Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Controlling People with Gu Techniques

After finishing a meal, Shen Yu’an felt her stomach churning intensely.

Whenever she thought about stopping, Hua Ling would always pick up a couple of dishes with insects and put them into her bowl.

Although she knew that some insects were edible, she couldn’t help but feel a strong dislike in her heart.

If it weren’t for Hua Ling’s sincere and genuine expression, Shen Yu’an would have thought she was deliberately playing a prank on her.

Just as Shen Yu’an was about to lose control and vomit, she suddenly remembered her long-forgotten ability that seemed to be miles away.

Just as she was considering using her ability to control Hua Ling and make her stop adding more food to her bowl, Hua Yun (Hua Ling’s mother) suddenly spoke up, “Ling’er, the guest is already full. It would be impolite to add more.”

Hua Ling looked at Shen Yu’an in confusion and asked, “An’an, are you full?”

Shen Yu’an tightly pursed her lips, afraid that she might vomit if she opened her mouth.

She forced a smile and nodded, reassuring Hua Ling that she was indeed full.

Meanwhile, Shen Yu’an had to quickly retract the small amount of power she had already released.

But in the next moment, the bells hanging on Hua Ling’s body suddenly started ringing one after another, their crisp sound echoing in the room.

Immediately after, the bells on Hua Nan’s body also inexplicably started ringing.

For a moment, the sounds intertwined, creating a lively atmosphere.


Hua Ling looked at the hollowed-out bells on her body in confusion, and she picked up the one hanging around her neck, examining it closely.

Perplexed, Hua Ling exclaimed, “What’s going on? I already fed them!”

She flicked her finger at the bell, scolding it, “Behave, cutie.”

Shen Yu’an finally saw what was inside that bell Hua Ling had been holding—it was actually a red insect.

She had been wondering why Hua Ling’s bells didn’t make any sound when she walked, but now she realized they were filled with insects.

As Shen Yu’an looked at the other bells on Hua Ling’s body, she could only see what was inside because the insects were wriggling within the bells.

Apart from the red insect in the bell hanging around Hua Ling’s neck, the other insects appeared to be more typical, and they were mostly hidden inside the bells, making them difficult to see clearly.

Shen Yu’an asked in a puzzled tone, “Hua Ling, why do you have so many… insects on you?”

“These?” Hua Ling shook the bells on her neck, producing a clearer and crisper sound.

Hua Ling pressed down on the bells, but the effect was minimal; it didn’t have any impact at all.

She said, “These are my adorable little ones that I raise. Our people…”

Hua Yun suddenly exclaimed loudly, “Ling’er!”

Hua Ling abruptly remembered that their clan’s affairs should not be discussed outside, or else outsiders would seek to exterminate them all.

Although she didn’t understand why, her father and mother had always told her this since she was little.

She wisely kept her mouth shut.

Shen Yu’an didn’t ask any further questions either, but instead changed the subject with a smile.

As for the psychic energy Shen Yu’an had just released, it gradually dissipated, leaving no traces in the air.

The bells on Hua Nan and Hua Ling’s bodies finally settled down, hanging quietly on them like ordinary ornaments.

When Fei Yanchen heard the bells ringing on the siblings and saw the insects inside, he felt that something was amiss.

Suddenly, he recalled a previous life when he was being chased by secret guards and desperately fled into a forest.

In that forest, there were secluded tribal members who excelled in controlling insects with their special abilities. They had no communication with the outside world.

If it weren’t for suddenly hearing the bells ringing on Hua Nan and Hua Ling, Fei Yanchen might not have recalled this buried memory.

Now it seemed highly likely that the people here were the ones he had encountered in his previous life.

However, the people he encountered in his dreams did not include the four members of the Hua family, and the clan leader was also someone else, which is why he hadn’t remembered it immediately.

The clan leader at that time was a seductive-looking woman whom the entire tribe revered and respected. She had even attempted to control him using insects.

However, in the end, he managed to escape, and the woman did not achieve her desires.

During his confrontation with the Fourth Prince, he heard rumors that the prince had a concubine who could control people using insects.

Did the clan leader undergo a change due to a regular succession or was she overthrown?

Meanwhile, Shen Yu’an, thinking about the insects in Hua Ling’s bells, had a whimsical idea pop into her mind.

She vaguely remembered from the original book that there was someone by the Fourth Prince’s side who seemed to have the ability to manipulate insects. After the Fourth Prince ascended to the throne as Emperor, that person was even bestowed the title of Imperial Noble Consort.

However, the book didn’t provide much description about that person, and Shen Yu’an couldn’t recall any other specific details about the Imperial Noble Consort besides this plotline.

Both Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen suppressed their inner doubts, acting as if nothing had happened.

Seeing that Shen Yu’an had finished eating and no longer needed assistance, Hua Ling’s attention shifted to Fei Yanchen, whom she had forgotten about.

The elders in the clan had said that once married, one should treat their spouse well.

Although Fei Yanchen wasn’t her husband yet, it wouldn’t hurt to be kind to him in advance.

Since Shen Yu’an had finished eating, Hua Ling thought of offering Fei Yanchen some dishes as well.

However, just as she was about to shift her attention, Fei Yanchen turned his chopsticks over and gently pressed them against her wrist, stopping her.

“Miss Hua can have her meal on her own; I’ll take care of myself,” Fei Yanchen said.

“Pfft~” Shen Yu’an couldn’t hold back her laughter and burst out giggling. Fortunately, her mouth was already empty, or it would have been awkward.

The four members of the Hua family and Fei Yanchen looked at her with confusion, and Shen Yu’an quickly cleared her throat a couple of times and tightly sealed her lips.

Shen Yu’an apologized, saying, “Sorry, I accidentally choked.”

Fei Yanchen wanted to place his hand on Shen Yu’an’s back to help her ease her discomfort, but someone acted faster than him.

Hua Ling immediately put down her chopsticks and gently patted Shen Yu’an’s back with her small hand, showing concern. She asked, “Are you still feeling uncomfortable?”

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