Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey
Farm Girl’s Space: Picking Up a Major Villain during the Runaway Journey Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Prepare to Leave as Soon as Possible

Two servants immediately approached and grabbed Xiao Cui, dragging her outside.

Once dragged to the doorway, Xiao Cui finally regained her senses.

She shouted in fear, “What are you doing? I am the lady’s maid.

“Let me go!”

The steward, infuriated, said, “Hmph, a mere maid dares to compare herself to the honored guests of the master? Silence her and take her away.”

One of the servants directly wrapped his hat into a ball and stuffed it into Xiao Cui’s mouth, then pulled her down.

Xiao Cui struggled relentlessly, but how could she match the strength of two men? Soon, there was no more movement from her.

The members of the Shen family still had displeased expressions on their faces.

They had just arrived and An’an were already insulted by a servant. If the servants behaved like this, they couldn’t even fathom what the master of the mansion would be like!

The steward, sharp-witted as ever, naturally noticed the unchanged expressions of the Shen family members.

He quickly apologized and assured them that Xiao Cui was just an unfortunate incident.

The Shen family’s expressions improved somewhat, but they still intended to leave as soon as possible.

Indeed, their own humble abode was better than a gilded or silvered one.

They had settled on a place to stay, so it was best to return home early.

The steward stole a glance at Fei Yanchen, who stood shoulder to shoulder with Shen Yu’an, and wiped the cold sweat that had formed on his forehead with his sleeve.

This man had an incredibly strong presence.

However, the expressions of the Shen family members had improved somewhat.

The steward continued, “Master and Madam have instructed me to relay a message. Lunch may be simple, but once all the guests have rested, a banquet will be prepared for everyone in the evening.”

“If you have any instructions, feel free to give them to the servants in this courtyard.”

Having finished speaking, the steward quickly retreated.

He clearly felt that he was somewhat unnecessary in this situation.

Bai Wu and Bai Miaqing were not arranged to be together with them; they were assigned to a separate courtyard.

Once the steward left, the Shen family entered and everyone started talking at once, asking what had just happened.

Shen Yu’an briefly explained a few sentences and quickly brushed the matter aside.

Song Shi looked outside and whispered, “An’an, when can we return to Longxian Village? Staying in someone else’s house makes me uneasy.”

Shen Wulang pouted unhappily and said, “Yeah, that woman even insulted Big Sister. Little Wu doesn’t like it here.”

Shen Yu’an touched Shen Wulang’s head and comforted him.

She looked at everyone again and said, “We’ll leave after staying here for two days.”

After a brief conversation together, everyone returned to their respective rooms.

Fei Yanchen walked behind them, and he lowered his head to look at Shen Yu’an, who was dressed in purple.

“If you need anything, just call out. I’ll be in the room next to the wall.” He said.

Shen Yu’an smiled and nodded.

After everyone had left, Shen Yu’an secured the door latch and turned around, entering the space.

She rarely had the opportunity to enter the space while on the road.

Everything inside the space remained as usual, and some of the food that the Shen family had brought in when they left had been consumed.

However, most of the food they ate was the high-quality rice and flour stored in the space.

The cooking duties were mainly handled by Song Shi, Zhao Shi, and Ding Hehua.

Song Shi and Zhao Shi, as sisters-in-law, would discreetly use the good ingredients Shen Yu’an took out from the space without ever asking about them.

After taking a look around the space and checking the weapon room, Shen Yu’an felt satisfied and happily left the space to lie down on the bed and rest.

Upon waking up from a nap, the sky outside had darkened. There was no light inside the room, but some faint illumination seeped in through the doorway.

Shen Yu’an put on her shoes and walked downstairs.

The maid outside, who was on guard, heard the movement and asked softly, “Miss, are you awake? Shall I come in and light the lamps?”

It was an unfamiliar voice, and the tone was polite and respectful, indicating that there was a new maid.

Shen Yu’an stood in place and said, “Come in.”

The door was pushed open again, and the maid carefully walked to the table and lit the oil lamp, instantly brightening up the room.

The maid lowered her head respectfully and said, “Miss, the master and madam have arranged a banquet in the main hall. They invite you to join them.”

Shen Yu’an took the damp towel handed to her by the maid and wiped her face.

“Where are they?” Shen Yu’an asked the maid upon finishing wiping her face.

The maid earnestly replied, “Miss, they have all gone ahead. I waited for a while when you were still asleep.”

Shen Yu’an was satisfied with this new maid and nodded. “Lead the way then.”

The maid bowed and said, “Please follow me, Miss.”

As the maid walked ahead, she also breathed a sigh of relief.

Xiao Cui, who had been assigned today, had been dismissed.

Not only had she lost two teeth from the fall, but she was also bleeding from her head.

In the end, the maid was assigned to serve this young lady, whom she initially thought would be difficult to please.

However, not only was this young lady beautiful, but her temperament, although a bit aloof, didn’t seem to be troublesome.

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