there is Yu Han.

He did have a car. Luo Ting bought it for him and parked it in the garage for a long time, just waiting for his little master.

Now he changed his mind because of Yu Han.

Although Yu Han earns money well, he’s still a student with limited abilities. He’s willing to ride the bus with Yu Han, but he has to get used to this.

If he keeps this up and made the gap between the two seem too big, wouldn’t it be easy for things to go wrong?

Romeo and Juliet also relied on themselves and died before their elopement was successful, so they didn’t become a resentful couple.

Luo Lin Yuan thought he thought deeply and he was even moved by himself the most. He turned and wanted to show with his eyes how sensible and affectionate he was, and Yu Han had to praise him. Thus, he was shocked by Yu Han’s side profile bathed in the morning light.

Bewitched by his beauty, Luo Lin Yuan forgot all his sacrifices and was frantic under Yu Han’s jeans.

A heart is like a heated corn, gradually expanding until it explodes with a beep and becomes a sweet and milky popcorn.

Yu Han was wearing an earphone on one ear and the other earphone was spinning on his hand.

Luo Lin Yuan moved next to him, “I want to listen too.”

Yu Han retracted his gaze from the window and looked at him, but he didn’t hand over the earphone, instead, he made a condition, “Xia Fu’s birthday is tonight, right?”

Luo Lin Yuan honestly answered and thought of the last time in the classroom, Fang Xiao said that he was ignorant and looked for his ex in front of the current one.

Therefore, Luo Lin Yuan asked with a bit of desire to survive, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Han said, “Don’t have excessive contact with her tonight.”

These words were too straightforward and the request was blatant. Luo Lin Yuan’s scarlet face spread, and he deliberately said, “Why ah?”

‘To ask a question when you already know the answer’ is a necessary routine between young couples.

Yu Han stuffed the earphone into his ear. In the piano music, the low and pleasant male voice sounded in his ears that went through the change of voice, accompanied by the music together.

“Because I will be jealous.”

“Because I don’t allow it.”

“Because you are mine.”


1 I italicized it to put emphasis, iykyk hahaha
2 A mantra where the condensed form of all Buddhist teachings can be seen. For more info, please see this link

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