Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Let Them Fight Each Other

After dinner, Shen Yu’an went up the mountain alone with a backpack.

She had been here for many days, and her ability was still at a beginner level, so today she planned to go up the mountain to practice with the small animals.

The continuous months of drought also had a significant impact on Damao Mountain.

As Shen Yu’an passed by the river at the foot of Damao Mountain, she found that the water level had dropped significantly. In just a few days, the sediment at the bottom of the river was visible from the surface.

Shen Yu’an was worried, but she couldn’t prevent everything from happening. All she could do now was to do her best to protect the safety of the Shen family.

She continued to walk up the mountain, planning to go deeper into the mountains.

After walking for a few minutes, Shen Yu’an heard voices not far away. Due to her ability, she could still hear them clearly despite the distance.

“Brother Wang, I see that your purse is old. I embroidered a new one for you.”

Shen Yu’an recognized the voice as Lin Chunyan’s. She wondered what Lin Chunyan was doing on the mountain and didn’t want to be discovered and pestered by her, so she quietly hid behind a tree.

“Sister Chunyan, this won’t do. I’m already engaged to be married. How can I accept a purse that you embroidered yourself?” Another voice came, and Shen Yu’an peeked her head out from behind the tree, only to see that it was Wang Zhicai.

Shen Yu’an was puzzled. After passing the provincial examination, Wang Zhicai had been taken in as a student by a scholar in the county. He shouldn’t be in the county school at this time. Could education in ancient times be so relaxed?

Just as Wang Zhicai finished refusing, he continued, “But Miss Chunyan is really skilled with her hands. This purse is so beautiful, unlike the one in town…oh.”

Wang Zhicai’s words seemed to say nothing and everything at the same time, and Lin Chunyan’s heart lifted again after initially feeling rejected.

She believed that Wang Zhicai was complimenting her and implying that his fiancée in town was not as thoughtful as she was.

Lin Chunyan blushed and smiled shyly, putting the purse in Wang Zhicai’s hand and saying, “I’m glad you like it, Brother Wang. Don’t worry, the girl in town doesn’t know how to be considerate of you, but I do.”

Lin Chunyan, with her head lowered, did not see the flash of contempt in Wang Zhicai’s eyes. She thought he was a rare and virtuous man.

“Miss Chunyan, with such tenderness and thoughtfulness, any man who marries you in the future will be fortunate,” Wang Zhicai said, seemingly casually.

“Brother Wang, in my heart…my heart only has you,” Lin Chunyan confessed, blushing and hoping that he would accept her.

Shen Yu’an found their lovey-dovey conversation boring and was about to leave quietly when she heard Wang Zhicai mention her name.

“I understand Miss Chunyan’s feelings. I heard from the villagers that Sister Yu’an fell into the water a few days ago, and it was you who…” Wang Zhicai said, looking incredulous.

“I…I just wanted to teach her a lesson for trampling on your sincere heart, Brother Wang.” Lin Chunyan hurriedly explained. Although she was jealous of Wang Zhicai always praising Shen Yu’an in front of her, she didn’t want to leave a malicious impression on Wang Zhicai.

Wang Zhicai looked conflicted for a while before finally saying, “You’re really…ah, you did it for me, so I won’t blame you.”

After speaking, he put his hand on Lin Chunyan’s shoulder and patted it to show his comfort, and Lin Chunyan looked at him with a grateful expression.

If the timing was right, Shen Yu’an wanted to play a suitable piece of music to liven up the atmosphere for them.

She had originally thought that Lin Chunyan pushing her into the water was solely due to her own jealousy, but now it seems that Wang Zhicai also played a role in fueling the fire.

Since they are so “in love,” she decided to lend them a hand.

She chose him as her first training target today, and Shen Yu’an controlled her mental power to spread it to Wang Zhicai.

Originally, Lin Chunyan was looking up at Wang Zhicai with a proud face, feeling that he looked even more handsome the longer she looked at him, and feeling the warmth coming from her shoulder. Her face turned red with shyness.

But when she saw Wang Zhicai slowly lowering his head to stare at her, Lin Chunyan shyly closed her eyes and tiptoed up.

Wang Zhicai suddenly felt a daze, and when he regained consciousness, he saw a magnified face in front of him and felt a sensation on his lips. He quickly came to his senses and stepped back with a look of confusion and disgust in his eyes. He spoke quickly, “I, I’m leaving first.”

Without waiting for the stunned Lin Chunyan, he ran down the mountain first.

Lin Chunyan was excitedly twisting and turning in place.

“Big Brother Wang must have feelings for me, otherwise why would he kiss me? He must have just run away because he was shy.”

It must be said that imagination is a scary thing, and Shen Yu’an is actually looking forward to the two of them entangling with each other in a dog-eat-dog situation.

Without stopping, Shen Yu’an continued up the mountain. As for how Lin Chunyan and Wang Zhicai would develop, she didn’t care that much. But once Lin Chunyan stuck to him, Wang Zhicai wouldn’t be able to shake her off easily.

Let them be a pair of fighting dogs. She had more important things to do now.

Along the way, Shen Yu’an would stop when she saw wild chickens and rabbits, not to catch them but to attack them with her spiritual power.

Shen Yu’an’s spiritual power was only at the beginner level now, only affecting organisms within five meters of her, and the duration was short. However, when her level increased, she could try it even if the distance was one hundred meters away.

By then, it could be said to be killing without leaving a trace.

The psychic threads extended towards two wild chickens not far away, but they did not notice the impending danger and continued to search for food on the ground.

When Shen Yu’an covered the two chickens with psychic threads, she quickly used her mental power to strangle them by controlling their heads.

The chickens stood still as if nothing had happened. After a gust of wind blew by, they both fell to the ground at the same time, no longer alive.

Shen Yu’an walked over, put the two chickens in her backpack, and threw them into the space.

Next, Shen Yu’an saw chickens killing chickens and rabbits killing rabbits. The animals on the mountain ran away in panic, trying to avoid the “heartless little witch” who killed without blinking an eye. However, without exception, all of them were collected by Shen Yu’an.

On the way, Shen Yu’an also encountered a snake that tried to ambush her, but she used it as a training target for her psychic power and then picked it up with a stick and put it in her backpack.

Feeling a bit tired from running around, Shen Yu’an found a thick tree and climbed up to rest and drink some water.

Although she caught seven wild chickens and three rabbits on this trip up the mountain, as well as a snake as thick as her arm, Shen Yu’an still felt a bit regretful that she didn’t encounter any large wild animals. She had hoped to catch a wild boar or something to bring back and make jerky out of, but she didn’t even catch a glimpse.

As she was thinking this, a loud commotion came from a distance, causing the tree under Shen Yu’an to shake. She steadied herself and looked in the direction of the commotion, only to see a black bear and an adult wild boar fighting.

It seemed that she got what she wished for, Shen Yu’an rubbed her hands together excitedly.

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