Close to You
Close To You Chapter 90

The photo shared in the group seemed to have stripped him naked and thrown him in public. Gossip and strange gazes slashed him like knives, bruising him all over.

He was far from as strong as he thought and for the first time, he realized what kind of path he had chosen to take.

Luo Lin Yuan hardly dared to look at his phone. He wanted to continue the class and listen to the lecture strongly, ignoring those glances.

This is his sexuality. It’s his personal business, it’s none of other people’s business. He walked towards the class against those stares, and the moment he opened the door, the noise in the already noisy class stilled for a moment.

All pairs of eyes were focused on him, with all kinds of meanings.

He was like an alien who broke in by mistake, being seized up from head to toe.

After that moment of silence, the low, dense sound of talking rang out again, wave after wave, surging in the shadows.

Fang Xiao pushed the table away and walked in the direction of Luo Lin Yuan. He wanted to go over and pull Luo Lin Yuan, who was standing in the doorway, back to his seat when a voice suddenly came from the corner of the class, “Fang Xiao! Was it you last night?!”

As if they smelled it, everyone looked exuberantly at Fang Xiao and Luo Lin Yuan, the center of the conversation, wanting to know the answer.

Amidst the burst of laughter, Luo Lin Yuan saw that the wave of people, who usually mind their own businesses, stared at them with malicious looks.

Fang Xiao’s face sank and turned in that direction, “It’s none of your business!”

There was a thorn in that wave of people who were usually mixed up. He was unhappy with Fang Xiao’s attitude and pretended to be vulgar and whistled, “Are you protecting him? Does a man tastes so good?”

He suddenly elbowed a boy on his side and gestured in and out with his hands, “I heard it was with his butt… ugh, so disgusting ah.”

They roared in laughter. Fang Xiao cursed an expletive and rushed over, and a group of people fought as a group. Luo Lin Yuan threw his school bag and went to help. Soon they were collectively taken to the class teacher.

The class teacher first reprimanded the group of thorns and then blasted them back.[1]Like having them go back in anger/shooed them away. Fang Xiao was unconvinced and said with an uplifted neck, “They caused trouble first!”

The class teacher is a middle-aged woman with the surname Chen. She is a stereotypical person. When teaching, she seems to have only three sets of clothes, red, yellow, and blue, which were changed every day. The students all felt that she has obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Teacher Chen pushed her glasses, took the phone, and looked at it a few times. She ignored Fang Xiao, but turned to Luo Lin Yuan, “The school has requested for the deletion of the photo that has a bad impact, but we have to ask your parents to come over.”

Luo Lin Yuan’s face was pale from the start of the incident. With the bruise still on his face that still hadn’t healed, cutting a sorry figure.

Fang Xiao stood up for him, “What do you mean bad impact?! Why do you need to call Luo Lin Yuan’s parents?! The school won’t catch the person who spread the photo! Instead, they ask the victim’s parents?!”

Teacher Chen said with a stern face, “Fang Xiao, your case is not over yet! Do you want to take disciplinary action!”

Fang Xiao was simply going mad, “A few of them beat me up, you let them go. What do you mean by keeping us here!”

Teacher Chen ignored Fang Xiao but asked Luo Lin Yuan, “The other one in the photo is not from our school, right?” Teacher Chen’s eyebrows knitted slightly when she spoke, and the disgust in her eyes was clearly visible.

Anyone can see that she really doesn’t want the other one in the photo to also be from this school. It’s too troublesome. Such a scandal can make some overly aggressive parents come to the door.

If it was Luo Lin Yuan himself who was unclean and went to find someone outside the school, it will be easy to solve.

The other one in the photo was only photographed with a bit of hair and half of his shoulder. The center of the content is still Luo Lin Yuan. This photo was full of purpose, just to destroy Luo Lin Yuan.

Hearing Teacher Chen ask him who the other one was, Fang Xiao hated it so much that the anger of being treated unfairly almost squeezed through his chest.

He looked at Luo Lin Yuan’s pale face as if he was about to faint at any moment. As Luo Lin Yuan’s body swayed for a while, but he still stabilized, his voice was hoarse and fragmented. It was quite difficult to say a paragraph or a few words.

He said, “He’s not… not from our school, he’s off-campus.”

Teacher Chen obviously breathed a sigh of relief, and said to Fang Xiao, “You go back to class first, and Luo Lin Yuan will stay.”

Fang Xiao still wanted to argue but Luo Lin Yuan grasped his wrist. Luo Lin Yuan’s fingers were too cold and he was greased with cold sweat.

Luo Lin Yuan shook his head wordlessly at him and smiled reluctantly. From his weak gaze, Fang Xiao could see Luo Lin Yuan’s gratitude to him, and at the same time, there was no desire to drag him down.

Fang Xiao clenched his fist and refused to leave. Teacher Chen raised her voice, “Fang Xiao! What are you still standing here for, want your parents to be invited together?” She suddenly hesitated, “It isn’t really you in the photo?”

Moreover, Fang Xiao was wearing a school uniform last night, and the other person in the photo had black short sleeves.

Last night, Yu Han changed his clothes at the ktv before going to work. Luo Lin Yuan was very glad that Yu Han had changed his clothes in advance last night, so no one could recognize Yu Han.

He is already like this, there’s no need to sacrifice another one.

It’s just that, he doesn’t know if the person who took the photo also photographed Yu Han. He thinks they just want to mess with him, so it’s good. Yu Han will be recommended soon[2]At school, he can’t be affected by such things.

Luo Lin Yuan felt that he thought clearly and understood very well, but he couldn’t help but fear and sadness in his heart surging up.

He thought that if Yu Han were here, it would be good, but it was obvious it would be better if Yu Han weren’t present… It would be fine if Yu Han was here, he selfishly thought, he wouldn’t have to be afraid alone.

Luo Ting wasn’t there, and it was Lin Shu who came to the school. She had already learned of the incident on the phone and arrived at the teacher’s office almost an hour later.

Lin Shu was wearing a slim-fit black dress with excellent texture, her hair was slightly curly, with a pearly necklace around her neck and a small designer bag. She was extremely elegant and decent.

She walked into the office with her head held high, with a noble arrogance. She glanced at Luo Lin Yuan standing in the corner and ignored Teacher Chen’s greeting, “Luo Lin Yuan, come here.”

Luo Lin Yuan walked in front of Lin Shu with his head lowered. When he saw Lin Shu raise her hand, he couldn’t help but shrink back. He thought Lin Shu was going to hit him, and she had clearly lectured him not to be a disgrace, but now the whole school knows about it.

He believes that it won’t be long before the entire social circle will know the news that the little son of the Luo family is messing around with men.

Unexpectedly, Lin Shu just pinched his chin and lifted his face. She looked at his face carefully for a while and asked, “What happened to the bruise around your mouth?”

Luo Lin Yuan said in a small voice, “You hit it, it’s not healed yet.”

He just went up to help Fang Xiao, but he also didn’t help much. Fang Xiao has been playing basketball for years. Compared with those gangsters, his physique was so good that he isn’t much better. Luo Lin Yuan followed up to the side to pick up the leaks only.

In addition, not long after the chaotic fight, he was denounced by the teacher and separated by the class monitor.

Lin Shu nodded in satisfaction, not knowing what she was satisfied with.

Teacher Chen coughed and made a little noise, trying to get the student’s parent to notice him, “This parent, you must also know that your son has done something very outrageous in school…”

Without waiting for Teacher Chen to finish, Lin Shu interrupted her, “What do you mean by  outrageous?” She sounded puzzled as if she really didn’t understand the reason why she was called to the school.

Teacher Chen said patiently, “It’s the photo. That outrageous photo has spread among the students and has caused a very bad impact on our school.”

Lin Shu raised an eyebrow and said to Luo Lin Yuan, “Give me the photo.”

Luo Lin Yuan took out his phone from his pocket and handed it over. Lin Shu flipped for a while, “The impact is indeed bad.”

Teacher Chen was relieved and thought she could finally get to the point, but she didn’t expect Lin Shu’s next words to be, “I hope the school can cooperate with me to find the source of the IP who spread the photo. This photo violated my son’s image rights.”

Teacher Chen was stunned by Lin Shu’s words, like a chicken that swallowed an egg. She said with difficulty, “Mother Luo, this photo is an indecent photo of Luo Lin Yuan and other people of the same sex. It’s against the school rules.”

Lin Shu threw the phone back to Luo Lin Yuan, and the latter hurriedly caught it, holding the phone and looking at Lin Shu in disbelief.

Just looking at his mother, Lin Shu crossed her arms, stepped on her high heels, stood in front of him, and said to Teacher Chen, “Which school rule is violated? Puppy love? Teacher, you may not know, my son is an adult and has reached the age of eighteen. He has the right to be responsible for his own actions and also has the right to fall in love.”

Teacher Chen had a headache, “The point is that he is in a relationship with a boy! This parent, you understood it, right!”

Lin Shu narrowed her eyes, “As a teacher, you should lead by example. Everyone abroad knows that they have different sexual orientations, so they have to be tolerant. We parents pay so much tuition every year, not for you teachers to humiliate the children for unknown reasons!”

Teacher Chen was about to speak when Lin Shu interrupted with a wave of her hand, “Okay, call your principal over. I want to talk to someone who can solve the matter and be responsible.”

Teacher Chen turned purple in anger, “I am the class teacher in charge of this matter. You can’t help but be reasonable. If the child did something wrong, you don’t discipline, you make things difficult for us teachers…”

Lin Shu sneered, “So what, I’ve never seen you on the board of directors.”

As soon as Teacher Chen heard board of directors, she felt that something was wrong. It’s true that a small number of parents in this school are quite powerful, and they sponsor a lot of funds for the school every year.

These parents formed their own board of directors, which meets regularly and is usually received by the principal.

Teacher Chen didn’t know that this was another difficult rich family son. She endured her anger and squeezed out a smile, “This Madam, I didn’t know before…”

Lin Shu said impatiently, “Enough. Call those troublemaking students back for me and let the principal come over.”

She sat down on the leather sofa in the office, with one leg over the other, “I would like to see today who violated the school rules and who’s going to be disciplined!”


1 Like having them go back in anger/shooed them away
2 At school

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