Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Agitation of Gu Insects

Fei Yanchen’s outstretched hand froze in mid-air.

Looking at Hua Ling, who had taken the lead, Fei Yanchen’s face turned dark.

With this interruption, everyone forgot about what had just happened.

After finishing their meal, it was still early, but Hua Ling insisted on taking Shen Yu’an to visit the village.

In the afternoon, Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen followed behind Hua Ling and toured the entire village.

There were only a hundred or so households here, and the population was quite small, so it didn’t take long for Shen Yu’an to familiarize herself with the place.

As they walked, Hua Ling spoke, “Father said not to go outside. He said the people outside are very bad…”

After saying that, she realized that Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen also came from the outside and cautiously stole a glance at them.

Shen Yu’an looked at her as she seemed to have misspoken and smiled, saying, “There are bad people outside, but there are also many good people.”

“Yeah,” Hua Ling nodded and continued, “Now there are only a few of our people left. Father said that we used to have a lot of people, but they were all killed by people from outside.”

Suddenly, Shen Yu’an asked, “So, how do you manage to get the things you need here in your daily life?”

She said somewhat resentfully, “Every month, Father sends people out to buy things. I also want to go with them, but Father and Mother won’t let me. My older brother and I are the same age, and he has gone out twice already.”

“This time, Hua Hua and Hua Mei went out to buy things with a few other tribe members. They said they would bring back fun things from the outside for me when they return.”

She looked at Shen Yu’an with her doe-like eyes and asked expectantly, “Sister Yu’an, what is the outside like? Are there many people and is it lively?”

“I really want to go out and see the outside world too~”

Shen Yu’an thought about the current famine and the tragic sight of people starving everywhere.

She truthfully replied, “The place where we live has experienced a natural disaster, and we passed through here in order to leave that area.”

“As for other places, they are likely bustling and prosperous.”

Speaking of this, Shen Yu’an also remembered the Shen family who were left behind, waiting for them. They had been gone for a long time, and they must be getting anxious.

As Shen Yu’an had anticipated, the Shen family, not far from the entrance of the cave, was indeed growing anxious.

Before noon, Shen Erlang had already gone missing, now  Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen hadn’t come back yet which made them even more anxious.

Several hours had passed, and with the sky getting dark, there was still no sign of them returning. How could they not be worried?

Both Song Shi and Zhao Shi had been glancing towards the cave entrance numerous times, they even leaned over to look down.

But it was pitch black below, and they couldn’t see anything.

If Shen Yu’an hadn’t repeatedly urged them not to go down and look for them before leaving, they would have been unable to resist by now.

Bai Miaqing suddenly remembered that Shen Yu’an had asked Ji Xun a question before leaving, as he was skilled in fortune-telling.

She ran up to Ji Xun and asked, “Aren’t you good at fortune-telling? Can you tell if Yu’an and the others are in any danger?”

Ji Xun widened his eyes and looked at Bai Miaqing with a face full of disbelief.

Did she just say he was good at fortune-telling?!!!

Could he even compare himself to a fortune-teller?

Ah, no, wait, it’s the other way around! Can a fortune-teller compare to him?!!!

Although his master is no longer the National Diviner, in the future, he might become the next generation’s National Diviner.

Bai Miaqing comparing him to a fortune-teller was simply insulting him.

He had to defend his dignity!

He said sternly, “I am not a fortune-teller.”

Bai Miaqing didn’t care whether he was a fortune-teller or not, as long as he could make predictions.

She gently said, “Young Master Ji is right. If you’re not a fortune-teller, then could you help us determine whether Yu’an and the others are in any danger?”

Ji Xun felt that something was off about what Bai Miaqing said, but before he could figure out what exactly was wrong, others also gathered around.

They were reminded by Bai Miaqing and realized that Ji Xun still had this ability.

Ji Xun, feeling helpless, reluctantly made another prediction about whether Shen Yu’an and the others were in danger.

Hua Ling’s tribe was small, and the village wasn’t very large either. It didn’t take long for Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen to be led around by Hua Ling.

Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen cooperated excellently and managed to extract a lot of information from the innocent Hua Ling.

Shen Yu’an felt a bit embarrassed seeing how innocent and open Hua Ling was, always saying whatever came to her mind.

Meanwhile, Fei Yanchen didn’t feel any guilt. In his eyes, as long as he achieved his goals, the means used were not important.

While Hua Ling was leading them around the village, they also encountered several other people.

Since they couldn’t gather much information from Hua Ling, Shen Yu’an tried to approach others for information.

However, whenever she attempted to use her powers to manipulate others, the Gu insects inside the bells on Hua Ling’s body would become active as if they were fueled with excitement.

Once or twice could be dismissed as a coincidence, but as the frequency increased, Shen Yu’an began to realize that something was off.

The small creatures on Hua Ling’s body seemed to be particularly interested in her powers, and Shen Yu’an was afraid of raising suspicions, so she refrained from using her abilities.

Hua Ling also curiously remarked, “Why are these little cuties so lively today?”

The two of them continued to follow Hua Ling and “explore” the village.

There was a forbidden area behind the village where outsiders like them were not allowed to enter.

Neither of them insisted on going in, nor did they have a penchant for prying into other people’s secrets.

However, as the holy maiden of the tribe, Hua Ling had a separate Gu room that didn’t require entering the forbidden area.

After passing through a small forest, Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen followed Hua Ling to the side of two small wooden houses.

Hua Ling pointed to one of the rooms and said, “This one is mine, and the other one belongs to my brother. Let me show you inside.”

In Hua Ling’s room, the walls were lined with wooden shelves filled with many translucent bottles and jars.

It could be seen that each jar contained a small creature.

As Hua Ling opened the door and entered, those Gu insects inside the jars became active as if they sensed something.

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