Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 120

Chapter 120: A Chen, Carry Me Out

Upon hearing Hua Ling’s words, the other three individuals widened their eyes in shock.

Hua Yun asked, “What kind of insect?”

Hua Ling glanced inside, but lush bushes surrounding the spring formed a natural barrier, obstructing her view.

Hua Yun urged her once again, and Hua Ling turned her gaze back.

She said, “It’s the insect I’ve been refining these past few days. However, I haven’t succeeded in refining it yet. Just now, when I heard you, Mother, asking Sister Yu’an to come to the spring, I remembered. That insect has disappeared; it must have entered her body.”

Hua Ling was on the verge of tears as she spoke. In their clan, each person have chosen a companion insect by their elder family members from the moment of birth.

The companion insect, as the name suggests, is a creature that shares life and death with its owner.

It requires nourishment with blood from the very beginning. However, it takes several years for their clan to successfully nurture the companion insect before allowing it to enter their bodies.

Unexpectedly, this incomplete insect had directly entered Shen Yu’an’s body.

Hua Ji furrowed his eyebrows, his voice carrying reproach as he asked, “What kind of insect were you refining?”

Startled by her father’s serious tone, Hua Ling trembled, nervously fidgeting her fingers together, and weakly replied, “It’s… it’s a companion insect!”

Hua Nan also looked at his foolish sister and asked, “Don’t you already have a companion insect? Why did you refine another one?”

Seeing all three of them looking at her, Hua Ling weakly explained her desire for Fei Yanchen to stay and become her husband, fearing that the fact he was not from their clan would be met with disapproval from their people.

Originally, Hua Ling intended to use the companion insect on Fei Yanchen, but she had forgotten about it when Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen arrived.

They never expected that the insect would sneakily escape and choose its host on its own.

Upon hearing Hua Ling’s words, Hua Yun became so angry that she raised her hand to slap her.

The father and son from the Hua family quickly intervened. One stopped the furious Hua Yun, while the other took their troublesome sister away.

Hua Nan tried to persuade, “Mother, at this point, blaming sister won’t change anything. Let’s wait and see if Miss Shen can come out safely.”

Hua Ji also whispered, “You’ve always suspected that these two individuals might be the ones mentioned by the elder before his passing. We’ll know if this girl can come out safely.”


Hua Yun snorted coldly, casting an exasperated glare at Hua Ling.

Hua Ling, frightened, hid behind her brother.

The fusion between the companion insect and the host’s body is something that no one can interfere with. The four individuals outside could only anxiously wait, their eyes filled with anticipation.

They waited from the faint light of dawn until full daylight, but the two individuals inside did not come out.

At this moment, Shen Yu’an and Fei Yanchen were still submerged in the spring, hidden by the surrounding bushes.

Shen Yu’an felt waves of heat emanating from her heart, spreading throughout her body.

The chilly spring water managed to suppress the heat within her body, preventing her from being scalded directly.

Meanwhile, Fei Yanchen repeatedly infused his internal energy into Shen Yu’an’s body, clearing her meridians.

However, due to the immense energy consumption, his lips turned pale from the cold, and a layer of frost formed on his eyebrows.

After an uncertain amount of time, even without using her abilities to probe, Shen Yu’an could feel the presence of the companion insect in her heart.

The light on the companion insect’s body, nestled against her heart, flickered dimly.

And after another unknown period of time, the burning sensation in Shen Yu’an’s body gradually subsided, and her complexion improved.

Throughout it all, Fei Yanchen had been supporting Shen Yu’an’s weakened body, preventing her from collapsing.

The daylight once again turned into dusk.

In a soft voice, Shen Yu’an said in Fei Yanchen’s embrace, “A Chen, carry me out, please.”

She also wanted to get out on her own, but her legs simply couldn’t muster the strength, so she had to trouble Fei Yanchen.

Upon hearing her request, Fei Yanchen lowered his head and glanced at her. He lifted her up, using one arm to support her legs and carry her.

The burning sensation in her body faded away, leaving only a bone-chilling coldness.

Shen Yu’an nestled in Fei Yanchen’s embrace and rubbed against his damp chest.

Upon hearing the movement, the people outside, Hua Yun in particular, raised their voices and asked, “Young Master Fei, is Miss Shen alright?”

Fei Yanchen’s expression turned cold at the sound of their voices.

Fei Yanchen hadn’t yet figured out the exact reason why Shen Yu’an had ended up like this, but he was certain it was related to this place. Therefore, he had no intention of paying attention to them.

Shen Yu’an had a rough idea of the reason behind her current condition, considering the companion insect inside her body. She looked up and saw Fei Yanchen’s unwavering expression but chose not to say anything.

If she was suffering like this, Fei Yanchen could maintain his expression if he wanted to.

Outside, not hearing a response, there was a brief pause before they continued, “The spring water is cold. I brought clean clothes. If Young Master Fei doesn’t mind, I can go in and help Miss Shen change her clothes.”

Fei Yanchen looked down at Shen Yu’an, who had turned pale from her previously flushed face, and finally gave up his resistance.

He didn’t mind personally changing Shen Yu’an’s clothes, but he suspected that she wouldn’t be willing.

First, he whispered to Shen Yu’an, “I’ll let her come in and help you change your clothes.”

Afterwards, he said to the outside, “Come in.”

Hua Nan felt a bit displeased hearing Fei Yanchen’s commanding tone, and Hua Yun warned him with a glance.

Hua Yun entered with two sets of clothes, and Hua Ling wanted to follow, but Hua Ji and Hua Nan quickly stopped her.

When Hua Yun entered, she saw Shen Yu’an being held in Fei Yanchen’s embrace.

She calmly walked over and handed one set of clothes to Fei Yanchen.

“Fei Yanchen, find a place to change as well.”

Fei Yanchen initially wanted to refuse, but Hua Yun continued, “Otherwise, even if Shen Yu’an changes clothes, she’ll still get wet from you.”

Fei Yanchen gave Hua Yun a cold glance and carefully placed Shen Yu’an on the flat ground. With an unwavering expression, he accepted the clothes handed to him by Hua Yun.

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