Close to You
Close To You Chapter 89

Luo Lin Yuan, who was sweetened by Teacher Yu’s words of love, continued to be in the state of thoughts of love until class. Fang Xiao, the single dog who was the source, still worried about him. He also couldn’t wait to set up a torch and burn this pair to death.

Fang Xiao brought him breakfast prepared at home, for fear that Luo Lin Yuan didn’t get breakfast in the morning.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t even look at the porridge. He was well fed by the noodles cooked by Yu Han, and his stomach was still warm.

Fang Xiao rolled his eyes, “Aren’t you dating Yu Han? Why is it like raising a child.”

Luo Lin Yuan was unconvinced and had the intention to refute, but was blocked by Fang Xiao’s words about what have you done for Yu Han and what have you helped. After thinking about it, he really didn’t help anything.

As a result, Luo Lin Yuan was busy thinking about it the whole class and didn’t listen to the lessons at all. He completely ignored Luo Ting’s warning that if he didn’t make progress in the exam, he would have to change teacher.

The more he thought about it, the more he thought that Fang Xiao was right. Isn’t it just taking a child? The first time, he took the dirty child home to take a bath, cooked birthday noodles for the child whose parents quarreled and was sad, and took the child who almost got abused by his father and ran away from home. The process of Yu Han’s relationship with him is like doing good deeds.

Yesterday, he also took him home, who was crying on the side of the road, took a bath, blew his hair, tucked him to the quilt, and held him to sleep. It was simply like a mountain of fatherly love; weird and perverted.

Yu Han, who didn’t know that he was upgraded to an old father by his little boyfriend, sent a message between classes and asked him on WeChat if his face still hurts.

In the morning, Yu Han gave him a warm hard-boiled egg to roll on his face to reduce swelling, then applied anti-swelling medicine, and matched it with a mask to find an excuse for colds. Luo Lin Yuan resurrected on the spot without having to explain his swollen face to his classmates one by one.

When Fang Xiao sneaked in and asked what gift he had prepared for Xia Fu. Luo Lin Yuan’s eyes rounded outside the mask; he turned pale from fright.

He forgot he had to give, Fang Xiao stared at him incredulously, “Are you out of your mind? Anyway, it’s an ex. It’s been told in advance for so long, you didn’t buy?”

Of course, he bought it. It’s just that he ran away from home in haste and forgot to bring the gift box in the drawer.

It’s not practical to go home now. Xia Fu dragged all the people who will attend her birthday party into the same WeChat group and sent messages in it, saying that they would gather after school and go there directly to eat.

Fang Xiao gave him an idea, saying that he should order a cake after school at noon.

It’s also a gift to make a nice pink cake and insert a candle representing 18.

Luo Lin Yuan, who had become a melon skin, only received a jealous warning from Yu Han in the morning. Where would he dare make a cake for the birthday star? This kind of behavior is too eye-catching, maybe someone will jeer at them soon to get back together.

He said in his heart that it’s impossible to get back together, and it’s possible to break up on the spot. Pei! Pei! Pei![1]To spit[in contempt] ominous, the idea of breaking up, I can’t even think about it.

It’s impossible not to give a gift, so he can only take Fang Xiao out to buy a bracelet at noon. When the payment was made, Young Master Luo, who didn’t know that rice, oil, and salt were expensive, finally began to feel distressed about the money.

He pinched two similar bracelets and his straight male aesthetics said, “Is there a difference between the two? Why is this pink one 2,000 yuan more expensive?”

With a smile on her face, the girl on the counter wasn’t embarrassed by Luo Lin Yuan, instead, she replied softly, “This is our classic for 11 years oh. Many boys buy it for their girlfriends.”

11 years, just last year, which is a classic.

Fang Xiao looked at the time, it was almost time for class. He didn’t have time to let Luo Lin Yuan procrastinate, “This one bah, what are you struggling with? You decided to buy something for not longer than three minutes. Why are you so fussy today?”

Who let him be poor now, of course, he had to think longer. In the end, Luo Lin Yuan still chose to buy the pink one. No matter what, he got a bit of face.

Carrying a small paper bag, Luo Lin Yuan looked at the remaining money on Alipay and felt a little heartbroken. He thought to himself that Yu Han would buy fewer dishes tomorrow. One meat and one vegetable would be enough. After a second thought, he wanted to take Yu Han out to eat something good. Sure enough, he really should save money.

When school was over, a group of people gathered in front of the school entrance. There were more than a dozen and were noisy. Luo Lin Yuan took Fang Xiao, wanting to squeeze into Yu Han’s side. As a result, as soon as he saw the person next to Yu Han, he was so angry that he sent a message on WeChat: “Watch your words and actions, you’re a family man.”

The phone in Yu Han’s pocket vibrated, and he subconsciously looked into the crowd. After finding Luo Lin Yuan, he took out the phone from his pocket, stared at the screen for a while, and smiled.

Luo Lin Yuan flattened his mouth. Why is Ren Yu there, too ah? Still standing so close. Is he jealous or is it regarded as blindly jealous? Because Yu Han has already said that it was a misunderstanding, and that he has nothing to do with Ren Yu.

Being unreasonably jealous seems a bit annoying.

But when Yu Han was jealous in the morning, he liked it very much, and he had to eat vinegar [2]Jealous right when he was jealous ah.

The chat box popped up, Yu Han said: “Come here.”

Luo Lin Yuan immediately went over, obedient to the extreme, standing next to Yu Han, trying his best to be stoic, but with a smile on his brows. Ren Yu greeted him. He first nodded courteously but then felt that he couldn’t be too high and cold. After all, he was also Yu Han’s brother[3]It means good friends in this context.,  so he returned a greeting.

Fang Xiao was also whispering to Yang Xi next to him. From what Fang Xiao said, Yang Xi failed to chase the girl in their class and was in a melancholy period of lovelorn.

But Luo Lin Yuan saw Yang Xi and Fang Xiao bickering happily, so he didn’t see how uncomfortable it was.

As a result, Yang Xi’s nature was exposed when he moved from the dinner place to ktv. First, he chose a large number of lovelorn songs and drank a lot of beer.

Yang Xi held the mic, crying and singing love songs. His nature was lost together with his face.

Luo Lin Yuan found the opportunity to give a gift amidst Yang Xi’s ghostly cries[4]Extended meaning: to wail like ghosts and howl like wolves. Since Xia Fu was angry at his honesty last time, she looked quite embarrassed when she faced him this time.

Xia Fu’s friend leaned over her head to look. When she saw the bracelet, she exclaimed, “How did you know Xia Fu wanted this? She just showed it to us a few days ago.”

How did he know? It was a blind guess. Because Xia Fu like pink things, so he bought it. He didn’t expect to exactly buy what she wanted.

Amidst the winking eyes of her friend, Xia Fu calmly thanked him and politely asked him if he wanted to cut the cake together.

This is of course not necessary. If he cuts a cake with Xia Fu here, he will be shut out by Yu Han in the evening. He’ll be homeless and can only stay in a five-star hotel, wasting more money.

After Luo Lin Yuan finished giving the gift, he returned to Yu Han’s side. Ren Yu didn’t come over much all night, he was chatting with others.

He would occasionally have eye contact with him and Ren Yu will also smile. He looked quite kind and not aggressive, making Luo Lin Yuan embarrassed, so he whispered to Yu Han, “Why does Ren Yu always smile at me ah?”

Yu Han leaned into his ear and said, “Because he knows I like you.”

The subwoofer[5]Today I learned, this also means bass cannon which is a loudspeaker that is designed to reproduce very low bass frequencies. blended with alcohol, penetrated deep into his ears as if there was a reverberation in his head.

Luo Lin Yuan waited for it to slow down before he understood the meaning of his words. Yu Han told Ren Yu about the two of them? It’s also good because he just liked Yu Han and he came out of the closet to his good brother and didn’t hide it.

He covered his heated ears with his palms and looked at Yu Han. It’s rare for Yu Han to touch some alcohol, just a drink, and he will have to go to work in a while.

Seeing the alcohol rolling with ice, it looked like his fingers were slender and elegant with a little decadence. Luo Lin Yuan was almost charmed to death. Thinking that if he would have the chance in the future, he would go to the bar every day to keep an eye on him, lest his boyfriend be abducted.[6]LLY referring to the bar where YH works.

It didn’t take long for the time to be almost up. Yu Han left the keys to him and worriedly told him to go back early and not to drink. If he gets home and Luo Lin Yuan hasn’t slept, he will spank him.

With that, Luo Lin Yuan’s cheeks flushed quite red and he was a bit intoxicated. Seeing that no one paid attention to their corner, he leaned into Yu Han’s ear and teased, “Just a spanking?”

Yu Han almost wanted to pinch his waist, he[7]LLY just couldn’t be well-behaved for a day and wanted to cause trouble again. When the moment comes, it would be him who will be crying in bed, crying out in pain.

Luo Lin Yuan sent Yu Han out. No one noticed when the two of them left the large group. Yu Han was reluctant to let him go so they didn’t take the elevator and turned to the safe passage.

The two walked down the steps, holding hands while there was no one, and even kissed at the corner of the first floor.

Luo Lin Yuan went soft in Yu Han’s arms being pressed to his waist and turned against the wall.

His expression was blurred, and he was kissed so much that he tilted his head and panted lightly. Yu Han kissed the base of his ear and his collarbone. The whole person was seductive and defenseless, allowing people to do whatever they wanted.

Yu Han finally stopped with great difficulty and kissed the hickey on his neck, “Let’s go.”

Luo Lin Yuan let out a groan, his fingers still pinching the corner of Yu Han’s coat, unwilling to let go.

Yu Han touched his temples, “Be good.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t want to be good, but he still did so. He watched Yu Han leave and watched the person get on the bus. He thought that it was time for the driver’s license to be tested. In the future, he would be responsible for sending Yu Han to and from work every day, so that everyone would know that Yu Han has a master.

He touched his swollen lips and went up the stairs. The response light on the second floor was still on, and he didn’t know when it was on and Luo Lin Yuan didn’t care.

What he should care about was that at that time, he was immersed in love and didn’t know that someone had been there on the second floor.

That night, Yu Han didn’t go home. He woke up to be the only one in the house, and Yu Han’s phone couldn’t be reached.

But there was a WeChat from Yu Han, the main idea was that his Grandma went to the emergency room again in the middle of the night. He had to accompany the house so that he could go downstairs to the bakery to eat breakfast.

The environment in the bakery is quite good and the owner and his wife love cleanliness.

When Yu Han bought the buns, he called Yu Han again but there was still no answer.

He carried the buns for Yu Han and took the bus to school by himself.  He walked to the school entrance, his phone vibrating eagerly in his pocket, one after another, like a strong warning.

He stepped into the door of the school, and in just an instant, the eyes in all directions fell on him; whispering and rustling like the tide of the sea, the sound of cicadas in midsummer, endless.

His phone shook violently as if it was about to fall out of his pocket.

Luo Lin Yuan stood still. He took out his phone and clicked on it. The grade group, class group, and even yesterday’s birthday group were all quickly forwarding a set of pictures.

The main character was him. At the corner of the dimly lit staircase, he was pressed against the wall by a man, kissing his neck and lips, hugging each other tightly, and heads rubbing each other.[8]Signifying a very close relationship.

The buns rolled to the floor and the soy milk exploded on the concrete.

Those whispers seemed to be infinitely magnified, exploding into his ears.

It’s him, he’s really gay ah. Is he screwed with that? So dirty. Won’t he be infected with AIDS? So terrible.





1 To spit[in contempt]
2 Jealous
3 It means good friends in this context.
4 Extended meaning: to wail like ghosts and howl like wolves
5 Today I learned, this also means bass cannon which is a loudspeaker that is designed to reproduce very low bass frequencies.
6 LLY referring to the bar where YH works.
8 Signifying a very close relationship.

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