Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The Battle Between the Sandpiper and the Clam, with the Fisherman Benefiting

Shen Yu’an stood steadily on the treetop, watching from afar the battle between the wild boar and the black bear.

The black bear stood on its hind legs and slapped fiercely at the wild boar, causing the latter to let out a painful grunt.

Shen Yu’an saw that the wild boar was not willing to back down and charged towards the black bear. The wild boar looked almost as big as the black bear, weighing almost two hundred pounds.

She waited quietly, planning to scavenge the remains after the battle between the two was over.

As the saying goes, “when two dogs fight for a bone, a third one carries it away.” This time, she was the one benefiting.

After a while, Shen Yu’an felt that the battle was about to end, so she quickly climbed down the tree and ran towards the scene.

When she arrived, she indeed saw the wild boar thrust the black bear far away with one push, and the black bear struggled a few times but couldn’t stand up.

She didn’t expect that the wild boar would actually kill the black bear. What Shen Yu’an didn’t know was that the black bear was asking for trouble.

Before she arrived, the black bear suddenly charged towards the wild boar. However, the wild boar dodged, causing the black bear to collide with a big tree due to inertia, which allowed the wild boar to take advantage and win the fight.

But now both animals were hers. The noise of Shen Yu’an’s arrival alerted the injured wild boar, which let out an angry grunt.

When the wild boar charged towards her, Shen Yu’an quickly took out a long knife from her space and swung it towards the wild boar’s head, directly ending its life.

The gushing blood splattered on Shen Yu’an’s body, she accidentally wiped her face with it causing a bit of blood to spread on her face.

She put away the long knife and walked towards the wild boar and the black bear lying on the ground.

She tried dragging them, and she was able to move them, but they were both too large for her to lift due to her height.

The wild boar was covered in blood, so she didn’t want to throw it into her space. She threw the black bear on the empty corner in her space and dragged the wild boar down the mountain.

The Shen family was still some distance away from the bottom of the mountain, so to avoid unnecessary trouble, Shen Yu’an took a more remote path home.

Shen Yu’an dragged the wild boar inside the house. After that, she suddenly summoned a black bear and a basket full of wild chicken and rabbits, which surprised the people working in the courtyard.

“Oh my goodness, why are you covered in blood? Let me see where you’re injured.” Grandma Shen saw that Shen Yu’an was covered in blood, and didn’t even notice the prey on the ground. She pulled her over to check her out, feeling sorry for her.

“I’m not injured, it’s all the blood from that wild boar.” Shen Yu’an explained.

Still not convinced, Grandma Shen carefully checked her from head to toe before letting her go.

After confirming that Shen Yu’an was not injured, everyone’s attention was drawn to the wild boar and black bear in the courtyard.

Shen’s Village is adjacent to the mountainside, and everyone knows that there are dangers in the deep mountains that no one dares to go to. Who would have thought that Shen Yu’an, a little girl, would directly catch two of them.

Song Shi asked about the situation mainly because she was worried that Shen Yu’an was injured.

Shen Yu’an had to explain again: “When I got there, the black bear was already dead, and the wild boar was injured all over, so I just gave it a finishing blow.”

“Oh my, my daughter is really amazing.” Song Shi praised with a smile.

“I just saw that black bear and your basket, and suddenly they appeared out of nowhere. Did they come out of your little box?” Song Shi unconsciously lowered her voice and asked.

When Shen Yu’an entered the courtyard earlier, they only saw a wild boar. Then the big black bear and the basket suddenly appeared. Although they knew their daughter had the small box, they couldn’t help but be curious and ask.

“Yes, but it seems that it can only hold so much, so I didn’t put the wild boar in it,” Shen Yu’an didn’t say that it was because she thought the wild boar was dirty and didn’t want to put it in.

After lunch, people began to feel sleepy, and the number of people walking around the village gradually decreased as they rested at home. Shen Ming and Shen Yun also came back at this time.

The amount of food they brought back this time was more than yesterday, so they didn’t need to go buy more. The group worked together to store the food in the cellar. Seeing the cellar full of food, the Shen family felt much more at ease.

Except for the wild boar, two wild chickens, and a snake, all the other game that Shen Yu’an brought back were loaded onto the cart, ready to be sold in town while the meat was still fresh. The wild boar would be preserved by smoking it into jerky.

Shen Yu’an also followed them to the town. This morning, when she was using her knife, she thought about going to the blacksmith shop in town to buy a few knives for the Shen family to defend themselves. The knives in her space were made of better materials than the iron available now, but there were only a few of them.

Shen Yu’an didn’t know where the blacksmith shop in town was, so she could only go with Shen Ming and Shen Yun to sell the wild game.

They went to the same restaurant that they often visited. When the restaurant owner saw the two Shen brothers bring a rare bear, he was amazed.

“You two brothers are capable, you can even catch this thing.” The restaurant owner approached and touched the smooth fur of the black bear, marveling.

“It’s just that we stumbled upon it. This big bear happened to run into our trap, so we immediately brought it to you.” Shen Yun replied with a smile.

“Hahaha, great! I’ll take the bear and the basket of wild chickens and rabbits. The bear’s fur is still intact, so I’ll give you two one hundred taels of silver for it. For the rest of the wild chickens and rabbits, I’ll pay you the usual price. What do you think?” The restaurant owner stroked his beard and said.

He knew that if  he were to sell the entire bear skin to the county or the capital, he could double the price.

“Okay, then it’s necessary to ask the restaurant owner to call someone to weigh these wild chickens and rabbits.” Shen Yun happily replied.

In just the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, the deal was settled. After Shen Yun received the silver, the three of them walked a little further away from the crowd before handing the silver to Shen Yu’an. They knew that it was safer to put the silver in her little treasure box than to carry it themselves.

Shen Yu’an took the silver and felt a little amused. When she first revealed her space, she never thought that the Shen family would have such a high level of acceptance, and they even learned how to use it reasonably.

After walking for a while, the three of them passed by a grocery store and saw a few people inside. The person trapped in the center was an old man with a kind face and crutches.

The few hooligans kept one foot dangling and threatened, “Hand over all the silver on you, or you’ll regret it.”

The old man remained calm and explained, “This old man didn’t bring any silver with him. If you want silver, why don’t you come with me to the inn to get it?”

“Hey, you think I’m a fool? Why should I follow you to get it? If you don’t take it out yourself, don’t blame us for not being polite,” the leader of the hooligans pushed the old man in anger.

The crutch in the old man’s hand slipped out of his grip due to his instability and hit the wall behind him with a loud bang as he stumbled back two steps.

Seeing this, Shen Ming shouted in a hurry, “What are you guys doing?”

The hooligans were scared for a moment and turned their heads to see only two weak-looking men and a young girl. They burst out laughing.

Seeing that Shen Ming had already walked into the alley, Shen Yu’an glanced at Shen Yun and followed him in.

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