Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Antagonist Died from Talking Too Much

Chapter 12: The Antagonist Died from Talking Too Much

“What are we doing? Can’t you see we’re robbing here? Hey, this little lady looks pretty good, want to have some fun with us?” Since there was no official government office in the town, these thugs acted recklessly and bullied many people in the town, as they pleased under the protection of the local gang leader.

The thug leader took a few steps forward and stood in front of Shen Ming. He realized that he had to look up at Shen Ming and then took two steps back in anger.

He leered at Shen Yu’an with a lustful look and thought he looked cool as he ran his greasy hair through his hand. His followers behind him all whistled in approval.

Shen Yun moved one step forward in front of Shen Yu’an, not wanting those disgusting eyes on her.

“How dare you block us? Brothers, let’s have some fun with this little lady today,” said the thug leader, and a few of his followers immediately surrounded Shen Yu’an and her companions. The elderly person who had stumbled and hit the wall looked anxious and tried to stand up and walk over.

Shen Yu’an scanned the six people in front of her, but none of them looked like they had any fighting ability with their pale faces.

The thug leader walked up to Shen Yu’an. Shen Ming and Shen Yun tried to stop him, but their steps were blocked by the other thugs.

The thug leader wanted to touch Shen Yu’an’s smooth face and feel its texture, thinking it would be very comfortable.

Shen Yu’an’s expression turned cold, and she grabbed his wrist and twisted it sharply upward. There was a crisp cracking sound, followed by the thug leader’s screams.

“You little bitch, I’ll make you pay!” The thug leader’s head was sweating from the pain as he gritted his teeth and threatened.

After his threats, he swung his other hand.

“tsk.” Shen Yu’an easily grabbed his other hand. ” The villian can die from talking too much you know, I can easily deal with you.”

After releasing the other hand, Shen Yu’an kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying out.

“Ah, my arm, my arm…” The thug rolled on the ground in pain and screamed, “Come on, tear off this little bitch’s arm for me.”

The other five hesitated, as the girl looked like a tough opponent.

“A bunch of useless idiots, if you don’t attack soon, I’ll beat you to death.” The thug lying on the ground gave orders.

The five thugs gathered their courage and rushed towards Shen Yu’an, but two of them were blocked by Shen Ming and Shen Yun.

Shen Yu’an did not make any move as the three rushed towards her. When they thought she was scared, Shen Yu’an grabbed one of them and threw him at the person behind, causing all three of them to fall beside the thug.

The thug kicked them a few times in anger. “Get up, you useless things.”

The three could only endure the pain and rush towards her again. Shen Yu’an directly caught the three of them and beat them up. One of them turned into a panda with black eyes, and another had a bleeding nose.

The three men were beaten so badly that they couldn’t fight back, and could only scream in agony while covering their faces with their hands.

After seeing that Shen Yu’an was no longer in danger, Shen Ming and Shen Yun vented their anger on the two men who had blocked their way.

After a severe beating, they piled the beaten men together in a heap.

Shen Yu’an walked up to the old man and handed him the cane he had picked up, asking, “Old man, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, thank you, young lady and two heroes,” the old man said, taking the cane and bowing as a sign of gratitude.

Shen Yu’an smiled and said, “It was nothing.” The old man had a gentle demeanor and looked like a refined person, making people feel a sense of goodwill.

Shen Ming looked at the old man and said, “Why don’t we escort you back?”

The old man looked at Shen Yu’an and then at Shen Ming and Shen Yun behind her gratefully and said, “That would be a great trouble to you three.”

The old man lived in an inn in town. When they took him back, they met a young man who was looking for him. The young man was respectful to the old man. He thanked Shen Yu’an and the brothers before offering them money, but Shen Yu’an politely declined.

Maybe because they had just done a good deed, they managed to purchase weapons from the blacksmith’s shop albeit with some difficulties.

In ancient times, ironware was strictly regulated, and everything sold by blacksmiths had to be recorded. It took some persuasion and negotiation for the three of them to convince the blacksmith to sell to them, but they finally managed to close the deal. Whether he would report to the authorities that he sold them some farm tools or iron pots, only the blacksmith knew.

Because they had spent so much time in town, it was already dark by the time they arrived home.

The fragrance of chicken soup wafted out of the courtyard making Shen Yu’an took a deep breath to enjoy the aroma. Several sisters-in-law in the Shen family were good at cooking, but Xiaozhang’s cooking was the best.

Shen Yu’an’s cooking was average, and the food she made was just edible. Her two main hobbies in her free time were traveling to various places to eat delicious food and to see handsome men!

For dinner tonight, the Shen family had a dish of stewed chicken with mushrooms, a dish of minced meat and eggplant, a dish of stir-fried vegetables, a dish of cold cucumber salad, and a pot of seaweed and egg drop soup. There were also thick rice porridge and a basket of white steamed buns as the main dishes.

Compared to usual, this was already a very good meal.

“It smells so good, did Third Aunt make this meal?” Shen Yu’an washed her hands and walked over to ask.

“You have a nose like a dog, you can tell who made the food just by smelling it,” Song Shi teased and scolded her, “it seems that eating the food cooked by me and your Second Aunt is not good enough for you.”

“No way, the food made by Mom and Second Auntie is delicious too. It’s just that I haven’t eaten Third Aunt’s food in a long time causing me to miss it so much,” Shen Yu’an quickly smiled to appease her mother and second aunt’s injured feelings.

During the first three months of Xiaozhang’s pregnancy, the Shen family didn’t let her cook in case she overworked herself and harmed the baby. She felt guilty for not doing anything at home all day, so after three months, she started helping in the kitchen, and since there were plenty of ingredients today, she showed off her skills.

The Shen family was particularly satisfied with the meal. Shen Yu’an thought about what happened this afternoon and brought up the matter of starting their training tomorrow.

Everyone had no objections. Shen Ming and Shen Yun were particularly eager, thinking about Shen Yu’an’s fierceness when she beat those thugs up in the afternoon.

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