Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Mutual Life Gu

The fire was not large, and they quickly responded. As soon as two buckets of water were poured, the fire was immediately extinguished.

At this moment, Fei Yanchen had already stopped in the courtyard, holding Shen Yu’an in his arms.

Because Shen Yu’an had been tearing at the clothes tightly fastened around her neck.

Fei Yanchen lowered his head and saw that Shen Yu’an’s face was already flushed.

He used his internal energy to examine Shen Yu’an’s body but did not find any problems.

He had no choice but to first transfer some internal energy into Shen Yu’an’s body. Shen Yu’an’s complexion improved a bit, but she was still gasping for breath, clearly not fully recovered.

Shen Yu’an felt like she was in the midst of a blazing inferno, struggling to catch her breath due to the intense heat.

She sensed that Fei Yanchen’s body was cool, so she kept clinging to him.

The little girl in his arms wriggled around, so Fei Yanchen had to firmly hold her body and placed a large palm on her face to help cool her down physically.

After the fire in the room was extinguished, Hua Ji and the other three approached.

Hua Yun walked up to Fei Yanchen and asked, “What happened to Miss Shen?”

Upon hearing the voice, Fei Yanchen raised his head and looked at Hua Yun, his eyes filled with fierce killing intent.

Hua Yun prided herself on being composed in handling situations, but she was still taken aback by Fei Yanchen’s gaze.

With her speculation in mind, Hua Yun took a step forward and said, “I have some knowledge of medicine. Can Fei Yanchen allow me to take a look at Miss Shen?”

Fei Yanchen held Shen Yu’an tighter, his eyes bloodshot.

Hua Ling exclaimed excitedly, “Let my mother take a look at Sister Yu’an, she’s also very skilled in medicine.”

Hua Yun cautiously took a step forward, and Fei Yanchen did not speak to refuse again.

She crouched down and extended two fingers to gently press on Shen Yu’an’s wrist, examining her.

Shen Yu’an’s body temperature was alarmingly hot, and as soon as Hua Yun placed her hand on Shen Yu’an, she trembled from the intense heat.

As soon as Hua Yun placed her fingers on Shen Yu’an’s wrist, her brows furrowed because she sensed a familiar fluctuation while examining Shen Yu’an’s pulse.

That fluctuation was present in their clan members when they nurtured the first Mutual Life Gu (companion insect), a fluctuation that persisted until the refining process was complete.

What was strange was that only the clan members involved in nurturing the Gu had this pulsation in their pulses, but it was also present in Shen Yu’an, an ordinary girl.

Thinking of the words left behind by their ancestors, Hua Yun’s gaze towards Shen Yu’an became even more obscure.

However, now was not the time to dwell on this. Hua Yun withdrew her hand and said, “We have a spring in our forbidden area. Fei Yanchen, please take Miss Shen there. It can alleviate her suffering.”

Fei Yanchen immediately stood up, holding Shen Yu’an, and his gaze swept over the four of them as he asked, “Where is the spring? Take me there.”

Hua Yun personally led the way, saying, “Fei Yanchen, follow me.”

Meanwhile, Hua Ling and Hua Nan behind them were already staring wide-eyed in shock.

Wasn’t that spring only accessible when they nurtured the Gu for the first time?

Hua Nan turned to look at Hua Ji and said, “Father, that spring…”

Hua Ji shook his head, gesturing for him not to say more.

Hua Ling’s mind suddenly had a flash of insight, and she quickly ran into her own room.

The Gu insect in the small box on the table had disappeared. Thinking about Shen Yu’an’s condition and her mother’s words, Hua Ling hurriedly ran out and followed them.

On the other side, Fei Yanchen carried the struggling Shen Yu’an and followed Hua Yun into the forbidden area.

Shen Yu’an clung to Fei Yanchen and kept rubbing against him, continuously complaining about the heat.

When Fei Yanchen tried to put Shen Yu’an down, her body was so weak that she couldn’t stand steadily, making it impossible for her to stand directly in the spring.

Fei Yanchen glanced at Hua Yun, who immediately turned around and left, leaving this area to Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen alone.

After the others left, Fei Yanchen directly jumped into the spring with Shen Yu’an in his arms.

Instantly, a piercing coldness spread through their skin, reaching every part of their bodies.

Fei Yanchen endured the coldness and held Shen Yu’an tightly, preventing her from slipping.

Shen Yu’an felt even more uncomfortable. Just a moment ago, she felt like she was in a blazing fire, and now she found herself in an icy and snowy world.

The torment of experiencing both fire and ice awakened Shen Yu’an’s muddled mind.

She looked at Fei Yanchen holding her and their surroundings, and asked, “Where are we now?”

Fei Yanchen asked with concern, “Are you feeling any better in the water of the forbidden spring?”

Shen Yu’an nodded, but her facial expression clearly indicated that she was still in discomfort.

Shen Yu’an weakly said, “You should go up. I’ll be fine soaking here.”

Although the sensation of experiencing both fire and ice was unpleasant, she could feel that she was getting slightly better, so she planned to stay in the water for a while longer.

Fei Yanchen decisively said, “I’ll stay with you.”

Using the obstruction of their line of sight, Fei Yanchen lowered his head and gently kissed the top of Shen Yu’an’s head, his eyes filled with tenderness.

Fei Yanchen supported Shen Yu’an’s body to prevent her from sliding down, while his other hand delivered inner energy into her body to alleviate her pain.

Meanwhile, outside, the three members of the Hua family rushed over. As soon as they arrived, Hua Ling wanted to rush inside.

Hua Yun quickly stopped her, looking at her disapprovingly.

“Fei Yanchen is accompanying Miss Shen inside. Don’t go in and cause trouble.”

Hua Ling was frantic and on the verge of tears. She stuttered and said, “Sister Yu’an… no, that Gu insect entered Sister Yu’an’s body!”

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