Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 136

Chapter 136: The Maid Who Looks Down on Others with Dog Eyes

The door was pushed open from the outside, and a maid walked in carrying a delicately crafted food box.

The maid looked up and glanced at Shen Yu’an, instantly stunned by her exquisite appearance.

The clothes she was wearing were personally brought by her, the old clothes from when Madam’s figure was not so plump.

However, when worn by this woman, the dark purple dress accentuated her maturity by another two folds.

And that face, she had seen many noble ladies during her time as a servant in the Bai residence, but compared to Shen Yu’an, they all paled in comparison.

However beautiful she may be, she’s still just a refugee.

The whole family followed the Second Master to the Bai residence, undoubtedly seeking to attach themselves to the Bai family.

Hmph, truly a group of insignificant people who can’t rise to prominence.

The maid straightened her chest with a hint of arrogance, casting envious glances at Shen Yu’an’s breathtakingly beautiful face.

What good intentions could someone with such a seductive appearance possibly have?

The maid slammed the food box onto the table with a bang and began taking out the dishes one by one, saying, “These were sent by Madam.”

Shen Yu’an responded indifferently, “Hmm.”

Sensing the uncomfortable gaze from the maid, Shen Yu’an’s expression turned cold.

She asked coldly, “Is there something else?”

The maid, still consumed by jealousy as she stared at Shen Yu’an’s flawless face, was suddenly reminded by a chilly voice and instinctively replied, “Ah? No, nothing.”

Shen Yu’an glanced at the food on the table – one meat dish, one vegetable dish, soup, and rice. They even prepared desserts.

She also remembered when they met Madam in the small garden. Although Madam was curious about their identity, her every word and action treated them as guests.

Even after arranging the guest rooms, everything was meticulous.

In this light, Madam Bai’s hospitality is impeccable, and the problem lies with this maid who looks down on others with dog eyes.

Shen Yu’an didn’t want to cause any trouble on her first day as a guest in someone else’s home. She calmly instructed, “Since there’s nothing else, you may leave.”

The maid was instinctively silenced and only responded with a resentful glance at Shen Yu’an once she regained her composure.

She disdainfully said, “What a thing! Just a lowly peasant trying to climb the ladder of wealth and status, yet dares to give me orders.”

The maid, infuriated, was about to reach out and grab the plates containing the food on the table.

Shen Yu’an’s gaze darkened as she watched the maid who seemed to be asking for trouble.

And somehow, as soon as the maid lifted her foot, her left foot tripped over her right foot, causing her to fall flat on her face.

Shen Yu’an assessed the distance and determined that the food on the table wouldn’t be affected. She calmly sat on the stool, quietly enjoying the spectacle.

“Thud!!! “Ouch!!!”

The maid’s screams of agony and a loud crash resounded simultaneously.

The maid’s body was halfway sprawled on the ground, but her head had struck a solid wooden stool.

“Clatter~ Clatter~” Two crisp sounds rang out.

Shen Yu’an looked down and saw two bloodstained teeth falling out of the maid’s mouth.

The maid stared in shock at the two teeth that had fallen onto the ground, her eyes widened.

Trembling, she reached up to touch her mouth and indeed felt two gaps.

Placing her hand in front of her eyes, she also saw the bloodstains on her hand.

“Ahhhhh!!! “My teeth!” she exclaimed.

The maid glared fiercely at Shen Yu’an and cursed, “You wretched woman, I’ll beat you to death!”

As she spoke, the maid slurred her words, making her sentences unclear.

Growing even more furious, she crawled up from the ground and stared at Shen Yu’an, as if trying to bore a hole into her with her gaze.

Then, she made a move! And then, she fell again!

This time, her head directly collided with the corner of the table, producing a loud bang.

Shen Yu’an looked at the undisturbed table and remarked, “The quality is really good.” Then, Shen Yu’an looked once again at the maid lying on the ground.

There was a hole on the maid’s head, and blood was flowing out of it. She reached up to touch it again, grimacing in pain.

Frustrated, she crawled up from the ground, looked around, and found no obstacles on the floor. She couldn’t understand why she had fallen twice in succession.

She stood in place, afraid to move, and began uttering various curses.

Shen Yu’an twirled the clean chopsticks in her hand and contemplated whether or not to teach her another lesson when footsteps could be heard from outside.

The footsteps grew closer and closer. Shen Yu’an looked up towards the door and saw that it was the Bai family’s steward who had arrived.

However, the maid, hadn’t noticed the person behind her. As soon as the steward arrived, he heard the commotion and hurried over.

Upon witnessing this scene, the butler’s forehead throbbed with concern. Troubling the esteemed guest of the Second Master, was this maid fearless?

He scolded loudly, “Xiao Cui, what are you doing?!”

The maid, known as Xiao Cui, was startled by the steward’s voice and trembled, her voice abruptly coming to a halt.

She cautiously turned her head and indeed saw the furious butler standing at the door.

Then, another flurry of footsteps ensued.

Other members of the Shen family and Fei Yanchen hurriedly approached, gathering in front of Shen Yu’an’s door.

Fei Yanchen was the first to enter, standing beside Shen Yu’an and asking, “What happened?”

Shen Yu’an looked at him. He was dressed in a moon-white long robe that fit him well, resembling a radiant moon.

Song Shi also entered and inquired, “What’s going on?”

Shen Yu’an shook her head and replied softly, “Just encountered a barking stray dog.”

Upon hearing Shen Yu’an’s description, Xiao Cui immediately exploded with rage!

“Who are you calling a dog, you little wretch?”

Fei Yanchen’s expression turned cold upon hearing Xiao Cui’s insult. He took a pastry from the plate on the table and hurled it directly at Xiao Cui.

“Ow… cough.”

The pastry thrown by Fei Yanchen landed directly in Xiao Cui’s mouth, getting stuck in her throat.

Xiao Cui’s face turned red as she struggled to reach into her mouth, trying to dislodge the pastry.

The steward and the members of the Shen family outside all heard Xiao Cui’s insult towards Shen Yu’an and wore displeased expressions.

Shen Rong stepped forward and said, “We have caused trouble here. It seems that we can’t afford the hospitality of your esteemed mansion. We will leave now.”

The steward, feeling embarrassed upon hearing Shen Rong’s words, apologized, “I apologize for the lack of restraint from the servants in the mansion. I will have someone take her away immediately.”

“All of you are esteemed guests of the Bai Residence. Please rest assured and stay here. I will immediately inform the master and madam,” he added.

Simultaneously, his anger towards Xiao Cui intensified, and he instructed one of the accompanying servants, “Take her away and don’t let the guests witness any more of this.”

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